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University of Pennsylvania Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

mgr001mgr001 14 replies2 threads Junior Member
Dear fellow prospective UPenn transfer students,

I wanted to start this thread as early as possible to get the conversation going.

I do not expect much activity on this thread during summer break, so I am looking forward to conversations with new prospective transfer students this fall.

Good luck to everyone in advance.


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Replies to: University of Pennsylvania Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

  • laozizuikulaozizuiku 14 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi everyone, congratulations on the admission!! I am admitted to CAS and am facing a problem. I sincerely hope anyone who sees this post could offer me some advice.

    I got a C+ in one of my spring course. It is a seminar on epics, Odyssey and Aeneid and so on. I emailed the AO and asked them if this is going to affect my enrollment and they asked me to explain it. I am not a native English speaker and the reading in this course is very difficult for me. Also, I did very well in the essay assignments in this course because I spent a lot of time on them, but did not do well on the final exam, which ultimately resulted in this grade.

    Btw I am getting A's in my other classes.

    I am accepted as a math major and this seminar has nothing to do with it. Also, it is probably not going to be transferred as valid credit. I need your advice on two questions: 1) How do I explain this grade? Should I mention myself going to the therapist in April bc of anxiety issues since it might be a factor? 2) Is my offer likely to be revoked??

    Thank you for reading this post and thank you for your advice in advance!!
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  • mgr001mgr001 14 replies2 threads Junior Member
  • kb199977kb199977 204 replies3 threads Junior Member
    will be applying to penn as well for 2019! @mgr001 looks like we are both applying to penn and Stanford so far!
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  • opvcsocalopvcsocal 5 replies1 threads New Member
    edited May 2018
    Question: Do I need to submit my high school grades when I apply this fall? I got a 2.7 graduating high school. I'm in community college now with sixty some units and a 3.96 overall, 4.00 major gpa for engineering. I improved my game significantly and I don't want my high school affecting me
    edited May 2018
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  • NeogotmybackNeogotmyback 35 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @opvcsocal Yes, you must send your official high school transcript. It says so in the transfer checklist. http://www.admissions.upenn.edu/apply/transfer-admission/checklist
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  • avkhatri101avkhatri101 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @mgr001 @kb199977 , don't forget me guys.
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  • opvcsocalopvcsocal 5 replies1 threads New Member
    Dang! How much will it lower my chances? I showed a significant upward trend going from a 2.7 HS GPA to a 3.94 College GPA, I went from crap to stellar and I'm concerned it will hinder my future.
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  • frozengirl9frozengirl9 11 replies4 threads New Member
    Hey! I haven’t even started college yet but soon will. I’ll begin my freshman year in Jan 2019. To transfer to UPenn when should I start preparing my applications? Like in what year and month? Thanx!
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  • aoeuidhtnsaoeuidhtns 419 replies3 threads Member
    @frozengirl9 That's a little tough since you're starting in spring semester and the transfer deadlines are March 15th. You might be better off applying in March of 2020 after you have a full year of grades that you can apply with. Otherwise, you won't have much on your college transcript.

    It might help to contact Penn admissions and ask them for some advice in terms of timing since you're starting in the Spring. The process would be simpler at schools that have transfer admissions in both the fall and spring (e.g., Cornell), in which case you would apply October 2019 after completing your first freshman semester.
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  • AshtashAshtash 644 replies26 threads Member
    I can't wait until these threads start up...guessing it won't be until around 2019 though, haha!!!
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  • candylover132candylover132 159 replies11 threads Junior Member
    i am a sophmore transfer and I got a 26 on my act should I retake it?
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  • loansharkloanshark 2 replies0 threads New Member
    I want to transfer to UPenn so bad, but I have a super weird history and probably am going to have issues applying considering I never went to highschool.

    I'm a middle eastern female at a USA community college, age 16

    Current GPA is 4.0
    School just started but I'm not worried about maintaining a 4.0, and courseload is on track for all the requirements
    ACT- 35

    Not really sure where to start with EC's. I dont even know if these count. I have barely anything, but they are unique.
    I started a small business from $0 and have made $100k in net profit
    Created artistic marketing content that was nationally televised on ABC
    I was interviewed for Columbia University's Journal of Art Criticism when I was 13. I'm not sure if they ever went forward with publishing an article about me though
    Second job employed since age 14, just a normal job in the service industry
    Long history of entrepreneurship, went door to door by myself selling home decor since age 7

    Cant think of much else. Hoping to join business club, entrepreneur club, finance club, all the cool clubs like that at my school, join student body, and I'm going to try to get some sort of relevant internship. Sounds like too much to get done by March 15, and I honestly dont know how anyone has enough work/intern experience after one year to get into UPenn.

    Also not sure if never going to highschool is an automatic deny. Oh well. Would love to see people's stats.
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  • spqr123spqr123 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Does anyone know what the average college GPA of those accepted into CAS is? I can't seem to find anything online. One of my friends who transferred into CAS last year vaguely said "3.8 or above." What sucks is that my GPA is exactly 3.8.
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  • transfer305transfer305 2 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi everyone! I know that it's super early, but I just wanted feedback on my chances of getting in Wharton.

    I am currently a sophomore at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in business administration with an emphasis in marketing management. I have a 4.0 with a pretty rigorous schedule - I maxed out on units in every term except one. I am also in my school's honors college, the Kelloggs Honors College.

    As for my extracurriculars:
    -research assistant since spring quarter of 2018 in college of business administration behavioral business lab (attended one conference and hope to attend at least 2 more before submitting transfer app)
    -member of and Senior VP of this year's Market Research Club, the only market research club in all of California
    -member of Epic Movement, a campus ministry
    -member of American Marketing Association
    -member of Deaf Awareness Club
    -TA for a marketing class this semester
    -elementary school bible study teacher
    -volunteered 100+ hours in Tijuana, Mexico

    As for awards/recognitions:
    -Dean's List for Fall Quarter of 2017, Winter Quarter of 2018, and Spring Quarter of 2018
    -President's List
    -2017 BankCard Services Scholarship Award
    -2017 Korean Investors and Traders Association Geospatial Council Scholarship Award
    -2018 Prime Business Credit Scholarship Award

    My SAT score is pretty low, a 1350, but I hope to retake it and get a higher score before apps are due.
    I guess I just need some feedback on what I could improve on? I'm trying to get a job at a local ice cream shop, so I'm hoping that that will help boost my application.

    Also, how much do high school extracurricular activities and grades impact my chances? I know that they impact my application less because I'm trying to enter as a junior.

    Thanks for reading & good luck to everyone applying!
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  • transfer305transfer305 2 replies0 threads New Member
    here's a link to the data set of transfer students (among other stats) that might be worth taking a look at!
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  • limitdoesnotexist1limitdoesnotexist1 106 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Hi, everyone :) I'm applying to transfer to UPenn for Fall 2019 as well. I'm a bio major at a NJ community college and I currently have a 3.75GPA. I live about 20 minutes away from UPenn, so I'd be able to commute.
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  • LivingLife1LivingLife1 5 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi y'all! Current sophomore at Penn (studying finance and OID in Wharton) who transferred in and was exactly in your situation last year here. I know how stressful the process can be and the difficulty to get accurate information. If anybody has any questions/thoughts/concerns, I will do my best to address them. Best of luck!
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  • TamilinlondonTamilinlondon 1 replies0 threads New Member
    edited October 2018
    Anyone applying to the school of engineering?
    edited October 2018
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  • EconCS06EconCS06 24 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @LivingLife1 Do you mind sharing your stats and ECs? I have a 3.9 GPA at the moment (Only B is in this English writing course that's mandatory) and I got 1370 on the SAT (took it senior year, hardly any preparation..) Do you recommend re-taking the SAT and Subject tests?
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  • LivingLife1LivingLife1 5 replies0 threads New Member
    I would advise re-taking tests if you feel that it will help, but I'm of the impression that as a transfer a lower test score is permissable as long as you demonstrate why you will do well at Penn. I'm sure some people did retake tests, but I don't think any of my friends did.

    My stats:
    -From a top 20 school that was my first choice out of high school (think Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Georgetown tier)
    -College GPA: 3.97 (finance major)
    -Activities: Founded and led an impact consulting team that did a project for a nonprofit, VP of Business school, emerging leaders program, VP of Business social impact club, intramural athletics, overnight welcome leader
    -Essay: Was very positive about my experience at my prior institution (which was easy because I loved it there!). Demonstrated why I was transferring and what Penn/Wharton offered that I could not receive elsewhere. My advice: even if you hate your school, don't use your essay as a platform to disparage it. Instead, demonstrate what you took from your time there and how you can use your experiences to contribute to the Penn community
    -Solid high school achievements and test scores (i.e. potentially Penn caliber out of high school, but did not apply)
    -Overall, I would say the average transfer in our class went to a top 40 school, a flagship state school, or a two year program/community college (there are definitely people from other situations, just a little less common) and excelled both academically and in terms of extracurriculars. There are people coming from schools like Yale and local community colleges
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