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Change me Wharton ED 2024

yshahiyshahi 4 replies4 threads New Member
Demographics: Indian male from low performing low income public school in Houston.
Hooks: I don't have any hooks
Intended Major(s): Finance Minor: Public Policy
SAT: 1530 770M/760 EBRW
SAT II Math Level 2: 720
SAT II U.S. History: 750
UW/W GPA: UW GPA: 3.8. Weighted GPA: 4.66
Rank: 1/383 (Valedictorian)

Coursework: I've taken all honors and AP courses except for a few electives. I will have taken 14 AP classes by the time I graduate including 6 senior year. For my advanced placement courses, my scores were: Macroeconomics (5), Psychology (5), US History (5), English Language (5), World History (4), Statistics (4), Physics 1 (3), Seminar (3).

Awards: AP Scholar With Distinction

-Internship at commodities trading firm
-Governance Chair of Houston ISD Student Congress, the voice of 200,000 Houston area students.
- Senior Class Vice President
-Varsity Swimmer (4 years) Team Captain
- Volunteered over 125 hours at Junior State of America to promote financial literacy among underprivileged youth
- National Honor Society member

Essays: I think my Personal Statement is average but my supplemental essays are great according to people who have read them.
PS: Please give me your email if you want to read over my personal statement and give feedback :smile:
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  • NCKrisNCKris 257 replies1 threads Junior Member
    SAT II Math scores are low especially for an Asian male.
    Can you retake the test?
    I didn’t see any Calculus, what level of Math have you done?
    Many Wharton applicants will have AP Calculus BC.

    Your internship and leadership looks good.
    Try and make sure you get strong recs. You can send an optional 3rd rec, from your internship or coach or someone who can write about leadership or business interests.
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  • Elyse TruebridgeElyse Truebridge 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I currently attend the M&T program at upenn, and I will be glad to look over your essay and give you pointers!
    My advice is that you have to emphasize your qualities and how they fit with the bigger upenn, wharton, community.
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  • SougiyaSougiya 42 replies0 threads Junior Member
    if it is possible, perhaps consider retaking SAT Subject tests, considering a vast majority of people get an 800 on the SAT Math 2. While a 720 wouldn't disqualify you, it might raise eyebrows.
    I won't say anything about Wharton acceptance chances, because honestly it's a lottery whoever you are.
    However, I'm also a Whartonite who got in RD last year so I'd be willing to give a look if I have a chance.
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  • JonnyFJonnyF 30 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Elyse, I am applying Wharton ED. Could you please share your profile with me if possible? My email address is: [email protected] I also would like to ask some ED questions. Thanks!
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  • JerryjinJerryjin 16 replies0 threads New Member
    Like others have said already. I would strongly suggest to improve your math II score. You still have an advantages where your extracurricular help you stand out . And make sure to write a good essay that will also distinguish you from other applicants.
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