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Chance me Penn ED 2024

hw1102hw1102 42 replies12 threads Junior Member
I will be applying ED to Penn this fall in the CAS as an Econ major. Sorry this is one of my many threads about Penn but I promise this is the last lol.
ACT- 33C 25E 33R 31M 31 S
Subject tests- 730 bio, (possibly submit a math 2, but need to retake, not confident I will do well enough though)
GPA- weighted- 5.15 unweighted 3.93 (got 2 B+, algebra 2 H and English 10H)
Rank- 9/330
AP classes along with test scores submitting- human geography, macro (4), psych (5), bio, apush (4), lang (4), calc bc
Senior classes- AP stat, AP lit, AP French, AP physics 1, dual enrollment with Penn

Ballet- about 18 hours a week, started in 2005, trained at prestigious ballet schools, went to ballet summer intensives (camp), won multiple awards at a distinguished international ballet competition
Yoga- work at a yoga studio as desk staff and a teacher
Environmental Club- president
French club- Vice President and help start it
Work with special needs students in my school

Academic extras:
Dual enrollment at Penn- young scholar program this fall
Dual enrollment in local university- took 3 courses, received all As
Online program with Brown

Common app- I am adopted and I talked about how my community positively impacted me
Penn academic supplement- talked about my interest in the environment and how it ties into Econ and mentioned how certain programs at Penn would fulfill my interest in both areas
Penn community supplement- talked about my interest and dance and how it could be fulfilled at Penn and mentioning how I could impact the community

Rec letters:
Bio and French teacher- Probably pretty good given they used the same one for young scholars
Ballet teacher- Grew up with her and her rec letters have gotten people into ivies

double legacy (both parents)
my brother and multiple uncles went to Penn as well but they don't count at legacy
attend a school outside of Philly
Last 7 years, 15 people were accepted from my school

Any thoughts would be helpful and much appreciated!!
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Replies to: Chance me Penn ED 2024

  • JonnyFJonnyF 61 replies1 threads Junior Member
    May need to bump your ACT score I think.
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  • UGG2023UGG2023 284 replies5 threads Junior Member
    My daughter had higher scores, was a Penn Young Scholar (received A+), 4th generation legacy and was rejected ED 2023.
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  • hw1102hw1102 42 replies12 threads Junior Member
    @JonnyF @UGG2023 mistake in my act score. I got a 35 on English not a 25. I also got a 680 on Math 2
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  • UGG2023UGG2023 284 replies5 threads Junior Member
    @hw1102 DD had 4.0 unweighted GPA, 1510 SAT, 760 SAT Math II APUSH (4), APAH (5), APCALC AB (5). Your grades and scores won’t eliminate you but it will just depend what they are looking for to balance out their class. I don’t think legacy is a hook anymore, I know of many academically qualified legacies from the Philly area that were rejected ED. It seems like most of your EC time was spent on ballet and that doesn’t tie into Econ or the environment which you are most interested in at Penn so...
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  • BahubaliBahubali 4 replies1 threads New Member
    Really good stats but nothing outstanding in your ec's
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  • Nasir7Nasir7 20 replies9 threads Junior Member
    I would say you don't have a specific focus. Environment, Ballet, French and Econ are all different. Schools mostly want specialists, not well-rounded, So maybe try to emphasize one of these in your essays and center your application around it (for example, try focus on Econ and get a rec letter from an Econ teacher instead of french and highlight your Econ experience in your essays). Otherwise, I think your Stats and hooks are strong.
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  • hw1102hw1102 42 replies12 threads Junior Member
    edited October 2019
    @Nasir7 Yea, I ended up changing my app around a few days ago. Now my essays are more focused around the environment and biology ( I did much better on the bio subject test, that's where one of my rec letters is coming from, and I lead the enviro club). I completely dropped Econ from my app, however my Penn community essay is about ballet and how I've learned how it can benefit the community through fundraisers or inspiring others. I feel like ballet has been such a big part of my life that my application without it wouldn't genuinely represent me.
    edited October 2019
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  • hw1102hw1102 42 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Update: I got in
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