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M&TSI acceptance

meekchunmeekchun Registered User Posts: 173 Junior Member
edited March 2007 in University of Pennsylvania
My son got acceptance from M&TSI.
I wish to know who else was accepted and what stat.

My boy's stat : PSAT 204, SAT II Math IIc : 800
Many activities including fundraising, good rec.
Also, I wish to know is it really worthy for $4950?
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Replies to: M&TSI acceptance

  • ihnseeihnsee Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    I'm doing it this summerl. I had a 229 psat (73m, 77cr, 77w) and a 2170 sat (770m, 680cr, 720w), but i'm retaking it so i'll be all above 700. a 5 on my AP computer science. I haven't taken my subject tests yet. I'm a girl, and I play 3 varsity sports, including an all male wreslting team. I do science fairs, model un and yearbook. i'm class treasurer and I do a lot of digital art work and tech theatre. I did penn's physics program last year and intern in one of their high energy physics labs. I do distingushed community service and summer reading. I've given this list one too many times. I'm going to apply to M&T for college next year. My other possible schools include Brown, Carnegie Melon, Columbia, Cooper Union, Harvey Mudd, MIT, Olin and Penn State. I want to major in electrical engineering and possibly buisness, depending on where I end up. I plan to be on my college's equestrian team. I have a large portion of my life planned out (though there is a lot of room for change). I'm getting As in my 4 AP classes (Calc, Chem, French and Physics), but I have Bs in my two non-honors classes (History and English). I'm praying all the stuff I do/the fact that I want to be an engineer/am female/my test scores will make up for my inability to do well in History and English.
  • PommyPommy Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    I can't believe I'm doing this considering I got scared away from CC after reading it once or twice and refused to register when I was actually going through the college process, but for some reason I felt like I had to plug for M&TSI because I feel like no one else will. Hahah.

    It's absolutely freaking worth it. I went last summer and it was freaking awesome. You can read the M&T site for more details and our schedule from last year, but what really did it for me was the whole of the experience ... the whole program is really well structured and it pretty much has everything on both academic and the fun/exploratory side of it.

    You really shouldn't go just to measure how "good" you are or to have something to put on your resume and try to use it to get you into college, because 1) Penn pretty much says outright that doing one of their programs won't cause them to favor you and 2) it's just so much more awesome-r if you approach it as if you're actually taking Penn classes. You DO get credit for it (one engineering c.u. I think), but the more valuable part of it is all the crap that you can write for your Why Penn or Why M&T essays after you go. My Why Penn essay came to me after I got lost the first night at M&TSI and started wandering around the campus aimlessly hahah. Moreover if you hate the program you'll know you don't want to go to Penn, haha.

    It's worth it for the program, the people, and Penn, basically. I ended up applying (and am now going next year) to M&T because of M&TSI.

    This post ended up containing no real concrete info about my experience last year. Oh well haha. Maybe I'll post some stories later.

    P.S. Workload isn't that bad. 9 AM classes, which get pushed later and later as the wks get on. The labs take the longest (There was a bioE one and a physics [circuits] one ... Can't remember if there was a third). Case studies for your business classes every few days. Final project (you design and develop a go-to-market plan for a technologically innovative product that you come up with and present it to a board) with a team.

    P.P.S. Too bad Professor Weber will be gone :(

    P.P.P.S For any of the M&TSIers from last year, this is Willy and the WriteNow is still the best product ever.
  • ihnseeihnsee Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    where did you end up for college?
  • venus.ajarvenus.ajar Registered User Posts: 827 Member
    thanks for your life stories.
  • ipoderipoder Registered User Posts: 105 Junior Member
    congrats willy for getting into M&T.

    I was at M&TSI 2006 too. It was a great experience, and I felt in love with Penn. I had the stats to get into M&T for a girl, but I applied to Wharton ED and am going next year. I did Wharton because I want more flexibility by doing minors or majors in engineering or other subjects rather than just sticking to engineering and wharton with M&T.

    By no means M&TSI is a guarantee for Wharton or M&T. Everything depends on the student's own resume and profile. This camp will help you with the Why Penn essay, but other than that, it enriches you in a fulfilling experience.

    The workload is doable. I just didn't like how the camp randomly selected teams and accounted the team grade into the final grade. The voting of the products is so arbitrary. The parents voted although the program informed us that it was a product for high school teenagers. If you're there, do well on your group project. Always remember your AUDIENCE! Something I learned.

    The case studies are a good introduction to the type of work you'll get at wharton. I was a bit foreign to that while very experienced with lab reports. I saw my improvement from my first case study to the last one. So I encourage you to spend as much time as possible with the TA's; they are a great help!
  • PommyPommy Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    ihnsee wrote:
    where did you end up for college?
    M&T at Penn this Sept
    venus.ajar wrote:
    thanks for your life stories.
    I'm not sure if I actually wrote anything about myself but yea

    ipoder: Refresh my memory as to your name :o Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
  • JCoveneyJCoveney - Posts: 1,504 Senior Member
    Oh gosh more M&Ters
  • CC AdminCC Admin Administrator Posts: 32,338 Senior Member
    yep JCo, they're coming... but Willy's a good guy.
  • kennyk616kennyk616 - Posts: 722 Member
    unlike Jco? :-P
  • JCoveneyJCoveney - Posts: 1,504 Senior Member
    Hey Kenny, have fun in California. I hear the attics are really nice this time of year.
  • kennyk616kennyk616 - Posts: 722 Member
    hate to disappoint u, but I'm not in CA.

    have u dropped M&T yet? that seems like more fun than california :P
  • mengcheng9287mengcheng9287 Registered User Posts: 1,018 Member
    getting mad play from girls right?
  • venus.ajarvenus.ajar Registered User Posts: 827 Member
  • BillVTBillVT Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Basically, being attending M&TSI was one of the best choices I could have made for making use of my 2006 Summer. I was able to see engineering and business majors in-depth and decide what I wanted to do in college. I also was able to use my experience while applying to colleges and am sure that it helped. In my case, I was always strong in math and science, and during my junior year I took an economics course and found it to be incredible. If you're someone who has always liked the sciences but want to know more about business, or someone who has always liked business but want to know more about technology, M&TSI is for you! I had an awesome time in Philly for three weeks and have kept in touch with friends since then. Put some thought into the program... It is definitely worth it.
    -Billy from Vermont
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