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Official Decisions Thread


Replies to: Official Decisions Thread

  • silmon77silmon77 Registered User Posts: 656 Member
    I'm sorry about Yale, hao, I know you really wanted to go there. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll end up at the best place for you.
  • TeaHelpsTeaHelps Registered User Posts: 181 Junior Member
    Decision: Accepted (Engineering)


    * SAT: 1460
    * SAT IIs: 720/710/700/700/630
    * GPA: 4.1W
    * Rank: Top 10%
    * Other stats: 10 APs


    * Essays: Crap
    * Teacher Recs: Fine
    * Counselor Rec: Fine
    * Hook (if any): None

    * State or Country: Georgia
    * School Type: Public
    * Ethnicity: Asian
    * Gender: Female
    * major strength/weakness: No strengths.
    * why you think you were accepted/rejected/defered: I'm iresistable.

    Other Factors:
    Accepted: Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, Cornell University, Columbia University

    Rejected: MIT, Harvard

    Waitlisted: Duke
  • quantifymequantifyme Registered User Posts: 121 Junior Member
    Decision: Accepted!!

    * SAT: 1500 760V 740M
    * SAT IIs: 720L, 700W, 680Mic
    * GPA: 4.0 uw
    * Rank: 1/364
    * Other stats: Full IB Candidate


    * Essays: I'm quite biased, but I'm a very good writer, nonetheless thought these were the worst of all my app's.
    * Teacher Recs: decent
    * Counselor Rec: decent
    * Hook (if any): heavily involved in local precinct of naacp, also all-state soccer player


    * State or Country: Wisconsin
    * School Type: Very Inner-City Public
    * Ethnicity: White
    * Gender: Male
    * major strength/weakness: Strengths: actor in numerous theatrical productions in and out of school, all-state soccer player, heavily involved with local preconct of NAACP, heavily involved in 4 political campaigns. Weaknesses: sat II's quite ordinary.
    * why you think you were accepted/rejected/defered: very well rounded, good writer. didn't just pile on ec's, excelled at a few interesting things....

    Other Factors: fabulous interview

    Other schools:
    Accepted: Columbia, UChicago, Madison, Duke, Stanford
    Rejected: Brown, Harvard
    Waitlisted: WashU
  • Samp0320Samp0320 Registered User Posts: 211 Junior Member
    Decision: After ED Deferral, Accepted to Wharton!!!!!


    * SAT: 1600
    * SAT IIs: 800 Wr, 790 US History, 780 Math IIC
    * GPA: 4.0 uw
    * Rank: NR
    * Other stats: 6 5's on AP's, 35 ACT Composite


    * Essays: Not as good as my essays to my regular decision colleges, but I think not bad
    * Teacher Recs: very good
    * Counselor Rec: excellent, I have a great relationship with my counselor
    * Hook (if any): Legacy, my grandfather went to Penn, and connection (see other factors)


    * State or Country: Ohio
    * School Type: Private all-boys
    * Ethnicity: White
    * Gender: Male

    Other Factors: On campus interview because of legacy status and connection. A family friend is the Vice Chairman of Credit Suisse First Boston, which is a major employer of Wharton graduates, but more importantly he is an important trustee at Princeton and knows Dr. Amy Guttman, the President of Penn. I know he pushed hard for me so I am very grateful.

    Other schools:
    Accepted: Columbia, Duke, Brown, Caltech, Northwestern, U. Mich, Cornell
    Rejected: Harvard, Yale, MIT
    Haven't heard: NYU, Stanford, Princeton, UVA, BC

    I am really passionate about business and I am definitely going to be attending Wharton! I am so excited!
  • WillowELNWillowELN Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Accepted! [/size]

    • SAT: 1580 (800 V, 780 M)
    • SAT IIs: 800 wr, 790 math iic, 780 math ic
    • GPA: 4.0 uw, 5.something weighted
    • Rank: 2/168
    • Other stats: National Merit Finalist, AP Scholar w/ Distinction, 5's on all 5 of my AP tests, will be taking 5 more this year
    • Essays: pretty good
    • Teacher Recs: didn't see them
    • Counselor Rec: didn't see it
    • Hook (if any): not that I know of...
    • State or Country: Pennsylvania
    • School Type: public
    • Ethnicity: white
    • Gender: female
    • major strength/weakness: good scores and grades, good EC's (3 sports, math team winner of many contests, etc.)
    • why you think you were accepted/rejected/defered: because Penn likes me...
    Other Factors: I like Penn? haha. I got into Yale, Duke, and Schreyer too.
  • bean001bean001 Registered User Posts: 118 Junior Member
    Decision: ACCEPTED


    * SAT: 1600
    * SAT IIs: 800/800/740
    * GPA: 3.93 UW
    * Other stats: National Merit Finalist, Many APs, NHS, etc... the list continues like every other great Penn applicant :)


    * Essays: why penn: okay; second essay: excellent
    * Teacher Recs: great
    * Counselor Rec: good
    * Hook (if any): none... my test scores, maybe??


    * State or Country: MD
    * School Type: Public
    * Ethnicity: Asian
    * Gender: Fem
    * major strength/weakness: Strength: grades, scores Weakness: first essay
    * why you think you were accepted/rejected/defered: I showed a lot of leadership in various activities

    Other Factors:
    None. interview was okay :\

    I just got home from vacation and had to stand fifteen minutes in huricane weather on the way home. Penn letter got DRENCHED as I was carrying it home (it probably wasn't too smart to get the mail during a hurricane), but definitely STILL ecstatic :D Anyway, hope to meet a lot of you guys at Penn!!!
  • FlavianFlavian Registered User Posts: 752 Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Accepted SEAS[/size]

    • SAT: 1530
    • SAT IIs: 800/790/710/670/660 writing
    • GPA: 3.96
    • Rank: ~4% (no official rank)
    • Other stats: Aps: 5/5/5/5/4/4/
    • Essays: No clue. I bs'ed them in the last 2 days
    • Teacher Recs: Excellent
    • Counselor Rec: Excellent
    • Hook (if any): not sure.
    • State or Country: VA
    • School Type: Public very competitive
    • Ethnicity: Asian
    • Gender: M
    • major strength/weakness: hardest courseload possible (11 APs), fairly well rounded, Good School ECs, but no sports and lack of substantial awards
    • why you think you were accepted/rejected/defered: Probably because SEAS is easier to get into :)
    Other Factors:
  • flachica412flachica412 Registered User Posts: 150 Junior Member
    We are very proud and thrilled for you...congratulations.
    Mom and Dad
  • RudessRudess Registered User Posts: 587 Member
    This is kind of late, since for some strange reason I couldn't post messages, but anyways:

    [size=+1]Decision: ACCEPTED (SEAS)[/size]

    • SAT: 660V/670M
    • SAT IIs: 720MathIIC/660Ph/640Wr
    • GPA: 96/100
    • Rank: 6/590, 1/18 for International Baccalaureate only
    • Other stats: IB Diploma candidate, predicted 44 out of 45 points.
    • Essays: I think they were pretty good.
    • Teacher Recs: Excellent
    • Counselor Rec: Good, but could've been better
    • Hook (if any): I have no idea. Being from Mexico? IB?
    • State or Country: Mexico
    • School Type: Private
    • Ethnicity: Mexican (but caucasian)
    • Gender: Male
    • major strength/weakness: IB & Academics/ SAT scores
    • why you think you were accepted/rejected/defered: I don't really know. I think my application really showed enthusiasm and commitment.
    Other Factors: I'm so happy!
  • true_limptrue_limp Registered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    woo upenn '09

    we rule.

    I was accepted way back in december... and i had ****ty SAT scores, too...
  • dfleishdfleish Registered User Posts: 905 Member
    ugh, rejected and completely crushed. What do they want??


    SATI: 1510 (800 V, 710 M)
    SATII: 790 W, 730 ic, 710 US
    AP: 5 Bio, 5 Stats, 5 US

    GPA: 98.26 unweighted

    Rank: 2/150ish

    Recs: two solid teacher recs including college marketing teacher (100 every quarter), solid guidance rec, extra rec from principal and also one of my friends (sent that in after getting deferred, it was from my Duke app).

    Essay: What I felt was a unique/compelling story about running a website at a young age and subsequently losing everything to a crash, and then later rebuilding it from scratch.

    EC: President of NHS, VP of DECA (3 years), tons of community service, math team, honors EC science program for 10 years, internship at local insurance company

    Awards: National Merit commendation, AP scholar, 1st in state for DECA, 3rd in state for DECA, some others I'm forgetting

    Visited twice and also attended one of their local meetings for Long Island applicants.

    Other factors: (aka reasons for rejection)
    Unknown HS, Long Island, NY
    No legacy or any familial involvement with Penn

    Wharton hates me and I don't know why :(
    (Duke waitlisted me too. I'm so ****ed. Thank god for Northwestern.)
  • afaforceafaforce Registered User Posts: 1,501 Senior Member
    dfleish- it's really tough to get in after being deferred, and quite tough to get in overall. there are many factors that go into a decision-- you seem like you have great credentials.. you'll do great wherever you go. northwestern is an awesome school, it was my 2nd choice!! you'll probably love it there. don't worry about it, make the most of your college education
  • dfleishdfleish Registered User Posts: 905 Member
    Thanks afaforce. I act all bitter but I'm quite happy about NU... I just don't get what else I could have done :P It's frustrating to work so hard throughout HS and then have TWO upper level schools reject/waitlist you. I'm sure the next four years will be a blast regardless.
  • afaforceafaforce Registered User Posts: 1,501 Senior Member
    yeah i can totally understand that. when i was deferred from penn i was honestly like, wow, no chance now. can't even make the cut when more people are accepted. and of course you're kind of distraught that your work for three, four years is judged in less about half an hour or so at most. but in any case, schools are getting so difficult to get into, it's crazy!

    haha, i'm excited for you. the lake is niceee =) anyway, once again, good luck!!
  • Catch-22Catch-22 Registered User Posts: 1,233 Senior Member
    afa, I think I've sighted you on the Wharton forum...Oo...or have I mistakened some NJ girl for you? Oo....
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