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UPenn LSM Program 2020

2020oof2020oof 1 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
I'm a rising senior currently applying to colleges and I came across the LSM program. My focus during high school has been research and mostly STEM related activities, but I've always been interested in business and I want to explore it more in college. Ultimately, I REALLY want to apply ED to LSM. I was wondering if anyone on here is in the LSM program and if they think that its fine that what I've done in high school covers only 1/2 of what this program covers. I was just concerned because I know you have to be accepted to the College of Arts and Sciences AND Wharton, so I'm thinking I'm hopeless lmao. In addition, if you have any stats on how many people apply, what they like to see in your LSM essay, how I can contact anyone in the program currently, etc. PLEASE LMK
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Replies to: UPenn LSM Program 2020

  • bloooberrybloooberry 1 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    It’s literally the hardest if not one of the hardest programs to get into in the entire country/world
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  • UMD2021&2023UMD2021&2023 26 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    I have a son who is attending UPenn this fall (not in LSM, but in another dual major program M&T (business and engineering)). I don't know anything about LSM but did come across this website which should br helpful: https://lsm.upenn.edu/admissions/preparing-for-LSM
    I will give you a small piece of advice for any college essay.....make sure you really convey why you want to go to that particular school. Do your research on their website and find things that interest you at that college and then mention those particular things in your eaasys. Colleges want to know why you are interested in them and what makes them stand out from any other college you are applying to. For example, my son wrote about a certain research project at UPenn that he would love to be a part of and how he could see himself working on it. Also, he picked a particular class and named that class in his essay and why he was interested in it. Give the college specific examples that are unique to them to show your true interest.
    Best of luck with your college search and application process!
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  • 2020oof2020oof 1 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
    Thank you so much and good luck to your son at UPenn!!
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