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As much as I hate to do this... chance me please

Josh315Josh315 7 replies3 threads New Member
edited September 2009 in University of Pennsylvania
I'm applying regular for the college of arts and sciences.

Race/Ethnicity: Asian (Korean)
Gender: Male
School Type: Public School in NJ, in the top 10 public schools of new jersey
GPA: 4.12 (unweighted, out of 4.8)
Rank: n/a. top 10%, i think.


* PSAT: 218
* SAT: 700 reading, 800 math, and 740 writing
* SAT IIs: Math 2C 800, Physics 800, Chem 790, Bio M 780, Bio E 740
* AP: APChem 5, AP Psych 5, AP US history 4, AP english lang and comp 4

Class Rigor:

* hardest possible for all classes except second language, which I take regular. But English is my second language and I moved to US in seventh grade.


* High score in AMC-12
* AIME qualifier
* Top scorer in county math league
* MERCK science day test, first in school and second in county in Advanced Integrated test


* Math Club Vice President in 11th and President in 12th. Member for all four years
* Founded the Sierra Student Coalition (Environmental club) and VP since 10th

* Science Honors Program at Columbia since 11th
* Summer program for high school students at Columbia in my junior year summer


* winter track- all 4 years, varsity since 10th, and captain in senior year
* spring track- all 4 years, varsity since 10th, and captain in senior year

Community Service:
* Volunteered at the Tenafly Nature Center, 10 11 and 12


* Counselor
* Two teachers (math and physics)
* Summer program teacher (he said I got the highest average in the two classes he taught, so I'm expecting a decent recommendation)

Thank you!
edited September 2009
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Replies to: As much as I hate to do this... chance me please

  • Biggie_SmallsBiggie_Smalls 566 replies21 threads Member
    I would say very good chance. Make sure your essays are really good, however, and reveal something that really makes you stand out. It could be your ticket in.
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  • Josh315Josh315 7 replies3 threads New Member
    Hmm. I'm working on the essay. Hopefully it'll be good enough to cover some of the weak parts of my application! thanks for your opinion biggie smalls. any others?
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  • akkipennakkipenn 313 replies21 threads Member
    hey josh which college in penn are u applying to?
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  • Jason110Jason110 134 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Your stats are competitive. I just worry that the Arts & Sciences folks look for more than a pure science background. You haven't taken an SATII in a humanities, for example, and your Reading SAT, and English / USHistory AP scores are lower. That's why I believe your essay will put you over the top if it's really good. I would work really hard on the Penn essay. And do the optional one too, it will show your creative side and prove to them your not a science robot.

    You might want to mention somewhere about how English was a second language for you.

    You are definitely passionate about science and the letter from the Columbia teacher might help. Is the person at Columbia a faculty member (e.g., professor)? If so, that should carry more weight. I would be more hesitant getting a letter from a non-faculty member (like a "lecturer" or a graduate student) who sometimes teach summer classes.

    With stats like that, where else are you looking at? What's your intended major?
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  • Josh315Josh315 7 replies3 threads New Member
    I'm applying to CAS, akkipenn.
    That was what I was worried about too; my weaknesses in the humanities are obviously shown through my numbers. I think I'm gonna say that I moved to the US in seventh grade, but maybe I should clarify that I started learning English only five years ago. The person is in fact a professor; he has taught in NYU for more than 10 years, and teaches a couple of courses in Columbia. He also went to graduate school in Columbia. I am going to do pre-med, so I'm looking at biochemistry, chemistry, or any other biological sciences. I'm also looking at Columbia, Duke, and Brown as my top choices (as well as Upenn of course), while also aiming for Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, and Cornell. Any suggestions?
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