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Thoughts on Penn Engineering?

ChemEBoyChemEBoy 13 replies8 threads Junior Member
On our visit we were remarkably impressed (maybe to the extreme). The University, overall, is a no-brainer, but I've heard maybe more negative than positive about Penn Engineering, in general. The last opinion, though, was "loves it". So, naturally, one has to make up their own mind, but thanks in advance for any word on the topic.
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Replies to: Thoughts on Penn Engineering?

  • ClassicRockerDadClassicRockerDad 6202 replies163 threads Senior Member
    40 courses are required, not counting labs. That's 5 courses per semester. That seems very difficult to do for 4 years.
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  • happy1happy1 24214 replies2431 threads Super Moderator
    edited January 2019
    My brother went to Penn Engineering (years ago) and had a fantastic expereince. Five courses/semester is pretty typical for an engineering program.
    edited January 2019
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  • ChemEBoyChemEBoy 13 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Did the "Engineering" Tour, too, and was totally blown away. Maybe some tend to make excuses. "They" also say that it makes no difference where one goes to undergrad so, given that, might as well go to Penn. OK, settled. Just had to think out loud for a minute. Thanks.
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  • KLSDKLSD 273 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Both of my students are enjoying SEAS, working on research projects made possible by One Penn (college and med school) that I can read about in medical or scientific journals, involved in club sports and Greek life. Philly is a great place to be a student and spend 18-22 maturing with affordable access to great food and entertainment.

    Gutmann has said multiple times over the past few years when I have seen her speak that although overall application numbers rise, SEAS are soaring. SEAS has been investing, hiring professors, configuring innovative classrooms for group work or upsidedown instruction.

    Visit the engineering department you are interested in and see if the labs and coursework are what you are looking for. You will likely need to make an appointment and give your stats. Worth the trips for us x 2.

    Engineering students often choose Penn because they want to take classes with non-engineers and explore multiple disciplines and/or do undergraduate research ; VIPER and Vagelos are examples. A five course semester is a minimum, and you might find yourself overloading to explore or add a minor. You will not be alone.

    Penn students work hard and play afterwards. Even academic clubs have a social component.
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  • ChemEBoyChemEBoy 13 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Thanks. My thoughts too and congrats to your kids. Visited a lot of schools and was really drawn to the complement of Liberal Arts for an undergrad education; and Penn does seem to have it all.
    Much appreciated.
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  • mybstnwmybstnw 181 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Parent of a ME recent grad. She loved it and has no regrets. We have none about Penn either. She had a very balanced life- club sports, activities, Greek life and a double major. Philly was a plus as well. The Engineering department met all of her needs and wants and as others have pointed out, classes in other departments added to her experience in a positive way! Good luck!
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