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Will SAT I scores cause UPENN to reject me?

davezhandavezhan Registered User Posts: 385 Member
edited October 2012 in University of Pennsylvania
I will be applying for the class of 2013. My parents and friends say I have a good shot at the ivy league excluding HYP. I really don't know right now because my SAT I score 2260 was far below that of other students of my caliber (2330). I would like to retake but I don't know if that's the best thing to do. I have a free summer that I could spend writing essays (are the essay questions for 2013 out yet and where can I get them if they are?) or studying for the SATs for a retake. Which should I do and if I don't choose to retake, will I have a shot at this school? Should I even apply at all?

Ethnicity-East Asian
Grade-11, Gender-Male, State-Oregon

PSAT -- 210 CR 55, WR 80, M 75

SAT I -- CR 680 WR-780 (11 Essay) M-800

AP English Lang 5
AP Biology 5
AP Calculus BC/AB Subscore 5/5
AP Physics C: Mechanics 5
AP Physics C: E & M 4--very surprising because I studied for this one :P

btw, my SAT score percentiles are as follows for CR/M/W --> 93%/99%/99%

SAT II World History -- 780 -- 94 percentile

SAT IIs to be taken -- Math 2, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics
ACTs will be taken

GPA--3.99, top 5% in competitive public school of 256 per class, most likely Salutatorian

Extracurriculars--Eagle Scout, Cross Country, Track, Piano (6 yrs), Alto Saxophonist, a bunch of clubs...

Leadership positions-- chess club president for 3 years, math team treasurer, student council representative for 2 years

Work & Volunteer Experience--internship at prestigious medical research institution for work-study, red cross blood drive volunteer, math tutor at school

Awards--local and regional competitions in academics and performing arts usually 3rd place state, 1st place district
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Replies to: Will SAT I scores cause UPENN to reject me?

  • emyoemyo Registered User Posts: 93 Junior Member
    We all know that SAT is not the most important factor in college admissions, especially for schools that are highly competitive, as there are so many applicants with freaky scores like 2390 or whatever. Having said that, 2260 is pretty high--It's not 2300+, but I believe you wouldn't be rejected BECAUSE of that "low" score. Jeez, paranoid much? :P
  • laurgirl220laurgirl220 Registered User Posts: 218 Junior Member
    Wow, calm down. A 2260 is obviously higher than many people who apply.

    I got a 2230 and was completely fine.
  • dleskdlesk Registered User Posts: 371 Member
    i got 2150 and got in
  • KQIKQI Registered User Posts: 160 Junior Member
    I WISH I HAD UR SATS! I feel like I'm the stupidest guy to be admitted at Penn..

    i have CR 590 W 630 M 700...

    NO HOOKS... SATs are not the most important thing to Penn
  • davezhandavezhan Registered User Posts: 385 Member
    but ethnicity surely plays a role too right?

    If you're Asian, you should have a lesser chance of getting in versus, say, an African American.
  • KQIKQI Registered User Posts: 160 Junior Member
    I doubt that very much... I am asian. Just relax. Take it easy (just like the song goes :P). I never thought I'd get accepted to Penn. The best advice I can give, give all you've got. Tell Penn who you are and only who you are.

    What you believe in... what makes you different... what are you willing to die for. These are the kind of questions (real tough yet simple) that will get you in. I feel like that got me in. Maybe my SATs were terrible... and my GPA just like anybodyelse... but I think I convinced them that I am well rounded (through all the different types of APs I've done) and they really got to know me through my essay and letters of recommendations.

    That's right... Essays and Recommendations. They are both personal. I think that's the most important for Penn. My teachers and counselor were more than my teachers, they were my friends. They really wrote down who I was... and my essay... well I shared my passion.

    Anyway, good luck. Cheers.

    PS: you know how the limit letters of recommendation? I sent 4. If you've got really close teachers, send all their letters.
  • CrystalPineappleCrystalPineapple Registered User Posts: 972 Member
    are you KIDDING me?

    taking standardized tests is not an extracurricular activity, and i'm so ashamed of my people (Asians!) who make it seem that way!

    you're FINE FINE FINE.
    colleges don't JUST look at numbers (that department you're fine in. you'll get into penn with those numbers). they look at you as a person. wouldn't you hate it if you were just judged by numbers? i know i would. i'm not a number (er..numbers). i'm a human being, and colleges that i want should treat me like one.

    p.s. i got a 2160, and i'm pretty content with my score. it doesn't say anything about me as a person. can they tell that i can do really good cartwheels from my score? NOOOOO.
    point proven?
  • G3N3515G3N3515 Registered User Posts: 41 Junior Member
    dude dont worry about those "horrible" scores

    cuz for one thing they're not, although I cant say you'll for sure get in (they reject like 55% of all valedictorians that apply), you have a good chance man.i know some people with 1600's who got in here based on extracurriculars and grades.
    testing is not everything haha
  • alexzhanalexzhan Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    dude..if anything, they will probably reject you just for being an eagle scout/chess club president/math team treasurer.
  • GrisamGrisam Registered User Posts: 2,007 Member
    2260 on the SAT?

    Forget Penn, that isn't even county college worthy. Trust me, you're LUCKY if you get a job at Burger King.

    You look fine. Don't worry about it. Relax, take a chill pill. A 2260 is good like those admitted at Penn stated. Besides, SAT scores are an *important* but not DECIDING factor of admissions. If you're so worried, give the ACT a shot or retake the SATs.
  • Dgarcia17Dgarcia17 Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    I am applying to transfer to Penn for fall 2010. I current have a 3.5 and I will getting a 3.6 this spring. I have perfromed pretty low during my high school years( GPA and SAT's). I have explained to the Penn that I went to one of the worst schools in the city and risen above all the ignorance.I've done extracarricular activities, joined a frat, took 300+ courses at Harvard and registered for SAT's. I represent minority but I am also willing to work hard despite my ethnicity.

    What are my chances
  • rainbowdazzlerainbowdazzle Registered User Posts: 84 Junior Member
    I got in with a 1960. Trust me, you're good :P
  • SergeySergey Registered User Posts: 33 New Member
    Sorry buddy, I wouldn't apply with anything bellow 2300. Upenn isn't your average school, and the way I see it, your scores are very unimpressive. I assure you, unless you study really hard and retake it and get at LEAST 2300 you won't have a chance.
  • aanderson67aanderson67 Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    So other than the fact that you just responded to a 2+ year old post on a decision that has been made I think you are way off. Yes Penn is a tough school as all Ivy schools are. Only 10% or so get in so it is tough for all. However saying you shouldn't apply w/o a 2300 is crazy. That is 1% of the population can apply and only 10% of them get in! The truth is people with a 2400 may get rejected but people with a 2100 may get in. At least 25% of those admitted get below a 660 on CR a 690 on math or a 680 on writing. So even if the 25% that fall into the low range on one of those buckets get 800 on the other 2 parts the are below your threshold of 2300 so clearly man of those admitted are well below 2300.
  • deathblade127deathblade127 Registered User Posts: 448 Member
    ^I'm surprised the sarcasm didn't register LOL.
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