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Penn Class of 2023 ED Results ONLY

nellyonenellyone Registered User Posts: 50 Junior Member
We are less than a week (December 13th at 7PM EST) from finding out our results - let's all post our results here for all of the future applicants to view. I would suggest filling this out before finding out your decision.

This thread is only for results; please do not post anything other than a version of the template below. If any questions should arise with regards to one of the posters, DM them.

Here is last years thread (class of 2022): https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/university-pennsylvania/2039187-penn-class-of-2022-ed-results-only.html

Gook luck!

Here is the template (taken from @crsd36 , modified to include dual degree programs):

(For any dual degree applicants, otherwise delete) Pick one:

[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - Huntsman[ /color]
[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - LSM[ /color]
[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - M&T[ /color]
[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - NHCM[ /color]
[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - VIPER[ /color]
[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - Comp. & Cog. Sci[ /color]
[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - Bio-Dent[ /color]
[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - DMD[ /color]
[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - NETS[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - Huntsman[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - LSM[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - M&T[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - NHCM[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - VIPER[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - Comp. & Cog. Sci[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - Bio-Dent[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - DMD[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - NETS[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Rejected - Huntsman[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Rejected - LSM[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Rejected - M&T[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Rejected - NHCM[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Rejected - VIPER[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Rejected - Comp. & Cog. Sci[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Rejected - Bio-Dent[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Rejected - DMD[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Rejected - NETS[ /color]

Pick one:

[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - CAS[ /color]
[ color=green]]Decision: Accepted - SEAS[ /color]
[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - Wharton[ /color]
[ color=green]Decision: Accepted - Nursing[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - CAS[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - SEAS[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - Wharton[ /color]
[ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - Nursing[ /color]
[ color=red]Decision: Rejected - CAS[ /color]
[ color=red]Decision: Rejected - SEAS[ /color]
[ color=red]Decision: Rejected - Wharton[ /color]
[ color=red]Decision: Rejected - Nursing[ /color]

SAT I (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay):
SAT I superscore (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay):
ACT (breakdown):
ACT superscore (breakdown):
SAT II (subject, score):
Unweighted/Weighted GPA:
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):
AP/IB (place score in parentheses):
Senior Year Course Load:
Number of other ED applicants in your school:
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.):
Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.):

Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description):
Job/Work Experience:
Volunteer/Community Service:
Summer Experience:
Teacher Recommendation #1:
Teacher Recommendation #2:
Counselor Rec:
Additional Info/Rec:

Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
Why Penn:
Any dual-degree program essays:
CommonApp Essay:

Date Submitted App:
Applied for Financial Aid?
U.S. State/Territory or Country:
School Type:
Income Bracket Range:
Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athelete, development):

Were else were you accepted/deferred/rejected:
What would you have done differently?:

Other Factors:

Replies to: Penn Class of 2023 ED Results ONLY

  • skieuropeskieurope Super Moderator Posts: 43,634 Super Moderator
    Please use this thread for results only, since non-result posts will be deleted. General discussion posts should be placed in the following thread:
  • dersitzpinklerdersitzpinkler Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    [ color=red]Decision: Rejected - Wharton[ /color]

    SAT I (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): 1520 (790 Math, 730 English, 16/24 Essay)
    SAT I superscore (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): 1520 (790 Math, 730 English, 18/24 Essay)
    ACT (breakdown): NA
    ACT superscore (breakdown): NA
    SAT II (subject, score): Math II: 800, Literature: 640
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA: NA (School doesn't use GPA)
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): NA (School doesn't use rank)
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses): IB (39/42 in 11th finals, 39/45 in 12th Mid-years, 40/45 Predicted)
    Senior Year Course Load: Math HL, Eco HL, History HL, English Lit. SL, Comp. SL, German ab initio
    Number of other ED applicants in your school: 2 others (1 to Wharton, 1 to CAS)
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.): None
    Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.): IAYP Bronze, Distinction in Trinity Drums Grades 8 & 7.

    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description):
    1) Music: Drums: First from school to give a Trinity Grade 8 (& 7) exam (and pass with Distinction)
    2) Music: Tabla: 3rd in Inter-house Tabla solo competition twice
    3) Moderator at an online community
    4) Some Coursera Courses
    5) Trekking to Antarctic Peninsula
    Job/Work Experience: Interned at finance Departments of 2 companies
    Volunteer/Community Service:
    1) Helped organize a Blood Donation Camp
    2) Paper Recycling, Panchayat Ghar Child Ed
    Summer Experience: Student Exchange to School in Australia

    Teacher Recommendation #1: Likely 6/10 from Math Teacher who is not the best writer and doesn't know me that well + I only did mediocre in his class.
    Teacher Recommendation #2: Likely 6/10 from Eco Teacher who doesn't know me that well + I submitted my counselor rec. form late to him.
    Counselor Rec: Likely 9/10 from Tutor who had read my common app essay, also happens to be my English Teacher
    Additional Info/Rec: None.
    Interview: 7/10, I was seeing the world through a very biased lens that day so can't really tell whether it went well or not. I might have dropped some truth bombs.

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
    Why Penn: 8/10 (Great introduction and conclusion, I laid out everything I could end up doing on a typical day at Penn)
    Any dual-degree program essays: NA
    CommonApp Essay: 12/10 (One of the best Common App Essays counselors in my area have ever read, about my experiences as a moderator of an online community. Brutally honest in some parts.)

    TOEFL English Language Proficiency Test for International Students: 110/120 (27 Reading, 29 Listening, 28 Speaking, 26 Writing)
    Music Portfolio:
    1) Recording of Trinity Grade 8 Drums piece "Frantic", with slightly cringeworthy laugh at the end.
    2) Recording of Tabla duet at Inter-House Competition.
    Date Submitted App: 11/1/18
    Applied for Financial Aid?: No.
    Country: India
    School Type: Private, Boarding, All Boys
    Ethnicity: Indian
    Gender: Male
    Income Bracket Range: Around $200,000
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athelete, development): NA

    Strengths: Common App Essay is an honest reflection on my personality, SAT is decent, Math II is great, Involvement in Music is deep
    Weaknesses: Teacher recommendations, Interview(...?), SAT Literature (640 is just too bad),
    Where else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: Nowhere yet, didn't apply any EA.
    What would you have done differently?: Could've built better relationships with teachers for recommendations and even in general, interview could probably have been a tad bit better, Portfolio needed more takes, Should've written easays earlier

    Other Factors: Apparently they take really less people from India
  • fujimorisanfujimorisan Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    edited December 2018
    [ color=red]Decision: Rejected - Wharton[ /color]
    SAT I (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): 1560 (790 M, 770 R, 24 Essay)
    SAT I superscore (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): Only took once.
    ACT (breakdown): None
    ACT superscore (breakdown):
    SAT II (subject, score): 800 on Math II, Chemistry, World History
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA: 3.99
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): ~50/450 (out of top 10% due to running start statpadders lmao)
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses): Calc AB, Calc BC, World History, US History, Chem, Physics C Mechanics, Eng Lang (only 5s)
    Senior Year Course Load: AP BIO, AP STAT, AP LIT, Jazz Band, Orchestra, TA (due to scheduling issues)
    Number of other ED applicants in your school: 0
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.):
    Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.):

    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description):

    Classical Piano: 2nd Place in State Solo. MTNA WA State/NW Regional Duet Champion, will play in national finals in March. Numerous local/regional awards. Play in renowned school orchestra. Sent in music supplements.

    Swimming: Swim team Captain. Swim with club team and compete at a local and regional level.

    Jazz Piano: Lead Piano player on one of the nation's top HS jazz bands.

    Helped found club for political civility and discourse within our school.

    Job/Work Experience: Worked at my mom's office for a while. Nothing much.

    Volunteer/Community Service: Played volunteer gigs with school jazz band, many hours.

    Summer Experience:

    Teacher Recommendation #1: 8-9/10? Really amazing History Teacher.

    Teacher Recommendation #2: 5?/10 kinda deadpan physics teacher, but I did very well in his class. Not sure if he really liked me or not, and he moved to a different school this year.

    Counselor Rec:

    Additional Info/Rec: 7-8/10: Letter of Rec from one of my piano teachers

    Interview: Okay. 7/10? I sometimes struggled to get what I wanted out nicely.

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
    Why Penn: 6.5/10. Kinda bland, talked a lot about the school, but not much about myself. Liked it when I sent it, but not so much now. I always struggle with "why x school" essays to be honest.
    Any dual-degree program essays:
    CommonApp Essay: 5-8/10. Very "out there" essay about piano and birds and feelings. Not sure how Penn would take it.

    Date Submitted App: 10/30/18
    Applied for Financial Aid? No
    U.S. State/Territory or Country: WA
    School Type: large public
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Income Bracket Range: 200k+
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athelete, development): None

    Strengths: scores, extracurriculars (mostly just piano)
    Weaknesses: Class Rank, senior year schedule, perhaps recs, essays. I am not well liked at my school, and it is possible someone could have sabotaged my application through either recs or by directly contacting the school.
    Were else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: Waiting on UChicago EA
    What would you have done differently?: Better prep for interview and essays.
  • flvegan323flvegan323 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member

    [ color=green]Decision: Accepted - CAS[ /color]

    SAT I (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): NA
    SAT I superscore (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): NA
    ACT (breakdown): 34 (35 all except 31 math)
    ACT superscore (breakdown): NA
    SAT II (subject, score): Spanish 800, us history 710
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA: 5.11 on my school’s scale, approx 3.85/4.0
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 24/423, didn’t report
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses): APs All 4s: human geo, world, apush, bio, Lang
    Senior Year Course Load: online: AP psych and micro, in school: AP macro, gov and pol, English lit, enviro sci, Spanish Language. Honors pre calc and mandatory regular religion class
    Number of other ED applicants in your school: 0
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.): none
    Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.): AP with Distinction, nhs and other honor societies

    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description):
    -Key Club President 2018-19, VP 2017-18.
    -Editor-in-chief of school journalism publication.
    -VP of Model UN 2017-19, Secretary 2016-17.
    -Writer for several small music publications. I interview musicians (some very well known) and write articles which have been published in print several times.
    -Varsity swim 2016 and 2017 seasons
    -Family responsibilities 2-3 hours a day
    Job/Work Experience: Summer jobs below
    Volunteer/Community Service: Had more but I just mentioned key club
    Summer Experience: 2018 internship at a prominent video editing company in NYC. 2017 camp counselor job.
    Teacher Recommendation #1: 7/10 apush teacher, we weren’t very close but I know they liked me and my writing a lot, they’re an excellent teacher so the letter couldn’t have been too bad
    Teacher Recommendation #2: 7/10 ap lit teacher, basically same circumstances as other letter
    Counselor Rec: 9/10, We were pretty close and I think they liked me a lot.
    Additional Info/Rec: 9/10 rec from my supervisor at my NYC internship, I think they really spoke to the initiative and creativity I showed there and the nature of my work ethic. For addl info I think I mentioned the online classes I picked up this year since they weren’t on my transcript yet, that I never took pre algebra so my math grades suffered, and how the advisor in one of clubs prevented us from doing as much as we wanted to
    Interview: 8.5/10, only about 35 minutes but it went well, interviewer was experienced and very easy going. I think I answered all their questions well except a minor one.

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
    Why Penn: 8.5/10, It could’ve been more formal/coherent but I spent a ton of time on it and I think it really showed how well I know the school and how it’s a good fit for me.
    Any dual-degree program essays: NA
    CommonApp Essay: 8/10, wrote about being the only vegan in my family when I go to my small farming hometown in Spain and how I made my ethics and culture coexist

    Date Submitted App: 10/29
    Applied for Financial Aid? yes
    U.S. State/Territory or Country: Florida
    School Type: parochial
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Gender: F
    Income Bracket Range: ~125k
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athelete, development): URM (Hispanic and lgbt), first gen immigrant and triple citizenship if that matters

    Strengths: Relevant ECs to my major, I talked face to face to my AO (and think I made a good impression) and told them something about my essay they would remember so I think they knew who I was when reading my app.
    Weaknesses: For recs, the teachers i was closest to were club advisors and not my core academic teachers so those weren’t as good as they could have been. Although I had an upward curve in math throughout the years it brought down my ACT scores and gpa. I also worry I didn’t show I had the creativity and passion they want in a student. Also my grades aren’t amazing.

    Were else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: None yet
    What would you have done differently?: Obviously have some regrets as to how my ECs could have been better (I think everyone does to some extent) but none in the application itself, I really tried my absolute hardest

    Other Factors: being Hispanic is probably not much of a hook in the Florida applicant pool. Also, my school has been known to send wrong letters of recommendation, so they might have received letters from teachers who weren’t core academic teachers junior/senior year. But I am soooo over the moon and still completely in shock!! Can’t wait to see some of you on Locust next year!
  • NightOwl8NightOwl8 Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    [ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - Wharton[ /color]

    SAT I (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): submitted both 1530 (790 math, 740 English, 20/24 essay) and 1570 (800 math, 770 English, no essay)
    SAT I superscore (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): 1570 (800 math, 770 English, 20/24 essay)
    ACT (breakdown): n/a
    ACT superscore (breakdown): n/a
    SAT II (subject, score): math I 760 and 780, math II 800, biology e 800
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA: 4.0 unweighted, 4.60 weighted (school doesn't offer AP classes until junior year)
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): school doesn't rank
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses): APUSH (5), bio (5), chem (this year), bc calc (this year), stats (this year), Spanish (this year)
    Senior Year Course Load: AP chem, AP chem lab (our chem and bio APs are split into two classes), AP bc calc, AP stats, AP Spanish, humanities, anatomy, gym
    Number of other ED applicants in your school: 2 others I think?
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.): was 1 point away from being a semifinalist in USABO
    Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.): NM Semifinalist, NHS, Yale Book Award, Underclassmen Awards at my school

    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description):
    - Kung Fu assistant teacher, black belt, been going there since 3rd grade
    - XC JV and Varsity grades 10-12
    - distance track JV and Varsity grades 9-12
    - health sciences lab research at a local college summer before grade 12
    - ski team JV and Varsity and recreational racing since kindergarten
    - volunteer coach for Healthy Kids Running Series grades 11-12
    - intern/volunteer at local library grades 11-12
    - recycling club at school grades 9-12
    - led a school-wide shoe drive for Big Brother Big Sister grade 11

    Job/Work Experience:
    - math tutor grades 10-12

    Volunteer/Community Service:
    - under extracurriculars

    Summer Experience:
    - lab research, kept doing Kung Fu and library and running

    Teacher Recommendation #1: AP bio teacher
    Teacher Recommendation #2: APUSH teacher (don't really know how to rate these since I didn't read)
    Counselor Rec: she said it was one of the best she's ever written
    Additional Info/Rec: from Kung Fu teacher who has known me for a long time
    Interview: went well, we talked for a very long time and had common interests

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
    Why Penn: good connection to all of my interests 8/10
    Any dual-degree program essays: n/a
    CommonApp Essay: very personal story 9/10

    Date Submitted App: late October
    Applied for Financial Aid? yes
    U.S. State/Territory or Country: Massachusetts
    School Type: public
    Ethnicity: white
    Gender: female
    Income Bracket Range: middle class
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athelete, development): none!

    Strengths: grades, difficulty of curriculum compared to others in my school (few people are crazy enough to take 4.5 APs haha), unique extracurriculars for one applying to a business school?
    Weaknesses: extracurriculars not business related yet applied to the best undergraduate business school :)
    Where else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: nowhere yet this was my first result
    What would you have done differently?: I like my extracurriculars and even though they're not business related I wouldn't change a thing about them.

    Other Factors:
    EXTREMELY HAPPY with this deferral and will update in March! Good luck to anyone scrolling through this, slowly deteriorating their mental health, as I did not too long ago. This is a message of hope to those "well-rounded" applicants that feel bad about themselves for not having a "spike."
  • penn2023333penn2023333 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member

    [ color=green]Decision: Accepted - CAS[ /color]

    SAT I (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): 710 on Math and CR 19/24 Essay
    SAT I superscore (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): Same as above
    ACT (breakdown): 31
    ACT superscore (breakdown): only one sitting
    SAT II (subject, score): 770 US History 740 Chemistry
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA: 5.1981/4.5 Weighted
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 16/260
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses): APUSH (5) AP Psych (5) APES (4) AP Lang (3) AP Chem (3) AP World History (3)
    Senior Year Course Load: AP Academy Capstone (not college board but weighted as AP), AP Lit, AP Calc, Latin IV H, Band, Child Development Seminar
    Number of other ED applicants in your school: 0
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.): 5 time medalist at North Atlantic Regional Championships
    Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.): High Honor Roll, AP Scholar with Distinction

    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description): Figure Skating 2nd Grade- Present USFSA Gold Medalist 5 time Regional Medalist Band (9-12) field commander, section leader, trumpet soloist. Rainbow Connection (11-12) LGBT anti bullying program I started where I visited middle schools to talk about coming out, Mock Trial (10-12) lead lawyer and lead witness, NHS
    Job/Work Experience: Figure Skating Coach and rink guard
    Volunteer/Community Service: volunteer at middle school plays to do crew
    Summer Experience: New Jersey Boys State
    Teacher Recommendation #1: APUSH teacher- I think this was really good because I was one of her only 5s in recent years and we had a small class so we both knew each other really well.
    Teacher Recommendation #2: AP Lang and Lit teacher- This teacher and I are really close and we always had engaging discussions in her class and we both have a very similar dry sense of humor.
    Counselor Rec: Probably pretty good- we didn’t talk much, but all interactions were positive.
    Additional Info/Rec: Written by figure skating coach of 10 years so she wrote me a very personal letter of rec. Additional info I talked about how I changed my school’s anti discrimination policy to be more LGBT inclusive and how I got figure skating added as an option for next year’s common app.
    Interview: 9.5/10 she seemed to really bond with me and she had the same major I had with he same career. When I asked her why she chose Penn it was basically everything I had said.

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
    Why Penn: 9/10 I was extremely specific about the classes I wanted to take and the programs I wanted to do at Penn.
    Any dual-degree program essays: n/a
    CommonApp Essay: 9/10 I wrote about coming out and feeling alone and how this has motivated me to be more open about myself and to try to set an example for the younger generations as they come out.

    Date Submitted App: 10/24
    Applied for Financial Aid? Yes
    U.S. State/Territory or Country: New Jersey
    School Type: Public School (low income school)
    Ethnicity: white
    Gender: male
    Income Bracket Range: upper middle class
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athelete, development): my dad works for a company asssiciated with Penn Medicine, gay

    Strengths: Extra Curriculars, LGBTQ+ Outreach Program
    Weaknesses: SAT Scores
    Were else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: nowhere
    What would you have done differently?: I honestly wouldn’t have changed anything, my application was a reflection of everything I genuinely enjoyed and was passionate about and I think that showed to the admissions officers.
  • lmaowuttlmaowutt Registered User Posts: 30 Junior Member
    [ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - Wharton[ /color]

    SAT I: 1520 (790M, 730R)
    SAT I superscore: same as above but I didn't send it
    ACT: 35 (35G, 35R, 35S, 33M)
    ACT superscore: same as above I only took it once
    SAT II: 770 physics, 800 math II
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA: Unweighted - 3.94 / Weighted - 4.403
    Rank: nope we don't do that
    AP/IB: AP Chinese - 5, APUSH - 5 (I had other fours but I didn't send those in)
    Senior Year Course Load: AP Calculus BC, AP Physics I and II, AP Literature, AP Psychology, AP Computer Science, Weightlifting lmao

    Number of other ED applicants in your school: one other maybe two (one was an athlete)
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.): okay I was really good at chess when I was younger and idk if these awards go here but I'm gonna put them anyway.

    - Ranked 47th in the US for girls 16 and younger (when I was 16)
    - 12th place at the All-Girl Nationals 2017 for 16U
    - Champion of Chicago K-9 Varsity section 2015
    - 3rd place at the Susan Polgar World Open 2014

    Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.): also idk if these things go here but this is what I put on the resume that I submitted

    - National Honors Society (Grades 11-12)
    - AP Scholar with Distinction
    - High School Honor Roll (Grades 9-12)
    - Best Witness Award at the 2018 Illinois State Bar Association High School State Tournament
    - 3rd place in the Illinois Poetry and Prose Competition (IATE)
    - Nominated as an Illinois Chess Association Rising Star Player

    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description): (fair warning I really took to heart the "try everything you can" my freshman year)

    - Mock Trial Varsity Team (Grades 10-12) --> one of the team captains
    - Scholastic Bowl Varsity Team (Grades 9-12) --> one of the team captains
    - Future Business Leaders of America (Grade 9) --> I know this doesn't look great but I did explain in my interview that I wasn't interested in Business at first and when I did start becoming interested my junior year, when I re-looked back at the club, none of the activities really encompassed what I truly wanted to do with business.
    - MedCats (Grades 10-11)
    - Debate Club (Grade 9)
    - Cosmetics Club (Grade 9)
    - Interact Club (Volunteering Club) (Grade 9)
    - Congressman Robert Dold Young Women’s Leadership Academy (Grade 10)
    - Academic Decathlon (Grade 12)
    - Softball
    - Travel: since I was like 7 years old. Went to nationals a few times, won state, won pretty much every single regional
    tournament, awarded MVP a lot.
    - High School: Won regionals last year, JV and Varsity my whole high school career, All academic awards all my years
    - Got selected as one of the women who went to the WashU women of future in business weekend.
    - Ran a small cosmetics company of my own at my school. Did students makeup and hair for school dances or any other formal events they had in their lives. Spread to surrounding high schools. Recruited some of my other makeup-savvy friends to help me out with the large number of requests we were getting.

    Job/Work Experience: I work as a waitress at a senior living home for elders with Parkinson's, dementia, and other illnesses. Few hours a week nothing crazy

    Volunteer/Community Service:

    - Lake County Haven: A women's shelter for women and children who are escaping child abuse
    - Feed My Starving Children (ALOT)
    - North Chicago Community Partners (summer school for low-income immigrant children)

    Summer Experience:
    - pretty much all softball, work, and volunteering
    - softball took up a lot of my time with going to different states every weekend, around 8 hours of practice a week, and tournaments from Thursday to Sunday with pretty much 12 hours of softball a day.

    Teacher Recommendation #1: (10/10) --> I didn't read it but my college counselor did and she said it was phenomenal. I was her favorite student (she admitted it to me many times). I loved her.
    Teacher Recommendation #2: (9/10) --> counselor also read it. Very good, not as close of a connection as I did with my other teacher but I was the only one who talked in his class and our personalities mixed very well.
    Counselor Rec: idk probably good idk why it wouldn't be but it was probably generic. I did try to form a connection with her but I went to a big school.
    Additional Info/Rec:uh no
    Interview: pretty good, we talked for about an hour. Connected over our love for sports and the cubs. Wharton alum.

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
    Why Penn: (9/10) --> really good. I talked about my love for entrepreneurship and a few of my entrepreneurship ideas. I talked about how I would use Penn's resources to help me accomplish those ideas and make them a reality. incorporated a lot of ben franklin's virtues into it.

    Any dual-degree program essays: Nah maybe transfer in
    CommonApp Essay: (9/10) um so mine was kinda risky ngl but looks like it was okay because I didn't get straight rejected. Talked about how much I cry --> but in a light-hearted funny way

    Other: no
    Date Submitted App: like a week before the due date
    Applied for Financial Aid?: no
    U.S. State/Territory or Country: ILLINOIS BABY GO CUBS FLY THE W!!!
    School Type: large public like 2500 kids
    Ethnicity: Chinese
    Gender: Female
    Income Bracket Range: 250k I think
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athletes, development): I wish

    Strengths: grades, recs, extracurriculars
    Weaknesses: took regular math classes til a senior year
    Where else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: already accepted to IU
    What would you have done differently?: taken harder math classes and shown more interest in business through my clubs

    I mean like it's not an acceptance but I'm not upset at all. Very honored to have been deferred.
  • hopestobehopestobe Registered User Posts: 62 Junior Member
    Pick one:
    [ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - CAS[ /color]

    SAT I (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): 750/760/21
    SAT II (subject, score): 770 Math II, 730 Literature
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA: 4.0 UW, school doesn't do weighted gpas
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 1/474
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses): AP Bio (4) APUSH (4) AP Physics 1 (3) AP Lit (4) AP World (5)
    Senior Year Course Load: AP Calc BC, AP Lang, AP Psych, Dual Enrollment Contemporary Issues, Dual Enrollment Latin American History, Honors Spanish 4 (school only offers AP for native speakers)
    Number of other ED applicants in your school: 0
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.): n/a
    Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.): AP Scholar w/ distinction, honor roll every marking period, Rotary Youth Leadership Award, All League XC

    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description):
    Varsity Cross Country Grade 9-12: All League Honors, Varsity Member Grade 10-12
    Varsity Indoor Track Grade 9-12
    Varsity Outdoor Track Grade 9-12
    School Spirit Club Grade 9-12
    Spanish Honor Society Grade 10-12: Vice President Grades 11&12
    Student Council: Grade 9&10
    National Honor Society: Grade 11&12
    Job/Work Experience:
    Childcare Center Worker August 2018-Present
    Volunteer/Community Service:
    Over 250 hours for local public schools and school
    Summer Experience:
    Summer before Senior Year: In and out of hospital.. not much room for activities haha
    Summer before Junior Year: XC Camp, Volunteer work
    Summer before Sophomore Year: Volunteering
    Teacher Recommendation #1: 9/10 Bio teacher had for two years
    Teacher Recommendation #2: 7/10 AP World Teacher. Loved her but she wrote a lot of recs
    Counselor Rec: Not sure but he knew me really well so I feel really good about it.
    Interview: It was honestly only 15 minutes long and I have no idea how it went

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
    Why Penn: Honestly.. it was probably pretty generic but I do feel like it strongly exuded WHY Penn so maybe 7/10
    Any dual-degree program essays: N/A
    CommonApp Essay: I really don't know how to rank it because it was super personal and kind of risky.. About how I've been in and out of the hospital for a chronic illness since this spring and how it completely flipped my life around but also how it shaped who I am and what I want to do in the future

    Date Submitted App: 10/31
    Applied for Financial Aid? Yesss
    U.S. State/Territory or Country: NJ
    School Type: Large (Low Income) Urban Public
    Ethnicity: White
    Gender: F
    Income Bracket Range: 80k
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athelete, development): Nope

    Strengths: GPA, Rank, Lack of Penn applicants at my school
    Weaknesses: My SAT score.. Although it was yes very strong for Ivies its not considered high and ECs. I focused a lot of my time on sports even though I wasn't going to realistically go anywhere with it because I just love running so much.
    Were else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: Accepted to a local school and University of Scranton
    What would you have done differently?: I guess more ECs. I don't even know
  • yeet1338yeet1338 Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    [ color=orange]Decision: Deferred - Wharton[ /color]
    ACT (breakdown): 35 (36/36/35/33/8)
    Superscore: 36(36,36,36,35/9)
    SAT II (subject, score): Math II (800)
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA: 4.00 UW, weighted: 5.488
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 2/259
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses): IB Spanish SL (7)
    Senior Year Course Load: IB History of the 20th Century HL, IB English Lit HL, IB Math HL, IB Chemistry SL, IB Biology SL, IB TOK
    Number of other ED applicants in your school: 0
    Awards: National Merit Semifinalist, Gold medal on National Spanish Exam, Highest AMC 10 Score in region

    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description) (most activities are all 4 years unless marked w/ *only):
    All honors societies at my school
    All Region Orchestra(2012-present)
    All State Orchestra(2014-present)
    Fleur de Lis String Orchestra(2012-present)
    Concertmaster of School orchestra(2015-2018)
    All City Concertmaster(2016-2017)
    JV tennis(2015-2016),Varsity Tennis(2017-present)
    Coach's Award(2018)
    Math Team(2015-present) - Captain this year( won some regional awards)
    Academic Challenge Team(2015-present), state runner ups every year, captain this year
    Tiger Club(Community Service Organization) -2015-present
    H2O for life and Spanish Club - 2018(just established clubs, joined for fun)

    Job/Work Experience:
    Online business (over 150,000 followers)
    I donate 50% of profits to local charities and rotate causes
    Manager of Special Events at South Carolina State Party Office(10+ hours a week)

    Volunteer Experience:
    Local Hospital Volunteer(Food service and Medical records(200 hours plus)
    Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser(over $5000 raised)
    Trick or Can(2015-present), trick or treating for cans for local food drives
    Published a book of philantrophic organizations in my town

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
    Why Penn: 8/10 probably
    Any dual-degree program essays: N/A
    CommonApp Essay: 8/10

    Applied for Financial Aid? Yes will apply
    U.S. State/Territory or Country: South Carolina
    School Type: Public
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Gender: Female
    Income Bracket Range: $120,000
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athlete, development): n/a
    Reflection: Maybe should've refined those essays a bit better. Honestly okay with being deffered from Wharton. It's a great school and I know there were many more qualified applicants than me. Wishing the best to everyone!!! :)
  • penn2023penn2023 Registered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
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    Decision: Accepted - CAS

    SAT I (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): 800/750/22
    SAT I superscore (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): same as listed
    ACT (breakdown): 36M, 36E, 34R, 33S, 10 Essay
    ACT superscore (breakdown): same as listed
    SAT II (subject, score): Math II: 800, Physics 760
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA: 95 UW, 105 W
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): top 1%
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses): Statistics (5), Calc AB (5), English Lang (5), Macro (4), US History (4), Physics 1 (3)
    Senior Year Course Load: **only person in my school taking 6 APs** AP Calc BC, AP US Gov, AP Lit, AP Spanish Lang, AP Physics C (taken online b/c not offered in school but still given credit), Dance
    Number of other ED applicants in your school: 0
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.):
    Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.):
    Honors 1 title
    5th in state, 18/2700+ nationally; Girls Go Cyber Start Hackathon: 6-day, 24 hour cybersecurity comp
    Grade level
    Level(s) of recognition
    School, State/Regional, National
    Honors 2 title
    Class-H Room Winner: Game show on Fox; won $500 for my STEM Program; student vs teacher trivia
    Grade level
    Level(s) of recognition
    School, State/Regional
    Honors 3 title
    1st in region; Stockton University's Math Mayhem: Math competition, three-member group round
    Grade level
    Level(s) of recognition
    School, State/Regional
    Honors 4 title
    1st in region; New Jersey Math League: monthly 30-minute math tests, competes individually & team
    Grade level
    10, 11, 12
    Level(s) of recognition
    School, State/Regional
    Honors 5 title
    1st in school; Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey: individual 45-minute math test
    Grade level
    Level(s) of recognition
    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description):
    11, 12
    4 hr/wk, 52 wk/yr
    Founder, STEM Outreach Program
    STEM experiments/hands-on demos free for kids; recruited, trained, supervised 20+ volunteers; expanded to regional schools + Boys & Girls Club
    9, 10, 11, 12
    4 hr/wk, 40 wk/yr
    Founder/Pres, Mu Alpha Theta (Math NHS), Math Club
    After-school tutor; fundraisers, like Pi Day, for club funds; attend competitions, awarded 1st in region Math Mayhem; 1st in region NJ Math League
    Student Govt./Politics
    9, 10, 11, 12
    5 hr/wk, 40 wk/yr
    Vice President/Executive Board, Class Council
    Expand student involvement/spirit; plan freshman orientation, pep rallies, Homecoming, Prom; design/sell apparel; work concessions; voted in by peers
    12, PG
    2 hr/wk, 52 wk/yr
    Student Ambassador, Back To Space
    1 of 25 students selected; TV series to integrate STEM & space into pop culture; assist mgmt. team, incl. Apollo astronauts, in publicity & production
    168 hr/wk, 4.3 wk/yr
    Intern, NASA STEM Enhancement in Earth Science
    Conducted research on GRACE satellites @ TX Space Grant Consort.; coded functions & analyzed data; highly selective unpaid internship (46/500; 9%)
    2 hr/wk, 40 wk/yr
    Scholar, Governor's STEM Scholars of New Jersey
    Research project @ Princeton applying machine learning to learner type detection through data science; pre-professional training; 16% acceptance rate
    Social Justice
    11, 12
    12 hr/wk, 2 wk/yr
    Speaker, TEDxCapeMay & StocktonU MLK Day Panel
    TEDx Talk on the benefits of immersing kids in STEM thru hands-on activities under “Common Ground” theme; student panel discussing free vs hate speech
    Social Justice
    120 hr/wk, 1 wk/yr
    Runner-Up Governor, ALA New Jersey Girls State
    Ran, campaigned, elected party candidate; advocated for free speech to include discussion of all political issues; prepared,delivered speeches/debates
    Community Service (Volunteer)
    9, 10, 11, 12
    3 hr/wk, 40 wk/yr
    Executive Board, Peer Mediation
    Trained mediator; mediates student conflicts; draws attention to causes like mental health & anti-bullying through assemblies & “Be The Change Day”
    Job/Work Experience: None listed
    Volunteer/Community Service: Included in EC’s
    Summer Experience:
    Teacher Recommendation #1: Physics teacher, 10/10
    Teacher Recommendation #2: APUSH teacher, 9/10
    Counselor Rec: 9/10
    Additional Info/Rec:
    Interview: Went well

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
    Why Penn:
    Common App Essay:

    Date Submitted App: Oct 29
    Applied for Financial Aid? No
    U.S. State/Territory or Country: NJ
    School Type: Public, around 300 kids in grade
    Ethnicity: White
    Gender: Female
    Income Bracket Range: Doesn’t qualify for FA
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athelete, development): Legacy (both parents), father interviews for Penn and donates annually

    Where else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: N/A
    What would you have done differently? Literally nothing

    Other Factors:
  • QQmoqqiQQmoqqi Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    [ color=red]Decision: Rejected - Wharton[ /color]
    SAT I (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay):1440 (660 Reading, 780 math)
    SAT I superscore (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): only take once
    ACT (breakdown):N/A
    ACT superscore (breakdown):N/A
    SAT II (subject, score):760 on Chemistry, 750 on Physics, 750 on math1, 740 on math2
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA:95.5/100
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):Top 5%
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses):Calculus (4), Microeconomic(4),chemistry (4)
    Senior Year Course Load: four APs and Spanish class
    Number of other ED applicants in your school:1
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.):The second Prize of speech competition in School among one hundred participants.Rewarded as the best representative of NHSDLC in China because I was responsible and hard-working. Participated in Guangdong ASDAN business simulation and won the bronze prize. Publishing articles about low-carbon economy in February 2019 in an international Conference In Thailand
    Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.):The fastest grade grown student
    The Highest GPA student in high school,AP Scholar,Honored student

    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description):A Debate club president for one year, debate representative for national debate organization; Participated in International Future Business leader Summit; founded National Chinese High School Student Startup Competition; Organized a low-carbon economy research institution of over three hundred people in seven provinces and raised over 110,000 RMB for operational expenses;Held a national low-carbon economy conference at Beijing International Conference Center and invited over hundreds of media organizations and two professors as lecturers. Participated in Energy Information Administration s(EIA) International Conference in Washington D.C. My efforts were reported by Knowledge at Wharton High School as a pioneer teenager of the low-carbon economy: The Low-carbon Economy Is a High Global Priority
    Job/Work Experience:
    Volunteer/Community Service:Not much
    Summer Experience:(1)Beijing Youth Literature Review for five months as a writer intern (2)State Board of Equalization of California for one month: Assistant of Fiona Ma
    Teacher Recommendation #1: Calculus teacher (9/10)
    Teacher Recommendation #2: Economic teacher (9/10)
    Counselor Rec:I think she likes me since we talk a lot in school
    Additional Info/Rec: Professor from Tsinghua University who attended the conference I held / A graduate student from Cambridge who wrote a paper we published together.
    Interview: (5/10) I think I was pretty bad, I was so nervous and we talked about more than one hour, but I didn't mention what I am going to do for the Upenn Community but only said what I'm going to with my GPA and other stuffs. I think that's one of the most important reason I didn't get into Wharton.

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
    Why Penn:(8/10) I wrote about how I organize my low-carbon economy study organization in seven province and how hard it is to held a national conference at Beijing International Conference Center.
    Any dual-degree program essays:N/A
    CommonApp Essay:(7/10)

    Date Submitted App:CommonApp
    Applied for Financial Aid?No
    U.S. State/Territory or Country:China
    School Type:Public(Top three school in my city)
    Income Bracket Range:>300,000
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athelete, development):My mom went to MBA program and both of my parents went to colleges

    Strengths:I think my EC is my strength of course, I spend more than six hours on my organization
    Weaknesses:I didn't do that much of community service and my standardize scores are pretty low.
    Were else were you accepted/deferred/rejected:Only Umass Amherst yet
    What would you have done differently?:I will spend less time on EC and more time on standardize score.
  • nmb046nmb046 Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    Nursing {rejected}

    Major: Nursing
    GPA: 4.2
    UW: 3.6 (somewhat extenuating circumstances to explain)
    rank: doesn’t rank
    SAT: didn’t submit, 23 on essay
    subject tests: took math II and lit, did a lot worse than expected and didn’t submit
    ACT: 33 one sitting (35 reading, 34 English, 31 Science, 30 math)
    AP: APUSH, AP Human Geography, AP Lang, AP Spanish, AP Macro, AP Gov’t
    Dual credits/honors: Biology, English 1/2, Med Terms, A&P, College Comp, CNA
    Senior year course load: AP Macro, AP Gov’t, AP Spanish, Anatomy and Physiology (college credit course), Certified Nursing Assistant (college credit course, will be certified to work in hospitals by the end of the year), College Composition (college credit course)
    Major Awards: NHS, Honor Roll, Academic Award, Award for volunteer service

    Extracurriculars: Speech/Forensics (leadership position: Event captain, 4 years, won several awards for), NHS (2 years, max amt), Lacrosse (Captain sophomore and junior year, 3-4 years), Clinicals for CNA (35+ hours in Nursing home, working directly with patients), Principal Advisory Board (2 years), GERM Magazine (wrote for Online magazine founded by author Jennifer Niven, 2 years), School News paper (Editor, 2 years), Drama (makeup crew, 1 yr)

    Job/Work Experience: worked at a café for 6 months and promoted to shift Lead after 3 months, Volunteer at hospital (100+ hrs), worked out of state all summer as a camp Counselor (full time), currently working as a hostess


    Common App Essay: 9/10- Very personal, wrote in a creative a manner but simple topic (personal growth in relation to growing up in a single parent household)

    Why Penn: 7.5/10- i think my idea was solid, I talked about working with an Autistic/ADHD child during the summer and how my experience with him fueled my interest in independent research and how Penn encourages research projects from their undergraduates. While the idea was personal, I think the writing could’ve been more sophisticated

    Teacher Recommendations: 9.5/10-Journalism/AP Lang Teacher: I had her bath my sophomore and junior year and we always had a very strong relationship. She pushed me to join the school newspaper and encouraged the growth of my writing, and we always had intellectual conversations about our views. We were very close and she actually reached out to me about writing my recommendation. She was definitely able to portray a better reflection of my personality/individuality

    8/10-Medical Terminology/Anatomy and Physiology: I think he gave a good insight into why I want to go into the medical field and how I worked towards my goals, but we didn’t have as much of a personal relationship. I honestly don’t know how his letter turned out.

    Counselor Rec: 8.5/10: He was an English teacher before, so I don’t doubt his elegance, I’m not sure how personal it was though. We always had a really great relationship and he thought I was a perfect fit for Penn, and constantly backed up my decision to ED, so I think it’s pretty good.

    Submitted 10/26, applied for financial aid
    [ *] State (if domestic applicant): IL
    [ *] School Type: Public, pretty average (2400+)
    [ *] Ethnicity: White
    [ *] Gender: female
    [ *] Income Bracket: <75K
    [ *] Assets: none
    [ *] Property: House, 180000 left
    [ *] Extenuating Circumstances: explained in app
    [ *] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): none
    [ /list]

    Strengths: ACT, Course load, Recs
    Weaknesses: GPA, Extracurriculars, Penn essay
    Were else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: Accepted: Nursing for Loyola, Bradley, and Marquette, waiting on Case Western
    What would you have done differently?: definitely worked harder to maintain a higher GPA, and also done more activities to showcase my interest. Wish I wrote my essay a little differently. Also really wished I got the chance to interview, it probably would not have changed anything but I definitely think it would’ve showcased me more!

    Other Factors:
    I mainly wanted to post this because I hardly ever see Nursing rejects and I wanted to show for the classes to come. My application was a reach to begin with due to my GPA, but I honestly encourage all future classes to at least try and apply! It’s worth a shot because you honestly never know. Congratulations to everyone who got in, you guys will do amazing! For those who didn’t, there’s more out there and you will end up where you want to be (:
  • asianfuasianfu Registered User Posts: 121 Junior Member
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    Decision: Rejected - Huntsman (Chinese)/Wharton

    Note everyone, delete the spaces in the brackets for the color to show

    Everything on here I submitted to Penn unless explicitly stated otherwise

    SAT I (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): 1540 - 790 M, 750 W+R, 20 Essay
    SAT I superscore (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): 1540, same as above because both my sat scores had exact same subs lol
    ACT (breakdown): 35 - 36M, 35R, 35 W, 33 S
    ACT superscore (breakdown): same as above
    SAT II (subject, score): 800 Math 2, 800 Chinese, did not submit a 660 in US History
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA: 4 UW, 4.3415
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 9/556
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses): 5s in Human Geography, Chinese, Calc BC/AB Subscore, Lang, US History, Euro, and a 4 in APES. Got a 2 in Physics 1 but didn’t self submit.
    Senior Year Course Load: Calculus 3, Differential Equations, both AP econs, AP bio, AP gov, Spanish 4, AP Lit, AP Stats
    Number of other ED applicants in your school: 1

    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.): tbh nothing really

    Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.):
    My non profit recognized on two newspapers
    Best delegate at LSH regional MUN conference (I sent this one as an applicant update)
    Outstanding essay 9th grade for a national chinese youth essay competition
    Honor societies: NHS, Spanish NHS (Vice president), Science NHS
    Technology Student Association 2 time state finalist
    National Merit Commended Scholar

    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description):
    1. Co-founded my own tutoring nonprofit junior year, traveled the community to tutor kids of all ages, got over 3k in revenue/donations, over 50 clients and 400 hours
    2. MUN (11,12), President and Treasurer as well as founding member (started my junior year). Organized and lead club meetings
    3. Math Club (11,12) - Co-president and secretary. Organized study sessions, lead math team, loved talking and doing math with teachers and classmates

    Job/Work Experience:
    1. Recreation Center (11, 12) - I was a tennis monitor and managed 11 courts by myself. Loved interacting with customers, took phone calls, managed money
    2. Kumon (11,12) - Tutored, graded, did check in at local Kumon center. Inspired my idea for my nonprofit

    Volunteer/Community Service:
    1. AID Organization - teaching English in Taiwan this summer for a month
    2. Joyous Chinese Cultural Center (JCCC) (11,12) - cooked and taught Chinese at a local non profit promoting cultural and linguistic roots for adopted Chinese children
    3. Interact Club (9,10,11,12) (treasurer and JCCC Coordinator) - volunteered for local and international orgs through this club. I also introduced JCCC as a volunteering opportunity as well.

    Summer Experience: These took up 3 sections on my common app activities.
    1. I traveled to Taiwan summer of 2018 to teach English at local elementary schools for the AID program. Wrote and gave closing ceremony speech in Mandarin. Team captain for the volunteers assigned to our specific school
    2. I attended 3 Chinese cultural camps in the summers of 2015, 2016, and 2017 in 3 different Chinese cities, sponsored by the Chinese gov targeting foreign born Chinese children.
    3. I attended a buddhism and ancient chinese education camp in summer of 2015 (9th grade), spoke alongside head monk to about 2000 native Chinese about the significance of the camp for an American.

    Teacher Recommendation #1: Spanish 3 Junior Year Teacher - He let me read it and it captured my interests in business and international studies. Also really emphasized how ambitious I am and my intelligence and kindness in his class. Also talked about an instance where I demonstrated empathy, and my love for foreign cultures and languages.

    Teacher Recommendation #2: AP Calc BC, Calc 3, and Differential Equation junior and senior year teacher - She loved me and although I have no idea what she wrote, I did submit info about myself, my dreams etc for her to write my letter. I am very outgoing and outspoken in her class, and achieve a great balance between fun and work ethic and she probably wrote about that. She also sponsors math club and I have gone with her to a few math competitions revealing the competitive yet good sport side in me too. Overall took almost two months for her to write (everyone asks her because she is the best teacher we have ever been taught by, hands down)

    Counselor Rec: 9/10, he wrote a penn specific rec just for me because he knew how much I wanted to get in! He knows my family pretty well because he also had my brother who is now a junior in college.

    Additional Info/Rec: 9 or 10/10, Got a rec from the vice principal of the Taiwan elementary school I volunteered at. She actually wrote a Huntsman specific rec and did a lot of research on the program! She really loved me during the month in Taiwan and we still keep in touch.

    Interview: 7.5/10, Average, I got most of my points across. It was a skype interview with a Huntsman alum from Cali, lasted around 35 minutes.

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
    Why Penn/Wharton: 8/10, showed my knowledge for the school and what about the school made it stand out to me, focused less on Wharton and why I wanted to pursue an interdisciplinary route with CAS

    Any dual-degree program essays: Huntsman 9/10, talked about the negative stigma surrounding today’s modern Chinese tourists. Gave examples of international events regarding Chinese tourists which reflected my knowledge on global affairs, and also talked about how though I am unable to solve it now, Huntsman will provide the tools and experiences for me to do so. I think the topic was pretty unique, because imo a lot of Chinese applicants would write about the south China sea conflict, the belt and road initiative, or the trade war

    CommonApp Essay: 9.5/10, talked about my encounter with a lady on a Nanchang, China public city bus. She sang her heart out in front of many strangers and I talked about the situation’s impact on me. Showcased my personality through an anecdote as well, also very unique.

    Date Submitted App: 10/31
    Applied for Financial Aid? Yes
    U.S. State/Territory or Country: Colorado
    School Type: Public, 2000+ students
    Ethnicity: Asian (Chinese)
    Gender: Male
    Income Bracket Range: 100k+
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athlete, development): NA

    Reflection, leadership, math strength, senior year rigor
    Strengths: Recommendations, passion/experience in China and Chinese, test scores
    Weaknesses: ECs not as strong as many applicants, nothing very business oriented except for my nonprofit, I honestly can't help but think if something in my application just got off on the wrong foot with a AO or something, really sad I wasn't deferred, Penn doesn't have much info on our school because not a lot of people apply (1/29 have been accepted in the last 6 years), being Asian lol
    Where else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: accepted to states, nowhere else yet
    What would you have done differently?: Started much earlier in High School exhibiting my passion for international studies and business. However I didn’t know I wanted to do that until junior year so glad I utilized my resources then

    Life sucks at the moment, but life moves on! Just gotta remember everything happens for a reason. Congrats everyone and good luck to everyone still stuck in this college app process!

  • garamxmasalagaramxmasala Registered User Posts: 91 Junior Member
    Decision: Rejected - M&T
    Decision: Deferred - Engineering (applied second-choice as RD)

    SAT I (M/CR+W): 1560 (790/770)
    SAT I superscore (M/CR+W): 1570 (800/770)
    SAT II: Math II (800), Chemistry (790)
    Unweighted GPA: 3.95
    Rank: top 10% probably, school doesn't rank
    AP: Calculus BC (5), Statistics (5), Physics C: Mechanics (5), Physics C: E&M (5), Chemistry (5), Biology (5), Psych (5), English Lang (5), US History (4), World History (4)
    Senior Year Course Load: DE Linear Algebra/Differential Equations, DE International Business, AP CompSci Principles, AP Micro/Macro, PLTW Principles of Engineering, Business Internship, Creative Expressions
    Number of other ED applicants in your school: 6-10
    Major Awards: none rip
    Common Awards: NMSF, National AP Scholar, state-level public speaking

    Extracurriculars: few school-level clubs where I held tons of leadership... really could have worked harder to stand out here. I'm really passionate about everything I do, but I spread myself too thin and didn't do anything notably impressive.
    Job/Work Experience: intern for consulting firm, worked with cool companies but didn't do anything too special
    Volunteer/Community Service: mentored middle schoolers in public speaking, related to my overcoming of social anxiety
    Summer Experience: see above Job/Work Experience
    Teacher/Counselor Recommendations: 8-9/10, didn't get to see them but I'm really close with all of them
    Interview: 10/10, really connected with him and he really liked my overall "story", but this plays almost null role so

    CommonApp Essay: 8/10 - overcoming social anxiety
    Why Penn: 10/10 - hands down, best essay... I did focus on both SEAS and Wharton though, I know the prompt said only your second choice (SEAS for me)
    Disruptive Technology: 7/10 - BMIs, really passionate about this though it came off more academic than I'd have liked
    Creativity & Leadership: 6/10 - changed at last minute rip

    Date Submitted App: 11/01, ifykyk
    Applied for Financial Aid? No
    U.S. State/Territory or Country: Midwest, not PA
    School Type: Public, more competitive than most but not crazy
    Ethnicity: Asian rip
    Gender: Male
    Income Bracket Range: $200k+
    Hooks: N/A

    Strengths: scores, internship, relationships (recs/interview)
    Weaknesses: not doing anything substantial in high school
    Where else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: nothing noteworthy yet, expecting Michigan result on 19th
    What would you have done differently?: cured cancer. jk, but still I would have focused my efforts on a specific thing - enacting a quantifiable change (founding a nonprofit and raising $20k+), creating a profitable business, winning a major competition (Olympiad, Intel)
    for those who still have time, scrap the DECA/HOSA/rotary/etc. and focus 200% of your time on these upper-echelon ideals, that's the surest way of getting into a T10 school.
    Final thoughts? I was never expecting M&T, despite my obsessing over it for two years now. It feels good, I guess, to be considered still. (I couldn't have been accepted to SEAS alone as I applied to it RD.) Regardless, the future holds many opportunities, and my biggest takeaway is to seize them by their horns. I can't wait to apply that in my journey, as this one (high school) comes to an end.
  • EmLe0599EmLe0599 Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    Decision: Rejected - Huntsman
    Decision: Deferred - Wharton

    SAT I (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): 1420 in one sitting- 760/740CR & 640/680M
    SAT I superscore (breakdown M/CR/W/Essay): 1440- 760CR & 680M
    ACT (breakdown):30- 29M, 33R, 31W, 27S
    ACT superscore (breakdown):only once
    SAT II (subject, score):taken, but not in time for app
    Unweighted/Weighted GPA:I'm not sure? 4.0 UW I think? I've switched schools a lot, so I'm not up to date on all my stats
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 25/275 I think- I only got to take AP courses this year because my old school didn't allow it
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses):Never got to take an AP course before this year, but I did take the tests at other schools on my own throughout high school- USGOV(4), APUSH(4), APLANG(4), APGERMAN(5)
    Senior Year Course Load:AP Calc AB, AP Psych, "SAT Prep"(a side course), AP Macro and Micro, Anatomy, American Lit, AP Lit
    Number of other ED applicants in your school: none I think? Maybe a quest bridge kid?
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.): Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship Recipient for a Year abroad, High School Diplomats Scholarship for a cultural exchange program at Princeton, State Winner for Argumentative Essay in Literary Competition, Washington Youth Tour EMC Scholarship, all region player for volleyball 2 years, ...and a couple others that I can't remember right now. Basically I did what I love
    Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.): AP Scholar with Honor? Honor roll all through High school,

    Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description):
    Oh boy...So this is the short list because I don't have time to type it all. Basically throughout high school, I've gotten involved in things I love, and they keep me busy
    -Varsity Volleyball(9-11) Captain in 11th (played vball last year while I was in Germany on exchange too, and team manager at my new school because I got back late for tryouts)
    -Varsity Swim(9-12) Captain at my old school 9-11
    -Founded a Beta club at my old school and president (11) now a part of my new school's BETA club
    -head drama stage manager (9-11)
    Literary team(8-11)
    Poetry out loud region winner(12)
    Co-Student body president (10)
    Dutch exchange week while I was in Germany through my school
    There's lots of other things, but those are probably the big things that would stand out

    Job/Work Experience:
    -CFA for like a year
    -Consignment sale organizer

    Volunteer/Community Service:
    -Lots of little stuff
    -headed a partnership with my school and a new volunteer opportunity starting in 9th grade
    -Co-founded and led an English learning group for underclassmen in Germany

    Summer Experience:Scholarship programs to DC, Youth Leadership Scholarship camps here in state, High school Diplomats, Study Abroad went until July this year...basically very busy
    Teacher Recommendation #1:pretty good I think. He's an amazing teacher(My AP Calc teacher, and even though I'm not the best Calc student (I never really got precal and I kinda came into his class blind), he's seen my literally go from failing test scores to some of the top in the class because I come and work on math in his room every day after school. So he's only known me a few months, but good I hope.
    Teacher Recommendation #2: I'm also not really sure, I've known her for years and she loves me, but she's unconventional and frankly probably has no idea how to write a college rec letter, but her power and enthusiasm usually shines through to everyone
    Counselor Rec: Probably pretty generic. I've also known her only a few months, but she seems to like me and I'll often end up taking to her for a long time even when I mean to just pop into her office. My school doesn't have a lot of kids who want to go out of state or anything, so I'm kinda an exception to her.
    Additional Info/Rec:
    Interview: We talked for over an hour and I think I spent as long asking him questions as he spent asking me questions. Our conversation was basically very interesting, but he was very monotone the entire time, so idk. He also was a Huntsman alum and I felt like we were more in love with different aspects of the program (me the international and him the finance).

    Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details): Biggest issues with essays was that I changed them all last minute (like rewrote 3 days before because I didn't like my earlier ones). All of my writing is 100% me- honest and personality.
    Why Penn: Honestly I think it was pretty good, probably not perfect though. I focused on Huntsman and Wharton and how the mix of influences fits me.
    Any dual-degree program essays: About women in business and global equality. Also not perfect, but probably not bad.
    CommonApp Essay: By far my favorite. Centered on one of my favorite events studying abroad and what my friends there helped me learn about the world and about life. Very genuine.

    Date Submitted App: 11:59 the night it was due
    Applied for Financial Aid? yup
    U.S. State/Territory or Country: GA, US
    School Type: Now public, last year German, before that very small private
    Ethnicity: white
    Gender: female
    Income Bracket Range:can't say exactly
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athelete, development): LGBTQ+, but I didn't really get a chance to emphasize it in much of my application because I can't be super out yet, so it was very understated

    Strengths: I'm a genuine, home-grown applicant. I decided a few years ago I wanted more that I was getting, and I went for it- I took extra college classes and AP tests, created opportunities where there were none, and applied for programs I really love. I don't kill myself over just school and I really care, and I think that comes out well in my application. I got to be a part of a lot of amazing programs that probably looked pretty good as well.
    Weaknesses: Not that many advanced classes before this year, erratic EC's because of school switching, not an eye-catching SAT/ACT...
    Were else were you accepted/deferred/rejected: Accepted UGA, Berry, and U. South Carolina so far...
    What would you have done differently?: Besides go to a different school at the beginning of hs (my old school held me back in a lot of ways), and maybe studying for SAT/Subjects more...oh and getting my essays more smoothed out!- well I really wouldn't change anything. I feel like I got everything I wanted out of high school, had fun, learned and grew a lot, and didn't spend all my time obsessing about how to get into college (probably why I was so unprepared but oh well). Upenn is a long shot, and right now I wouldn't go back and change what got me this far

    Other Factors:
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