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what is unique about Penn CS that can't be found elsewhere?

Abbas2Abbas2 0 replies11 threads New Member
what is unique about CS Penn that can't be found elsewhere?
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Replies to: what is unique about Penn CS that can't be found elsewhere?

  • MastadonMastadon 1746 replies50 threads Senior Member
    Having to deal with Wharton students :-)
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  • NCKrisNCKris 274 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Which other colleges are you considering? It would be a different experience than large state schools or Tech schools.
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  • psycholingpsycholing 415 replies19 threads Member
    You can view the ENIAC through glass...
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  • nigelunonigeluno 102 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Access to Wharton statistics classes through the minor. It would look pretty good if you plan on doing anything with machine learning.
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  • Much2learnMuch2learn 4610 replies168 threads Senior Member
    -Penn CS is very rigorous combination of theory and hands on projects.
    -Penn has been expanding SEAS and CIS faculty.
    -The demands are high, the pace is rapid, and the students are excellent.
    -The curriculum is fairly flexible to allow you to focus on your interests.
    -It is common for CIS students to add a minor in mathematics, statistics, or both.
    -Other minors or second majors are fairly common too.
    -Placement is excellent.

    Consider visiting to see if it is the right place for you.
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  • CU123CU123 3688 replies75 threads Senior Member
    Nothing, you can find all of the above at many other top institutions.
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  • nigelunonigeluno 102 replies8 threads Junior Member
    There is a very tight knit group working on the crossroads of AI and programming languages; I have often seen their work at conferences or cited in papers. If that is something that interests you, then Penn is undoubtedly the place to go.
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  • Much2learnMuch2learn 4610 replies168 threads Senior Member

    Few other schools give the level of rigor and flexibility. I don't know of any other school where so many students have minors or second majors.

    Many top students come to Penn for the ability to explore their own broad academic interests. They don't want a core curriculum that tells them what they have to study. If they wanted to be told what their interests should be, like a child, they would go to Chicago or Columbia.

    Penn students also tend to be sociable and have good people skills. Its reputation as the social Ivy tends to attract students who value that. They don't want to go to a school where fun goes to die. They work hard, but also value their friends, clubs, and activities. There is a lot more to a Penn education than homework assignments.
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  • Cue7Cue7 2539 replies118 threads Senior Member
    @Much2learn - coming down a little heavy-handed on Chicago and Columbia, no? They treat their students like children b/c they have core curricula?

    If you want to explore "broad academic interests," doesn't UPenn, with their gen-ed reqs, treat students more like children than, say, Brown?
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