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Chance me for ED at Wharton

lmaowuttlmaowutt 29 replies1 threads Junior Member
Can yall let me know what my chances are? Thank you!

I wanna do entrepreneurship and computer science mixed together.

SAT I: 1520 (790M, 730R)
SAT I superscore: same as above but I didn't send it
ACT: 35 (35G, 35R, 35S, 33M)
ACT superscore: same as above I only took it once
SAT II: 770 physics, 800 math II
Unweighted/Weighted GPA: Unweighted - 3.94 / Weighted - 4.403
Rank: nope we don't do that
AP/IB: AP Chinese - 5, APUSH - 5 (I had other fours but I didn't send those in)
Senior Year Course Load: AP Calculus BC, AP Physics I and II, AP Literature, AP Psychology, AP Computer Science, Weightlifting lmao

Number of other ED applicants in your school: one other maybe two (one was an athlete)
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.): okay I was really good at chess when I was younger and idk if these awards go here but I'm gonna put them anyway.

- Ranked 47th in the US for girls 16 and younger (when I was 16)
- 12th place at the All-Girl Nationals 2017 for 16U
- Champion of Chicago K-9 Varsity section 2015
- 3rd place at the Susan Polgar World Open 2014

Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.): also idk if these things go here but this is what I put on the resume that I submitted

- National Honors Society (Grades 11-12)
- AP Scholar with Distinction
- High School Honor Roll (Grades 9-12)
- Best Witness Award at the 2018 Illinois State Bar Association High School State Tournament
- 3rd place in the Illinois Poetry and Prose Competition (IATE)
- Nominated as an Illinois Chess Association Rising Star Player

Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description): (fair warning I really took to heart the "try everything you can" my freshman year)

- Mock Trial Varsity Team (Grades 10-12) --> one of the team captains
- Scholastic Bowl Varsity Team (Grades 9-12) --> one of the team captains
- Future Business Leaders of America (Grade 9) --> I know this doesn't look great but I did explain in my interview that I wasn't interested in Business at first and when I did start becoming interested my junior year, when I re-looked back at the club, none of the activities really encompassed what I truly wanted to do with business.
- MedCats (Grades 10-11)
- Debate Club (Grade 9)
- Cosmetics Club (Grade 9)
- Interact Club (Volunteering Club) (Grade 9)
- Congressman Robert Dold Young Women’s Leadership Academy (Grade 10)
- Academic Decathlon (Grade 12)
- Softball
- Travel: since I was like 7 years old. Went to nationals a few times, won state, won pretty much every single regional
tournament, awarded MVP a lot.
- High School: Won regionals last year, JV and Varsity my whole high school career, All academic awards all my years
- Got selected as one of the women who went to the WashU women of future in business weekend.
- Ran a small cosmetics company of my own at my school. Did students makeup and hair for school dances or any other formal events they had in their lives. Spread to surrounding high schools. Recruited some of my other makeup-savvy friends to help me out with the large number of requests we were getting.

Job/Work Experience: I work as a waitress at a senior living home for elders with Parkinson's, dementia, and other illnesses. Few hours a week nothing crazy

Volunteer/Community Service:

- Lake County Haven: A women's shelter for women and children who are escaping child abuse
- Feed My Starving Children (ALOT)
- North Chicago Community Partners (summer school for low-income immigrant children)

Summer Experience:
- pretty much all softball, work, and volunteering
- softball took up a lot of my time with going to different states every weekend, around 8 hours of practice a week, and tournaments from Thursday to Sunday with pretty much 12 hours of softball a day.

Teacher Recommendation #1: (10/10) --> I didn't read it but my college counselor did and she said it was phenomenal. I was her favorite student (she admitted it to me many times). I loved her.
Teacher Recommendation #2: (9/10) --> counselor also read it. Very good, not as close of a connection as I did with my other teacher but I was the only one who talked in his class and our personalities mixed very well.
Counselor Rec: idk probably good idk why it wouldn't be but it was probably generic. I did try to form a connection with her but I went to a big school.
Additional Info/Rec:uh no
Interview: pretty good, we talked for about an hour. Connected over our love for sports and the cubs. Wharton alum.

Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
Why Penn: (9/10) --> really good. I talked about my love for entrepreneurship and a few of my entrepreneurship ideas. I talked about how I would use Penn's resources to help me accomplish those ideas and make them a reality. incorporated a lot of ben franklin's virtues into it. Talked about giving back to the school and the next generation of students.
Any dual-degree program essays: Nah maybe transfer in
CommonApp Essay: (9/10) um so mine was kinda risky ngl but I had so many people read over it. So I wrote about how much I cry... like I cry over a lot of stuff like AGT golden buzzers and when Shawn Mendes does anything. I first talked about how I was younger and I never felt like crying and gave examples of like when my childhood crush didn't like me back or when I scraped my knee I never cried. But then I heard about how in high school people cried every day and (basically wrote about all the high school cliches and how I thought they were all real) and I decided to run an experiment on myself to see how many times I would cry during my high school career. basically, I went in depth to two times when I cried when I dislocated my shoulder a week after I made the varsity team for softball and when I won my mock trial award at state. Then I basically finished with how tears are a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and my authenticity in the moment. I knew it was risky but I REALLY loved the idea and I knew I had to put myself out there. I kept it real light-hearted. I had my counselor, college counselor, like 12 of my friends, the oldest teacher in my school, the social worker everything and they said they never got any red flags when reading it. so yah oops that was really long.

Other: math is not my strong suit, has never been. First few years of high school I took regular math, I never really felt the need to go any higher because I wasn't doing anything with math anyway but I did do BC this year because I realized I wanted to do comp sci so idk if that'll do any harm but I did score well on my math II subject test.
Date Submitted App: like a week before the due date
Applied for Financial Aid?: no
U.S. State/Territory or Country: ILLINOIS BABY GO CUBS FLY THE W!!!
School Type: large public like 2500 kids
Ethnicity: Chinese
Gender: Female
Income Bracket Range: 250k I think
Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athletes, development): I wish

Strengths: um I mean I feel like I'm solid but I worry a lot
Weaknesses: regular math, extracurriculars aren't very business or comp sci based so yikes
Where else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: already accepted to IU
What would you have done differently?: taken harder math classes and shown more interest in business or comp sci through my clubs

Other Factors: will an athlete already committed to Penn hurt my chances plz let me know.
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