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Pitt admissions 2005-6

ohnoesohnoes . 1095 replies35 threads Senior Member
edited February 2006 in University of Pittsburgh
Post your decisions for the most prestigious university on earth here

Decision: Accepted
SAT: 770m/720v/710w (even though Pitt doesn't count writing)
GPA: 3.8uw
Rank: 3/300
ECs: none worth writing a paragraph about
Location: eastern NC

Haven't heard on honors college or scholarship money yet
edited February 2006
160 replies
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Replies to: Pitt admissions 2005-6

  • chrisdchrisd 474 replies23 threads Member
    My daughter. . . .

    ACT 27
    Rank. . . about 15 out of 400
    Location NE Ohio

    Do you have a major picked out?
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  • ohnoesohnoes . 1095 replies35 threads Senior Member
    Yep, I chose Molecular Biology/Biochemistry
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  • chrisdchrisd 474 replies23 threads Member
    My daughter is interested in molecular bio. Does Pitt have any special programs in that area? When she looked at Ohio State, they offer a Bioscience Scholars program, where bioscience majors can live in the same dorm, have outside speakers, etc.

    Pitt has been her #1 choice, but she hasn't sent in her acceptance yet.

    Have you visited the campus?
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  • ohnoesohnoes . 1095 replies35 threads Senior Member
    I'm not sure of any special programs especially for biology, but of course there's excellent medical center to draw from as far as opportunities go, and the regular honors housing. I haven't visited the campus yet, I'll probably wait and see how things turn out in the next few weeks first.
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  • WalshsWalshs 13 replies2 threads New Member
    Accepted honors college
    610cr 720math 600wr
    710 us history
    690 bio
    680 physics
    92/100 gpa unweighted, school doesnt weight
    33/325 soso

    got into the BioEng. Program plan on double with nueroscience

    from upstate NY
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  • DETSAznDETSAzn 81 replies51 threads Junior Member
    Decision: Accepted
    SAT: 760m/630v/630w (Pitt doesn't count writing)
    GPA: 3.95uw
    Rank: 2/250 weighted
    ECs: several
    Location: Del-a-where?

    admitted honors college, decision day
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  • Princess2006Princess2006 22 replies3 threads New Member
    Decision: Accepted
    SAT: 720m/570v/580w
    GPA: I don't remember
    Rank: Top 15% of class
    ECs: Only a couple, no leadership positions
    I plan to double major in Psychology and Business
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  • ohnoesohnoes . 1095 replies35 threads Senior Member
    got my letter for Honors College a few days ago and the Full Tuition Scholarship today, definitely glad I applied to Pitt
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  • chrisdchrisd 474 replies23 threads Member
    Great scholarship news there! Congratulations!

    What other schools are you considering?
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  • ohnoesohnoes . 1095 replies35 threads Senior Member
    Thanks. Right now the only other schools I'm looking at are Brown (ED) and UNC (which is notoriously stingy with merit aid)
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  • somebodynewsomebodynew 2814 replies81 threads Senior Member
    Decision: Accepted
    SAT: 710m/730v/630w
    GPA: 95 UW
    Rank: Top 10 out of 120
    ECs: coupla sports, music
    I'd like to do Engineering and English
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  • psu2010psu2010 34 replies2 threads Junior Member
    wow, like any of you would get rejected.
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  • JethroJethro 145 replies30 threads Junior Member
    yeah seriously, my siblings got in with like 3.3's and 1050's
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  • ophioliteophiolite 1020 replies34 threads Member
    Jethro: Standards have increased at Pitt greatly in the past 5 years or so...so your siblings with lower scores would have a greater chance then than now. I was accepted 6-years ago with a 2.9 (UW) and 1120 SAT from a top high school in central PA, today I'd have slim to none chance!
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  • JethroJethro 145 replies30 threads Junior Member
    actually thats not true at all ophiolite. At my high school (just north of pittsburgh) there are a ton of kids getting accepted with the same type of stats. I have a friend with a 3.2 and a 1120 SAT who got in, and he didnt have a ton of EC's. It might just be my high school though because its pretty competitive
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  • ophioliteophiolite 1020 replies34 threads Member
    A lot may have to do with when you send in your application since they are on rolling admissions. Also, since you are closer to Pittsburgh, you may have a slight advantage as well. The strength of your school is probably similar to that of my alma matter...I went to the consistent #1/2 school in Lancaster County and my year sent 40 students to Pitt (many more got in...those are the ones who enrolled). However, regardlesss, the standards have risen over the years, trust me on that one!
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  • JethroJethro 145 replies30 threads Junior Member
    ;) ok I will

    what about me...I have a 1150 with a 3.7 GPA at this competitive school. I like the urban settings, such as the University of Cincinnati, where I love the campus, but what do you think are my chances at the marketing program at Pitt
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  • Rmac2188Rmac2188 376 replies36 threads Member
    accepted to honors college
    SAT I: 780cr, 710m, 740w
    GPA: 3.7 UW, 4.38 W, top 10 percent of class
    ECs: Very good, lots of leadership, pretty interesting hook
    Major: Econ.
    Minor: English
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  • immajap88immajap88 163 replies21 threads Junior Member
    accepted! (it didn't mention anything about the honors college, does that mean i'm not in?)
    SAT I: 750V, 750W, 660M
    GPA: Really crappy (but lots and lots of AP's!)
    SATII: 700Lit, 710World
    EC's: Like snow falling in a freshly shaken snow globe. I had some good stuff in there.
    Essay: Shyea, i owned that.
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  • czechitoutczechitout 170 replies12 threads Junior Member
    32 act
    730 math 2 sat 2
    610 us history sat 2
    decent extracurriculars
    top 2% of sr class

    admission, honors, full tuition scholarship :-D
    SO glad i applied to pitt!
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