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What is unique about UPenn for pre vet students

yangyangeryangyanger 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi, I'm a current Junior in high school who is finalizing the college list. Right now, as I am doing some researches about UPenn, I'm impressed by the overall student body and the school culture. I found out that UPenn provides many opportunities for pre-med students, such as volunteering in the hospital. However, I will be taking on the pre-vet path, so I want to ask is there anything unique about UPenn for pre-vet students and if UPenn provides opportunities for us
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Replies to: What is unique about UPenn for pre vet students

  • rhandcorhandco 4240 replies55 threads Senior Member
    Um, they have a vet school on campus? My brother was not pre-vet and worked at the Penn vet school while he was at Penn. I was not pre-med and I worked at the Penn mee school while I was at Penn. Neither were official programs, we just wanted to get hans-on science experience.
    However, be well aware of how difficult and different it is to get into vet school compared to med school...
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