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Letters of Recommendation

17BRB0317BRB03 0 replies1 threads New Member
I'm applying to Wharton ED and I'm struggling to decide which teacher to get to write my second teacher evaluation. It's between my AP Econ teacher and my Honors/AP Bio teacher.
My Econ teacher was teaching Econ for the first time, and I managed to get a 5 on one test and a 4 on the other despite some of her deficiencies due to inexperience, which put me in the top handful of students in the class. In addition I was on a team that she coached related to personal finance that got third in the nation, so she really likes me and will probably write a glowing recommendation. I also am applying to Wharton, so the finance and econ are somewhat related to my college aspirations.
My Bio teacher is my second favorite teacher throughout highschool to the teacher who I am already getting a rec from. I had her both sophomore and junior years for honors bio and AP Bio, respectfully. In AP Bio I did pretty well, getting As both semesters and a 5 on the test, but in honors bio I made some dumb mistakes and managed to fall into an A- one semester. The information in both classes came to me really easily and she definitely knows that, so she knows I didn't have to try as hard for my scores in AP Bio as the other students who got similar scores, which I know is not a good thing. However I think she still really likes me, and I am president of a club related to Biology that she sponsors. I think she would write me a great letter too, but she could possibly have more negatives to write about me (an A-, and while I did put in effort to her classes, it was less than every other student with As and 5s in my AP Bio class, probably more comparable to students who got in the B+ and 3-4 range). I am also not particularly interested in continuing with Bio for my education. I also know this teacher is one of the most experienced letter writers at my school.
My other letter of recommendation is from a history teacher who is also my academic team coach, if that has any effect on which I should go for.
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