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Pitt freshman takin questions

neeleshneelesh 1153 replies132 threads Senior Member
edited February 2006 in University of Pittsburgh
Hey all, I am back on CC after like 7 months...I am a freshman in the Honors College living in the Honors Community in Tower B (obviously at Pitt). I am a second semester student currently.....just to let you know about me :-)

If you have any questions, I will try to answer them (if i know them that is)
edited February 2006
23 replies
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Replies to: Pitt freshman takin questions

  • neeleshneelesh 1153 replies132 threads Senior Member
    Oh, if you are all curious about my stats when I applied last year, they are (if i can remember it all)

    SAT: 710M, 660V=1370
    GPA: 4.00 weighted
    GPA: 3.77 unweighted
    Rank: 13/344
    ECs: A bunch of ecs...don't feel like listing them all..

    -Don't think this really matters, but I guess if people want to see what I got.....

    I applied very late (like January) but I still got a scholarship (university wise) because I am out-of-state, and I got invited to apply for the chancellors, but did not recieve it, nor did I receive full tuition.

    If you have stats anywhere near mine, you needn't worry, beacuse:
    A: you WILL get into Pitt easy
    B: you will most likely get into the honors college, and get to live in the honors communities (if you want and if you write the essay)
    C: You will get some sort of scholarship (if you are out of state), and if you are in-state, you have a good shot at getting full tuition or the chancellors from Pitt.

    I'm Just trying to help you all see what Pitt does with students similar to all this....so thats why I posted all the above
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  • libelulalibelula 14 replies4 threads New Member
    What's the honor program like?

    did you make friends easily in the first weeks?

    do the international students mix well or stay together?

    Does the cafeteria have balanced meals or is it all pizza, fries, burgers, etc.

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  • chrisdchrisd 474 replies23 threads Member
    Are there scholarships that are just for out-of-state students, or that are easier to get if you're out-of-state? My daughter has been accepted, we're out of state, some stats are ACT 27, gpa 4.25, class rank 13 out of 400, has some college credits from state u's in Ohio and a couple of AP tests w/ score of 4.
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  • lkf725lkf725 4596 replies184 threads Senior Member
    The university gives honors scholarships and the engineering school (your D's interest?) also gives its own separate scholarships to in state and oos students. You don't need to apply for these...they just appear! I think they range from $2K to $10K per year. Definitely apply for the chancellors scholarship if you qualify, because even though the odds are long, it is a full ride.
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  • chrisdchrisd 474 replies23 threads Member
    lkf725, this D is interested in microbiology. She has very grades, etc. but not the ECs and community service that seem even more important these days.

    My older daughter is an engineering student. . .studying in Ireland this semester!
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  • Lex248Lex248 149 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I have been awarded a full tuition honors scholarship.... and I recently applied for the Chancellor's Scholarship...but what are these engineering scholarships? Could they be in addition to the tuition scholarship if a student does not receive the Chancellor's Scholarship? (I will study bioengineering next year at Pitt) Thanks for any help!
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  • lkf725lkf725 4596 replies184 threads Senior Member
    Although engineering gives its own academic scholarships, I doubt Pitt would give you more money than the full tuition. I think the only scholarship that can be used for housing is the chancellors. But, my son won a study abroad scholarship from the engineering school, so that might be a possibility for you.
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  • Lex248Lex248 149 replies2 threads Junior Member
    thanks for the info!
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  • chrisdchrisd 474 replies23 threads Member
    Do you know how Pitt handles AP or other college transfer credit? Can you use those credits to place out of some of the basics, such as freshman composition, and intro courses to poli sci, bio, etc, or maybe place into the honors level of those courses? How would that affect your Pitt GPA?
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  • lkf725lkf725 4596 replies184 threads Senior Member
    Depending on your AP score, Pitt awards varying amounts of credit for different courses. I think I still have the list if you want to pm me the scores. My son took a semester's worth of credits via AP. I don't think they are factored in to the GPA.

    Also, you have a choice whether or not to place out of a course. For example, S is going to use all of the humanities credits, but did not want to place out of calculus and physics classes and chose to take the intro courses. A good AP score doesn't force you into a higher level class. Some choose the easy A's and the comfort of knowing that they aren't missing anything in basic courses.

    Regarding honors courses, they made suggestions (in engineering) for what students should take based upon their AP scores, knowledge and past experience. The ultimate decision was up to the student. Of course you'd be nuts to take the highest level of programming where is is suggested that you are familiar with three languages if you never have done it at all...I think the students regulate themselves to some extent, assisted by their advisors.
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  • chrisdchrisd 474 replies23 threads Member
    I think between AP credits and transfer credits, my daughter will have about 25 credit hours. It's strange to think of all that credit w/o any particular impact on her GPA, but I do think you're right, that it's all probably just marked pass/fail.
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  • lkf725lkf725 4596 replies184 threads Senior Member
    I've heard a number of students and parents remark that AP credit can be both good and bad. I do know some one who exempted a year, graduated in three years and then attended law school. But humanities courses don't tend to be sequential and build on prior courses. OTOH, there are lots of students who exempted freshman math and science courses and later did not do so well in sophomore level classes, or even had to repeat them. No savings there, and damage to GPA.
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  • Lex248Lex248 149 replies2 threads Junior Member
    neelesh, do you know anything about the FHEP (fessenden honors in engineering program)? i am really interested in taking it through the honors college but am having the hardest time finding information about it...
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  • neeleshneelesh 1153 replies132 threads Senior Member

    The honors program isn't really different than the "regular" program. All it means is that you can take honors level classes if you want.

    I made MANY friends QUICKLY at pitt. In the beginning weeks and even after, everyone is friendly and trying to make friends. It is really easy to make friends at Pitt. It might have helped that I was in the Honors Community. In there, everyone gets to know each other, and our lounge is the most used in the campus. I know almost everysingle person from floors 11 to 14, which are the 4 honors levels.

    For the food part, there are some places where you can go:
    -Eddies (located in towers) which has a deli place, burger place, pizza place, salad place, and mexican place.
    -Marketplace (located in towers) is the only buffet style eating place on campus, and serves a little bit of everything and varies what they have
    -Schenley (located in the WPU) has pizza hut, a burger place, an ice cream/smoothie place, and a sub place
    -Cathedral Cafe (located in CL) has a sushi place, chicken place

    -I actually do not know that many international students, but the ones I do know have many friends, both international and from the states. As said before, it is easy to make friends here.


    There are many out-of-state scholarships, available for only out-of-state. I got 10k from Pitt, and so I am basically paying in-state tuition. In-Staters do NOT get any scholarships unless they are in the honors college, and can apply for the honors college scholarships which are fair game for instate and outofstaters. So in other words, only out-of-staters can get scholarships from Pitt itself. (excluding the honors college) As somebody said before, the scholarships range from 2k-10k, depending on your scores, and for the honors college, you can either get the chancellors (full ride including room/board + meal plant etc) or the full tuition (excluding room/board, etc)

    Scholarships are based on merit, so I am sure that your daughter will get some scholarships from Pitt.
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  • neeleshneelesh 1153 replies132 threads Senior Member
    I am not in engineering, so I do not know about FHEP, but there ARE many engineers on my floor, so I will ask them and let you know what they say.

    For AP credits:
    lkf725 pretty much said it all
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  • MissTiMissTi 202 replies17 threads Junior Member
    Neelesh do meet/know a lot of out of state students like yourself?
    do you ever feel overwheled by the amount of Pennsylvanians there?
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  • ophioliteophiolite 1020 replies34 threads Member
    Marketplace (located in towers) is the only buffet style eating place on campus, and serves a little bit of everything and varies what they have

    What happened to the buffet-style cafeteria at Sutherland? I know it has (had) cruddy hours, but it was buffet-style when I was a student.
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  • LBPLBP 400 replies13 threads Member
    Neelesh: Thanks for all the info you've given! My D is a hs jr, and might be interested in Pitt. She will have 13 AP courses by graduation. Her 1st semester gpa is 4.8. Took SAT's last June and was sick, but got 630V/640M/610 W, and took ACT last June, 29composite. Light on the ec's because of heavy course load (governor's school). We're out-of-state. Think she could get into Honors with $$$? Also, how are the dorms there? Coed by floor? Thanks a lot for your time.
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  • QueenOfFijiQueenOfFiji 33 replies9 threads Junior Member
    What is involved in the Chancellor's Scholarship? I sent in the application for it--but do we have to interview for the scholarship?

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  • w1ckedw1cked 1629 replies5 threads Member
    Hey I got a question: If you get into University Honors program do you have a special dorm or something?
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