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withdrawing the admission after ED acceptance

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Hello, I am new to this website and I want some advice on my friend's issue.
First of all, we come from a small country from eastern Europe. In the mid of December, my best friend got accepted by UPenn. It was something he had been working for several years and therefore, he was incredibly happy to receive the acceptance.
However, several days ago he was notified about withdrawing the admission due to the misinterpretation in the application. From what we could understand from the received 3 sentences, the explanation was far from the enough.
The thing is that my friend took National Examinations after graduating from high school due to the special Military Rule of our country. This Mandatory Military Service requires immediate military enrollment after graduating from high school unless a young man is enrolled at any local university. Just to clarify, he used the status of the student only as a formality to avoid the indicated service. This is something almost every young man willing to study abroad does as there is no other legal way to avoid the Military Service that lasts for a year on a daily basis.
As he considered this common practice nothing more than a formality, on the question “If you have ever taken coursework at a college or university, please indicate the number of colleges” on CommonApp, he put "0". It also important to know that he has been working full time ever since.
Right now my friend is not in the proper mental condition and this is the primary reason why I am posting this thread. I think the decision is really unfair. Do you have any advice on what can we do about that?
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  • skieuropeskieurope 38455 replies6720 postsSuper Moderator Super Moderator
    Closing thread. Your friend needs to ask his own questions. For privacy reasons, users are allowed to ask for themselves and/or their dependents. Everyone else needs their own account to ask their own questions.
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