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Would I get aid at UNC

Anonymous91Anonymous91 968 replies40 threads Senior Member
Hi, I am really looking into applying to UNC however, the thing that really holds me back as a NY state student is the cost of attendance. I also have a twin brother who is interested in the school, and we definitely cannot afford out of state tuition (we are both Questbridge finalists). It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could comment on my chances of receiving need based/ merit scholarship.

Rank: 12/ 850 (public competitive NYC HS)
Gpa: (W) 99.58
ACT: 33 (36 E, 33 M, 32 sci, 32 R)
AP's 5's on all (U.S. History, English lang and comp, psychology)
SAT II: 800 USH, 710 math II (taking SAT II chem, expect 750+ )
PSAT national commended.

Current Senior Sched:
AP BC calculus
AP English lit.
AP gov and politics
AP Chemistry
Senior Band

As for financially, i live off just my mothers income (around 65 k or so), but will have two other siblings in college at the same time.

Once again, thank you.
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Replies to: Would I get aid at UNC

  • rfwcphs1rfwcphs1 201 replies35 threads Junior Member
    Now, I am an 09'er so take everything I say with a grain of salt.
    But your income and the 3 students in college I'd say would qualify you for need based aid. As far as merit, your stats look good for admission but without essays and a full resume it's hard to say. Plus your OOS which makes everything more expensive and more competitive as far as scholarships go.
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  • heathergeeheathergee 458 replies15 threads Member
    You should call the financial aid office at UNC and talk to them about it.
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  • ThoughtProvokingThoughtProvoking 335 replies6 threads Member
    UNC-Chapel Hill will always meet the difference between the "expected family contribution" and the cost of attendance.

    Estimate your "expected family contribution": EFC Calculator: How Much Money for College Will You Be Expected to Contribute?

    UNC will never make you pay more than that and will cover the rest with financial aid.
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  • phonyreal98phonyreal98 1890 replies94 threads Senior Member
    I'd say you'll probably get need based aid should you get in, and I think you would also be competitive for many of the merit scholarships.
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  • Anonymous91Anonymous91 968 replies40 threads Senior Member
    Okay, so I calculated my EFC with an estimation of around $4,000. Does this mean that if I were to get accepted I would only have to pay 4k for tuition? Even though im OOS?
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  • ThoughtProvokingThoughtProvoking 335 replies6 threads Member
    Anonymous91, if the EFC estimate turns out correct, then yes:

    If you are admitted, UNC-Chapel Hill will provide financial aid covering the full difference between your EFC ($4,000) and the total cost of attendance ($33,874 for out of state).

    Note, however, that while the vast majority of the financial aid will be in the form of grants, not all of it will be. A small amount will also be in the form of things such as federal work study, perkins loans, etc.
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