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Chance me for Wharton ED

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Hey guys! I was just stressed about college apps (who isn’t?) and wanted to have some other opinions than my parents on my chances for admission to the above colleges and which colleges anyone has suggestions for me to apply to. I want to major in finance and I’m mostly concerned about going to colleges with good programs. Hopefully, you guys can help!

* UW GPA: 97/100 (my school does not weight GPAs, but if it did it'd likely hover around 4.5/4)
* ACT: 34
* Class Rank: Top 10%
* SATII: 770 US History, 800 Math II, 800 Spanish
* APs: 5 US History, 4 Calc AB (Self-Studied), 4 Euro (SS), 5 Bio (SS)

Course Load:
* My school is odd (we just got APs last year and have a curriculum independent from the state)
* I have taken the hardest course load possible at my school including advanced math, advanced Spanish, and the 1 AP course which my grade has been offered
* Only around 10/430 students have qualified for the course load that I have

* Speech and Debate (Captain)
* I’ve been to 3 national tournaments and placed in the top 60 last year
* I have 22 trophies (I don’t think anyone cares about that)
* I have the outstanding distinction (that just means I do debate a lot and do it relatively well)
* I own a tutoring company
* It’s relatively small, but I do have a few employees
* Economics Club (Officer)
* School Newspaper (Writer)
* 100+ hrs of tutoring community service I'm not sure if I'm listing because it may look weird with my business

* Counsellor letter was basically written by myself with the number of questions asked so its relatively good
* 1st teacher - Calculus teacher who graduated from Harvard and tailors your letter to match whatever narrative you're pushing
* 2nd teacher - Spanish teacher who writes very good letters
* Essay - I would rate my essay on the low end of strong
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