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Confused about the scholarships for OOS kids...

LitLover92LitLover92 11 replies13 threads New Member
So far I've only heard of two- Morehead and Robertson.

Do OOS students like myself apply separately from the actual college application? Are we submitted automatically once we apply? Or does our school nominate us like NC schools do?

Also, has anyone found any typical stats on the students who get these?
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Replies to: Confused about the scholarships for OOS kids...

  • phonyreal98phonyreal98 1890 replies94 threads Senior Member
    You apply separately for the Morehead and Robertson (from the regular application). The admissions committee can refer people to the Robertson Foundation for the scholarship, but I believe you still have to fill out an application. I believe your school has to nominate you for the Morehead (you may be able to be referred by the admissions committee on this one...I'm not sure). If you get invited to scholarship day and go, then you are nearly guaranteed a scholarship from this, most of which are full rides for OOS students.
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  • Dante09Dante09 365 replies53 threads Member
    There's also the Pogue scholarship. Even if you get rejected from these scholarships, there are many other full rides for OOS students that you can still get from the scholarship day.
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  • HHS310HHS310 149 replies32 threads Junior Member
    how many full rides are given to OOS students (not including morehead, pogue, and robertson)?
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  • GrizzMomGrizzMom 80 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I think I read somewhere that last year there were twenty-some OOS Carolina Scholars. For OOS, that is a full ride scholarship. (for in-state, it's a specific dollar amount, and I don't think it covers everything)
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  • eadadeadad 2637 replies122 threads Senior Member
    If you are OOS you can't self nominate for the Morehead but admissions can forward your application to the Foundation if they think it fits the criteria for selection. There is a supplemental form that you fill out to let the Robertson know that you would like to be considered.

    The Carolina and Davie scholarships require no extra effort and are awarded based on your HS accomplishments, SAT/ACT, GPA, ECs etc. The Pogue is the only university sponsored scholarship that requires separate application.

    The Office of Scholarships & Student Aid at UNC-Chapel Hill

    The Morehead-Cain Scholars Program

    Robertson Scholars: Homepage
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  • HHS310HHS310 149 replies32 threads Junior Member
    so about 20 carolina scholars. pretty good. do you know how many other full rides are given (like davie, colonel robinson)?
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