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In state chances for Chapel Hill.

JAJdudeJAJdude 208 replies18 threads Junior Member
3.25 GPA UW/3.55 weighted Top 20% of my class.

Taken several Honors and one AP course so far. AP Bio exam(got a 4 on it).

Senior year courses
Advanced Honors Chemistry/AP Chemistry
French I(I took French in middle school, but they don't count that and I only took one year of French in 9th grade in High School).
Biomedical Technology
Honors English IV
AP Stats

EC's- R.O.T.C for all 4 years of High School. N.J.R.O.T.C for freshman year, A.F.J.R.O.T.C the remaining three years. NCO Personnel Officer in my junior year(Orgainized ribbons/awards).

National Honor Society(I was inducted Junior year).

I volunteered for around 18 hours at the libary(I'm going to do more hours during the summer).

SAT scores


I'm taking it again in October. Should I apply here EA or RD?
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Replies to: In state chances for Chapel Hill.

  • phonyreal98phonyreal98 1890 replies94 threads Senior Member
    I'd say it's a reach....even for instate.
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  • eadadeadad 2637 replies122 threads Senior Member
    Have to agree with phonyreal.

    The things I see that are working against you are :

    A low UW GPA, low SATs and it does not appear that you have taken the most rigorous curriculum/coursework that your HS offers. Biomedical technology sounds more like a vocational class than a college prep class. What about Calculus or other typical senior year college prep classes? Is this limited exposure to French all the foreign language that you have?
    Taken several Honors and one AP course so far. AP Bio exam(got a 4 on it).

    Admissions wants to see candidates taking as many Honors and A/P classes as possible, not "some" as you stated.

    If you can get your SATs up significantly enough (especially the 490-M) to offset the other weak spots you could help yourself but I think with what little else you have disclosed you may still be a reach even for in-state.
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  • JAJdudeJAJdude 208 replies18 threads Junior Member
    Perhaps I wasn't too clear in my post. I wasn't intending to take Biomedical Technology just because it was an easy class. Next to Psychology, Microbiology was my next xhoice in a major. I want to take that class now, so I can see if I would be interested in taking it as my major later on in college.

    I'm not taking Calculus because I haven't done too well in Pre-Calculus. Why take a course that'll shoot myself in the foot anymore? And also, considering that thereare only 4 AP classes offered at my school, all of them with pre-requistes, I think that I'm taking the most I could in regards to that.

    As for my Honors courses(all of these are off the top of my head, so please forgive me).
    Honors Bio
    Honors World History
    Honors English II
    Honors U.S History
    Honors Pre-Calculus

    As for my ninth grade year in Neww York(which has accelearated instead of Honors, but I guess they could be the same not sure).

    I took Honors Earth Science, which I think right now was the only thing I had.

    And about my French, as I said in my first post(I've taken it from around 7th-to 9th grade in High school). traqnsfered to North Carolina and had to complete some requirements for graduation, which didn't leave much for French. 11th grade year, the only French course we had was online, and I personally feel as though that doesn't help as much in learning the language as a real-life teacher who could better conversate in said language. I don't want to be graded just for existing and doing the work without understanding and enjoying it. Unfortunately, I'm resigned to this fate in my senior year,.

    I should have included this in my first post lol.

    Sorry for the typos, I typed a biut too fast am I'm in a rush.
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  • tarheelhelpertarheelhelper 3 replies0 threads New Member
    I would say that it's a reach.
    Boosting your SAT score and having a lot more volunteer hours would help.
    And UNC likes to see that you've challenged yourself in your courses, so I don't think that avoiding Calculus has helped you in that regard.
    As for a foreign language, Chapel Hill requires that you take two years but recommends that your take four.
    If you think you could bring up your grades in the first semester of your senior year, I think you should apply RD and write some killer essays.
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  • JAJdudeJAJdude 208 replies18 threads Junior Member
    My courses aren't set in stone yet, so you're saying that I should change Statistics to Calculus(only problem is I might not do quite as well since I didn't do well in Pre-Calculus)?
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  • aigiqinfaigiqinf 3842 replies190 threads Senior Member
    I think what people are trying to say is that your performance hasn't been that great and they're trying to give you advice on to do based on what you can still do. If you can't handle Calculus... UNC may not be the best choice. :/

    Good luck!
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  • tarheelhelpertarheelhelper 3 replies0 threads New Member
    It would be a hard decision to make, because I can understand that you would be uneasy taking Calc if you don't feel that you have a good base of Pre-Calc. Maybe it's something you can talk to your math teacher about during the first week of school.
    I don't believe that microbiology is a major at UNC, so you might want to consider that.
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  • JAJdudeJAJdude 208 replies18 threads Junior Member
    ^That is what I'm trying to ask and figure out what I should exactly do. I'm trying to see if I should change Statisstics to Calculus(because apparently calculus is more important that statistics on the AP scale). I'm taking the ACT and retaking the SAT. It may still be a reach, it may not after that who knows.

    But the question right now is should I replace Statistics for Calculus?

    Ah I see. Thanks tarheelhelper. I guess I can strike down Biomedical and replace it with Calculus(or have a free shot if schedule conflicts).
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  • tarheelhelpertarheelhelper 3 replies0 threads New Member
    If Microbiology is something that you're interested in, another college to consider would be NC State, as it is the only public university in North Carolina to offer an undergraduate major in Microbiology.
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  • JAJdudeJAJdude 208 replies18 threads Junior Member
    Thanks. I'm applying there as well, and I think I may have a better chance there. I'll most likely minor in that field.
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  • Sligh_AnarchistSligh_Anarchist 2064 replies129 threads Senior Member
    You're in at NC State.
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