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So... this "well rounded" thing

PR0MiSE44PR0MiSE44 17 replies6 threads New Member
Hello! I've been hearing a lot about how wharton (well all colleges too) want students to be well rounded.

SO my questions are: 1) Will having an overkill of business extra cirriculars (with ASB posistions and Lacrosse thrown in) hurt my chances? 2) Coupled with the extra cirriculars, will having more than years worth of work orientated classes (i.e. marketing experiance, Store Management, Store Operations) be looked down on as slackerish?

Some other questions I have: 1) In your opinion- AP Stat or AP Calc? AP Biology or AP Chem? 2) if given the choice- internship or work experiance?

THANKS SO MUCH! My guidance counselor is... hmph. :/
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Replies to: So... this "well rounded" thing

  • chanmanchanman 1377 replies290 threads. Senior Member
    having more of anything EC is good.

    ap stat is easier, way easier

    ap bio is way easier, way easier

    internship is better, in my opinion (if it is selective).
    eg. research at summer camp at harvard or something
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  • Catch-22Catch-22 1225 replies8 threads Senior Member
    AP Calc (because Wharton demands Calc)
    AP Bio/Chem: Bio is easier, Chem is more fun, either way, I hate them all.
    Internship: depends where you intern.
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  • megamike23megamike23 399 replies9 threads Member
    ap calc BC
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  • memz005memz005 82 replies0 threads Junior Member
    business ECs won't kill your app; they can help prove your interest, if anything

    as long as you've challenged yourself in other courses, taking business electives shouldn't hurt you
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  • bluedaisy1234bluedaisy1234 200 replies36 threads Junior Member
    I think stats is way harder than calculus. I think calculus is much more useful than stats anyways. AP Bio was VERY easy...last year at least.
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  • PR0MiSE44PR0MiSE44 17 replies6 threads New Member
    Thanks everyone for the replies!! Two days and still no word from the counselor... grr.

    Anyways- Catch: I noticed that in "Wharton Undergrad" you said "They don't emphasize science that much (you will never have to take it again regardless of whether or not you even get a credit)." But here you say wharton demands it- Does this mean you *do* have to take science at the college?

    Bluedaisy: Excuse my ingorance- but why would AP Stats be more useful from a business prospective than AP Calc? I've heard that AP Stat is more the logistics of numbers, and AP Calc is really the numbers themselves. Considering this, wouldn't AP Stat be the better choice for business- a science in which you'll have to understand the workings and usings? Or am I totally off center here?

    Thanks again =)
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  • thethoughtprocessthethoughtprocess 4056 replies111 threads Senior Member
    stat is used in accouting, finance, and marketing polls - things you do in business
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  • Catch-22Catch-22 1225 replies8 threads Senior Member

    I said that science isn't that important, but math is...I said that Wharton demands that you take Calc...but they like to see that you've tried to suffocate yourself with the hardest classes in HS, which automatically include a load of AP sciences. But, AP Calc is way more imporant than any AP science (both are still very important in regards to your transcript).
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  • Canadia1Canadia1 494 replies24 threads Member
    Take both is you can... but calc (esp. AP) is required. I think that if if you're going to go to Wharton, you should at least be one year advanced in math, which is calc in senior year.

    And it's not like if you don't take stat in high school, you'll fail Wharton... that's why it's called AP, for college credit. If you don't take it in high school, just do it in college. But AP Calc is a must.
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  • PR0MiSE44PR0MiSE44 17 replies6 threads New Member
    Yay, thanks for clearing that up to the both of you. =]
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  • PR0MiSE44PR0MiSE44 17 replies6 threads New Member
    Does anyone have the link for admission requirements for upenn? I want to make sure I'll be getting the credits in my planned courses- but I cant seem to find the right damn page. Is it under wharton or upenn, it's tripping me out! lol
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  • tlqkf2002tlqkf2002 482 replies123 threads Member
    hmm.. this is completely irrelevant to this post but I find AP bio the hardest AP in offered... I mean just look at how much you have to memorise?!?! and it really depends who you are. For me, I find calc FAR EASIER than statistics. I just don't like the big decimals of stat and its formulas. Calc has much more eloqent (is this a word?) elegant explanation that follows and the concept of limits and intergration is astounding. You can virtually derive all the formulas for calc but I dont think u can for stat. So since u can derive it yerself, memorising the formulas is a breeze...

    for AP chem and bio, again, I just hate bio. Chemistry is alot more fun and I'd say its easier if you are generally good with numbers..

    Well here was my thought and the majority seems to prefer stat over calc and bio over chem as the easier classes.
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  • josephconradjosephconrad 9 replies1 threads New Member
    In response to your post, tlqkf2002, I think most kids who do well in AP Bio already have an built-in familiarity with many of the concepts (such as diffusion, plant structure and growth, organ parts and function). Heavy memorization frequently associated with AP Biology is mostly just heavier academic detail on top of common concepts. As kids, probably most of us steered our young scientific curiosity towards biological phenomenom because those were some of more tangible things. (As opposed to something like charge difference in physics or hydrogen bonding in chemistry)

    I also read an article somewhere, which said that middle school science education, in general, focuses much more on biology than on chemistry or physics.

    Anyhow, just a tangent.

    Also...you can't really consider statistics math...so calc and stat are really not comparable if you're considering academics. If you're talking about difficulty, I'm sure most people would agree that calc is harder.... But stat has its own challenge. Yet again, statistics isn't math....statistics is statistics.
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  • muppetcoatmuppetcoat 333 replies8 threads Member
    "having more of anything EC is good."

    Not necessarily true. Too many "shallow"- ECs will make them think you're doing stuff just to get into school. You're better off with a few ECs that you are VERY involved in than 50 you never took a leadership role with.
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  • susususu 87 replies3 threads Junior Member
    ONE boy from my D's nerdy private HS (senior class of 100 kids) got into Wharton (so far) this year. He applied ED. His approximate stats are:

    9-10 AP classes (including Physics, Chem, Calc BC, Statistics, History, English, etc.)
    1500+ SAT1
    750-800 on all SATIIs (Math 2C, writing, history, chem, physics, etc.)
    Very well-written essays.
    4.0 GPA. Top 5% of class.
    EC's: Lots of Film stuff (to show he has an artistic side) and Business stuff (Junior Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)

    We all expect to see him producing summer blockbuster movies in a few years. Hope this helps.
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