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Chances for Penn ED

irlylikeseaweedirlylikeseaweed 2 replies2 threads New Member
i am an asian female on the east coast at a competitive suburban public

major: political science

SAT: 1550
SAT II: Chem 770 Math 790

school doesnt include GPA or rank on transcript but based on the GPA calculator freshman year= 3.4
sophomore year= 3.4
junior year= 4.0
senior year= (hopefully) 4.0

rigor: school doesnt offer APs, has our own version. only honors class offered freshman and sophomore year is honors math, took level one below it
junior year= honors latin, honors math
senior year= AP latin, AP english, AP history, AP math

awards: national merit scholarship semi finalist, scholastic journalism award

- research with an ivy league prof and published in journal. i dont think other ppl at my school have done this
- founded non profit. decently successful but wont go into detail. same as above
- debate officer 10 - 12th
- HS dems officer 9 - 12th
- 200+ hours volunteering for an organization that distributes masks and medical supplies and a nyc food pantry
- blog on medium about politics/race/current issues that ive posted twice a month on since junior year summer

essays: i hope theyre good but im not amazing at creative writing 7/10

recs: pretty close with them but they have favorites 8/10

other schools: syracuse, bing, dartmouth, cornell, lehigh, brown, umass amherst, umich, wisconsin
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Replies to: Chances for Penn ED

  • collegeseeker01collegeseeker01 15 replies5 threads Junior Member
    edited July 10
    Unfortunately, your chances at Penn ED are not good. Your sat score is in the middle 50%, but your gpa of 3.6 UW is well below the average Penn UW gpa of 3.9. Your research is impressive, but there will be applicants with similar ECs and perhaps some who have contributed their time to a political election. Finally, while I believe that it should not be this way, being asian in the college admissions process is a disadvantage. I believe that you will have a good chance at Lehigh ED1 if you have identified Lehigh as an ideal fit. Best of luck
    edited July 10
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  • irlylikeseaweedirlylikeseaweed 2 replies2 threads New Member
    thank you!
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