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Difficult majors?

noname22noname22 113 replies16 threads Junior Member
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For anyone familiar with these majors at Pitt, would it be difficult to dual major in computer science and art history? Also, how difficult are courses in the film studies program?

I'm a fairly analytical person, but I've never taken courses in any of these subjects before (my school doesn't offer them). I've experimented with programming in the past, but I've never been trained in any programming languages. Is this a prerequisite that I should have for a compu. sci. major?
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Replies to: Difficult majors?

  • LurkNessMonsterLurkNessMonster 1932 replies83 threads Senior Member
    I'm sorry I don't know anything about these two majors, but I just wanted to say that the advising at Pitt is very good, and your adviser can help you figure it all out. Just off the top of my head, I think it would be difficult to major in these two subjects because there's no overlap.
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  • southeastmomsoutheastmom 315 replies2 threads Member
    But they are both in Arts and Sciences so your general ed requirements would be exactly the same. I'm sure it is possible - the courses in CS would fulfill the science/math Gen ed requirements while Art History would take care of at least a couple on the other side. I'm sure it's possible with careful planning - as Lurkness said, an advisor can map it out for you.
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  • MD MomMD Mom 6644 replies84 threads Senior Member
    DD says the CS major is not bad if you start early. She just took her first CS course in her fourth semester; she also had no prior experience and wishes she had started it earlier. She will not get a major, but may get a minor.

    Pitt also offers lots of certificate programs though I have no idea about art history. My point is that there are lots of options that may not require the double major if you have problems getting the requirements. Also, if you have some AP credit, that is helpful in giving you some flexibility in double majoring.
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  • schriztoschrizto 3971 replies128 threads Senior Member
    If you don't have any programming experience, the CS department recommends you start with CS 0007 which will prepare you for the programming courses required for the CS major. At Pitt, the art history major is called History of Art and Architecture and they actually have an option that has fewer HAA courses required of you if you are taking HAA as a second major. It's a doable combination, just make sure to start early with CS since the order of CS courses is sequential.
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  • PittPeerAdvisor2PittPeerAdvisor2 32 replies0 threads Junior Member

    I'm a Pitt Peer Advisor working in the Arts and Sciences Advising Center. All of the advice you have received so far has mostly been sound.

    First off, keeping your A&S advisor posted with your plans is definitely a must. If you do that, I think you will be able to plan to do this specific double major. Our advisors are very good, and if you let them know your interests, they will work their hardest to help you achieve those specific goals.

    It is true that both our Computer Science and HAA majors are both in A&S, and so you will only be required to complete one set the General Education Requirements of course. There will also be overlap between courses in your major and those GER's as stated earlier, especially if you pursue both your computer/science interests and creative/expressive/artistic interests.

    The secondary major option for HAA is 27 credits and differs from the regular major in that only two 1000 level courses are required instead of four. These students are also exempt from fulfilling the HAA major's elective requirements.

    Other options are of course our CS minor as well.

    Hail to Pitt!
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  • AwesomeOpossumAwesomeOpossum 1830 replies10 threads Senior Member
    Took a Film Genre class (writing intensive, so long essay assignments). Wasn't bad at all except it was 4 hours once a week. Our class had 2 articles to read every week (about 10-15 pages). Each student had to present an article with a partner (twice in the semester) and then we had 3 big essay assignments (2 "midterms" and a final). We also watched a movie, that we voted on, every week and discussed it. Not terribly bad, I got an A and I'm an engineering major.
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