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Would women have a higher chance of acceptance at UPenn SEAS?

areyouahumanareyouahuman 27 replies58 threads Junior Member
If a woman was to apply early decision to SEAS, would her chances increase? I know the admission rate for ED is 23-24%. Not to mention, only 30% of women are at SEAS.
I know test scores and other factors matter, but would this help?
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Replies to: Would women have a higher chance of acceptance at UPenn SEAS?

  • f2000saf2000sa 1090 replies59 threads Senior Member
    yes, Engineering school loves girls
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  • Much2learnMuch2learn 4610 replies168 threads Senior Member
    It would help, but only if it is close. Penn would like to have more women in SEAS.
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  • KLSDKLSD 273 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Applicants to SEAS are generally looking for a different student body than a traditional engineering school (students are more social, intellectually curious but with a practical application and interested in many facets of life). I see the women in particular seeking out this environment when they compare schools. A female candidate helps but may also be major specific. Chem Eng for example has even enrollment and Bio has more women.

    The 23% includes required ED applications for athletes, children of alumni, QuestBridge and other programs. The acceptance rate for the general population is not that high. However, if you are a strong candidate and Penn is your first choice, the statistics are in your favor over RD. A December decision leaves more time for a great senior experience.
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  • Much2learnMuch2learn 4610 replies168 threads Senior Member
    @KLSD I agree with everything that you have said here except the part about major specific.

    Yes these young ladies tend to be have good people skills, be intellectually curious, and many have a second major or a couple of minors, could be in a dual degree program, or a special program. They may also want to participate in Greek life. Most of them do not want to focus on only one aspect of one subject for four years.

    Your comment about the major makes sense, but if they did that, then all female applicants would pick CS and switch as soon as the were admitted. I believe they only consider your fit for engineering, and Penn, and are not focused on the particular major you identify, unless you are applying to one of the few specialized majors that require an additional application such as NETS or DMD.

    I should also add that a common difference between the male and female applicants for a subject like CS, is that, on average, the male admits will have stronger engineering-related ECs and probably started coding at a younger age than their female counterparts. In contrast, the ladies, are quite likely to have stronger overall academic credentials than the guys.
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