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Do I stand a chance getting into Wharton?

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For the past few months I've been juggling whether to apply to CAS or Wharton and with applications happening now I'm freaking out. I will be applying ED and both parents went to Penn (along with a brother but I'm not sure if that counts) so I know that will help, and I'm taking a class at Penn this fall through their Young Scholars program. If I were to apply to CAS I would be an Econ major and for Wharton I would go for their environmental policy and management. My essay for Wharton would be about my passion for the environment and how through business I would like to make production lines and the market in general more sustainable. Both essays would include the whole I love Penn thing and how many opportunities it brought to my family and their students. The only things holding me back are knowing how I have a much better shot at getting into CAS and that my math scores aren't the best (I got a 31 on ACT math but 33 C). I'm taking Math 2 subject tests next weekend and hope to get in the high 700s or maybe 800. I took BC calc last year and got an A in the class but 3 on the exam (won't report that). I would like to attend Penn no matter school; CAS is better than no Penn. Please let me know your thoughts.
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