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IB Choices and the Jerome Fisher Program

HSfreshman95HSfreshman95 14 replies9 threads New Member
edited November 2012 in University of Pennsylvania
Hi y'all! I know IB isn't a big deal over the US, but I truly think that it's important admissions, ever since I read about the Jerome Fisher M&T Program, I fell in love with it, I think it could really make me grow as a person and lead me towards a successful and interesting future.
Ib consists of picking out 6 subjects, and you get a total score out of 45.
My ideal IB choices, (I'm picking them next month) would be:
English A1 HL
Spanish HL (compulsory)
Maths SL
Business and Management HL
Computer Science HL
Chemistry SL
and an extra 7th subject could be either theater, french or economics.
There are basically two levels for each subject, HL (High Level) and SL (Standard Level).
Do you guys think these subjects are correct for an M&T candidate?
Should I change stuff around?
Thanks for your help guyss!!
edited November 2012
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Replies to: IB Choices and the Jerome Fisher Program

  • dfree124dfree124 - 3686 replies26 threads Senior Member
    I suggest that you take economics as that 7th subject. Theater and french won't look nearly as good as economics. I'm not too familiar with Ib but those courses look pretty good.
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  • yshuwah93yshuwah93 78 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I'm not sure if you're allowed to take 7 subjects. The option of taking 4 HLs will already be too burdensome for you! Remember that you still will need to juggle CAS, EEs and othr extracurricular activities to prepare you for college applications. Still, it may not be too exhausting since you're taking two language HLs. If you have experience in those subjects, it shouldn't be much of a problem!

    If possible, I would suggest switching the Chemistry with Physics.
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  • nickronickro 26 replies3 threads New Member
    I believe that for a program like M&T you will need to demonstrate an interest in both business and engineering through your subject choices. Considering that, I would do the following:

    1.) Drop b&m HL
    2.) Take econ HL
    3.) Move math SL to HL
    4.) Move computer science HL to SL
    5.) Move chemistry SL to HL (or take physics HL)
    6.) Move english HL to SL

    These steps would give you this schedule:

    English A1 SL
    Spanish B HL
    Econ HL
    Math HL
    Chemistry HL
    Computer Science SL

    This schedule will be seen as VERY rigorous and instead of a seventh subject I would definitely get a free period as this will not be an easy workload. More than the rigor though, this class combination will tell you if you are prepared to handle the work in the M&T program. Finally, remember that all of this is just my opinion.

    Best of luck.
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  • HSfreshman95HSfreshman95 14 replies9 threads New Member
    Thanks for all the answers guys! Technically, you can only officially take 6 subjects but if you're a good student, my school will allow you to take a 7th subject. I was thinking Theater because it was something that I like and probably won't be a part of my life later on. However, I might just take part in the school musical, and I'll get both CAS time and fulfill my wanting lol.
    Maths HL...I'm thinking it's too difficult for me, I think I'd rather get a 6/7 at SL, than suffer through HL and get a 4/5...
    What's Economics like? I haven't heard much of it, would doing business and management be really that bad?
    Alsoo (sorry for all the questions) is Chemistry SL considered too basic? I don't really excel in Physics.
    Btw, English HL is compulsory too, but I could choose A2 (soo much easier) rather than A1.

    Thanks, and sorry for all the questions, I'm just really undecisivee
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  • nickronickro 26 replies3 threads New Member
    I decided to take theater as an IB subject because I did well in the class in ninth and tenth grade and this was definitely a decision I regret. Yes, it has the benefit of not having an actual exam, unfortunately even this is a double-edged sword. I would suggest that you look up the components that make up one's final IB grade in theater because they might not necessarily relate to what you are interested in about theater. You can still continue to display interest in theater without the course through that musical you mentioned.

    I would agree that getting a 6 or 7 in math SL would be better than a 4 or 5 in HL. However, I would think that most of the applicants to the M&T program are incredible at math, and may see this as a lack of rigor in your courseload.

    IB B&M is generally regarded as the flakiest of all IB classes. It doesn't have much content to the extent that many colleges will not even give credit for the course. Economics is a much, MUCH better option.

    It's not that chemistry SL is more basic, it's just that American colleges only consider higher level classes for college credit. This means that an HL course is equivalent to an intro college course, and by not taking a science at the HL it may show although it was offered, you chose not to take a more rigorous science course. This is especially important considering you're not only applying for an amazing business program, but a top engineering program as well.

    So are you taking Spanish as A1 or B? You need at least one A1 course and if you are taking Spanish at A1, and you believe that you wouldn't be hindering your fluency in English, take English at A2.
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  • PoemePoeme 1329 replies0 threads Senior Member
    If you are applying to M&T, which means you would be in Engineering, you really need to be taking the highest level math. To do well in engineering really requires you to be comfortable with math, you would be taking at least 4 semesters of it in most engineering disciplines. Additionally if you want to do M&T, it would be very useful to have credit for Calc I and be able to start in multivariable calculus since then you would have one less credit to take and M&T already requires you to take 6 classes most or all semesters of college. Most engineers I know got credit for calc and almost all of the M&T kids I know did.
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  • HSfreshman95HSfreshman95 14 replies9 threads New Member
    hey everyone, thanks again for all the replies, you guys truly are answering my question :P
    About theater, you might be right, nickro, I think I might like participating in the musical better than greek plays and all that stuff, I'm more inclined towards musical theater.
    Also, I think I might take economics as a 7th or just do 6 and do Chemistry HL, after all I would only be applying with the predicted grade, so the real exam doesn't really matter THAT much.
    Quick question...if I were to choose Computer Science, would all that Physics stuff be important?
    And yes, I'm taking Spanish A1..sigh...
    BTW, would being a minority be heplful in the admission process in the M&T Program?
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  • insideinside 43 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Hey HSfreshman95!

    I am an IB senior who takes 7 subjects, with 3 highers and 4 standard levels. Just to let you know, I must agree that it would be better to take Econ HL than B&M HL. I've been told many times that IB B&M is not a highly regarded course, and even though the IB is being changed again this year (starting with the class of 2013), I don't know that they'll be able to get their reputation up very quickly.

    Being latino helps. It would look bad though if you didn't properly master your own language though, so don't sweat it. I took Spanish A1 (SL) in 11th grade and it was doable.

    A word of warning on taking 4 highers though - you will probably not get through it and end up dropping one down. This is not necessarily bad, but if you start failing one of your classes, it'll be bad. Econ was changed into a VERY hard class according to my teacher, and Math HL continues to be one of the most challenging HS Math courses out there.

    Good luck!
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  • Bkkid2011Bkkid2011 61 replies14 threads Junior Member
    At my school, if you talk to your counselor, you are sometimes able to take 7 ib classes. Other ppl in this thread has said, I suggest u replace business with Econ, take HL math, n take a solid HL science (either chem or physics)

    Hope this helps
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  • deathblade127deathblade127 419 replies29 threads Member
    I think you should just stay with 6 subjects. Spend the time you would be studying a 7th pursuing your passion instead.
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  • Jbazile7Jbazile7 20 replies2 threads New Member
    Personally, I would do math HL and Chem HL. I took both classes SL because my school didnt offer them HL and I found them to be pretty basic. Got a 7 in Math and a 6 in chem.
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  • deathblade127deathblade127 419 replies29 threads Member
    If HL Mathematics is offered at the school, taking SL may put you at a disadvantage because it may raise question about your course rigor and M&T has alot of emphasize on quantitative ability.
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  • aria123aria123 100 replies46 threads Junior Member
    hey! so I was wondering, as a junior, what IB classes whould I take?

    right now, I'm thinking of
    IB Higher Level Math
    IB Higher Level Biology
    IB Higher Level English
    IB Higher Level European History
    IB SL French
    IB SL Economics
    AP Psychology (self-studying)
    AP Environmental Science (self-studying)

    I took the following classes sophomore year:
    AP Chemistry
    AP Calc AB/BC
    AP US History
    AP Statistics
    English 10 Honors
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  • 10nisman9410nisman94 69 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I would switch HL English with HL Economics. Should you be admitted, Penn gives no credit for SL IB exam scores, only HLs, and an Econ credit would be much more useful than an English credit. Also, Econ should be easier to 6/7 than English (unless English is your thing). That being said, if you're dead set on HL English, take it. Don't take a class that you don't think you can do well in or enjoy. I hope that made some sense.
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  • disgradiusdisgradius 436 replies5 threads Member
    Not an engineer so don't quote me but I recall intro phys/chem being required for the engineering school. Would be useful to take those hl to get them out of the way as they tend to be curved pretty harshly (and make yourself less busy with fewer requirements to do). Math hl is a given although I'd recommend you take AP micro/macro econ if you can find a testing center nearby. It's pretty easy to self-study for and waives intro econ courses. Natural sciences come with lab requirements that you can't really get out of with self-study :/.
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  • katzeyezkatzeyez 20 replies2 threads New Member
    im a senior, already applied ED (CAS), and I took 7 subjects. (8 technically, but I didn't exam for Japanese)

    It's EXTREMELY tough, and as the only student in my school who did this,

    I was disadvantaged in a lot of ways (schedule, time, workload, exams, etc.)

    But I thiomk it's worth it. Take Econ
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