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Penn= preppy?


Replies to: Penn= preppy?

  • Bexter55Bexter55 Registered User Posts: 62 Junior Member
    heres what i find funny about thsi thread: it's only about clothes! and the generalizations that come with them. I feel like the negative aspects of "preppy" are in the personality of the kid (ie arrogant, or flaunting their money) I'm going to Penn next year, and yeah I'm coming from a prep school in NE, I dont wear much abercrombie or j crew, but I've got my fair share of urban outfitters clothes (and dont lie, we all know it's not that urban) and yes, i own velour sweatpants, but I dont consider myself preppy, I'm even gonna be an art major... that doesnt even matter. my point: I AM interested in hanging out with a varitey of people, popped collar or not! when I first read this thread I was nervous because I really do want to break out and meet people different from those I've grown up with in private school. but I figure as long as there are a few kids out there who feel the same way, it'll all end up being alright.
  • MrHappyFaceMrHappyFace Registered User Posts: 143 Junior Member
    that hart callahan kid lives around me. Friends of mine know who he is and are going to show up at his next "tennis match" and heckle the snob.
  • bluedaisy1234bluedaisy1234 Registered User Posts: 236 Junior Member
    I agree with Bexter. We are just discussing clothes. The point is do you want to go to Penn or not? If you do, preppy people should not hinder you from going to this school. Personally, I believe that there are preppy folks at EVERY colleges, some more prevalent than others. Many of my friends are preppy and yes they are sometimes stuck-up and I tell them when they are but many are stuck-up not because they are stuck up but because of their surrounding (i.e. pressure from friends and family). But a lot of them are really nice and I think that "regular" people judge them too quickly based on sterotypes.
    Then again, I don't come from an elite prep school (I go to an art school). So I may not have been exposed to the "bad-side" of money. However still, since I really beliebe peen is a match for me, I don't think I care how preppy it is or is not.
  • bluedaisy1234bluedaisy1234 Registered User Posts: 236 Junior Member
    btw, clothes everywhere are about the same price (I'm saying GAP, AE, A&F, Banana Republic, etc.. not Prada or Versace or anything) Personally, clothes are geting ridiculously expensive anyways. Although I have a weakness for the Gap, I can't believe how much money they rip outta me. So wearing a certain kind of clothes does not deem anyone "rich" by any standards. Clothes are just too damn expensive to begin with.
  • filmxoxo17filmxoxo17 Registered User Posts: 2,625 Senior Member
    ^^i dont think preppy is bad, or that preppy makes penn bad, blablabla, i was just trying to help explain what preppy is. i think its an interesting topic and we dont only have to discuss the academic sides of schools here, because we're people and its natural to wonder about other things.
  • FountainSirenFountainSiren - Posts: 2,503 Member
    So, what are you going to wear your first day of class? lol
  • Canadia1Canadia1 Registered User Posts: 518 Member
    Yea, Hart Callahan lives near me, too. If he weren't going to private school, he's be at my public school. I was browsing through mtv.com at the photo gallery of his sweet sixteen photo album and I saw this dude who was like gaping (I guess at the dancers even though you can't see them in the photo) and I was like "omg, that guy goes to my school!" Egh, it looked like a weird party with the dancers...

    And yes, Prada does make some damn good shoes (although I'm too poor afford them) and so the Jimmy Choo (so much azn pride)! I still think those Herve Chapalier bags imported from France are retarded for what they're worth here.
  • Mr_Socrates06Mr_Socrates06 Registered User Posts: 365 Member
    ^^I watched that episode and it's sickening to see kids so spoiled. I can't imagine my mother spending that kind of money on car, yet alone a party? *shaking my head* At the end of the day, it's the parents who taught them to act the way they do.

    I must say Hart wasn't as spoiled as some of the other kids.

    But aside from MTV, regardless of the so called "preppiness" I still want to go to Penn.
  • chocolatechip87chocolatechip87 Registered User Posts: 172 Junior Member
    ahhh japs...yes i know so many. im jewish but not a princess, a lot of my friends are japs tho and u gotta have blinders on when u judge ppl because i have a bad habit of judging ppl negatively by the way they look(ie preppy=snobby) but theres been quite a few times whre i realized how wrong i was. when i visited penn, it seemed like a lot of the girls were preppy but im sure tht doesnt make them all snobby and look down oupon others.
  • Canadia1Canadia1 Registered User Posts: 518 Member
    Those parties cost a little less than my house.
  • chocolatechip87chocolatechip87 Registered User Posts: 172 Junior Member
    lol i have some friends who go to school with her and apparently she is such a loser and has no friends...shes prolly really depressed and her parents spoil her bc they feel bad for being divorced and think material things can make up for it...just shows tht u cant buy friends or happiness.
  • kinetickinetic Registered User Posts: 470 Member
    at my school, I don't think people even know Kate Spade.

    Anyway, when I visited, everyone was white, or seemed to be. Maybe that's because I rarely see white people at my school. Other than that, everyone seemed pretty normal and friendly.
  • purplechickpurplechick Registered User Posts: 218 Junior Member
    KATE SPADE??? who is she
  • Seven NightsSeven Nights Registered User Posts: 582 Member
    a designer known for her handbags and leather goods than anything else. on the lower end of the designer price spectrum. prices vary from low $100 to high $300.
  • Catch-22Catch-22 Registered User Posts: 1,233 Senior Member
    So...I figure I should totally post a random, kinda-related comment: I think I would want to shoot myself if I ever became a million/billionaire and end up with spoiled kids like that on the sweet16 show...
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