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Engineering Facilities (vs. GA Tech)

DETSAznDETSAzn 81 replies51 threads Junior Member
edited April 2006 in University of Pittsburgh
It's going to be a tough decision between GA Tech and Pitt. However, I was wondering whether anyone had any input as to the quality of the engineering facilities at Pitt. When I visited for Decision Day back in Oct. of last year, I noticed that some of the equipment seemed a bit run down. Perhaps they only showed us a small room (I believe it was the car/automotive room), and it was not a good representation of the overall quality, but usually colleges tend to flaunt their best...

Despite that fact, Pitt still remains rather high on my list. Although I didn't get a lot of time to explore everything the city had to offer, I was able to get a feel for student life, and I like the medical center. My major is BME, and I believe they have a pretty good biomed program. Furthermore, I got a very generous scholarship, and financial aid plays a significant role in my decision.

So I'd appreciate any comments! Thanks!
edited April 2006
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Replies to: Engineering Facilities (vs. GA Tech)

  • lkf725lkf725 4596 replies184 threads Senior Member
    We went on a tour at Pitt that was offered on a day for admitted Engineering students. They toured us in small groups through labs from every department, and some of the computer facilities. Faculty or grad students were waiting for us in every area to talk for about 10 minutes on what kind of work is going on there. I couldn't compare to GA Tech, but it was quite a decent tour.

    Pitt has a biomedical science tower on hill above Children's Hospital, and there is a bioengineering tower under construction on 5th avenue. I think it is probably a good department and a popular major. Certainly its relationship with UPMC is a plus.
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  • mercymommercymom 1220 replies29 threads Senior Member
    We did not tour Ga Tech or apply, so my opinion is all gut and hearsay, but for whatever that's worth, we did tour Pitt (actually H and D toured) when D went up in March to interview for the guaranteed med school admission (STILL have not heard anything). H and D were very impressed with Pitt, much more so than they expected to be. My sister-in-law, who lives in Syracuse and is familiar with both Syracuse U and Colgate, was equally impressed (again, much more than she expected - oh, she drove down to visit with H and D while they were in town, our family is scattered all over 5 states and we visit catch as catch can). Pitt's facilities, the city of Pittsburgh and the Oakland neighborhood that Pitt is in are all very impressive. Clean, safe and easily navigated by a college student. Not that Atlanta and Georgia Tech are not, but my family was amazed at how much Pitt and the area had to offer - they just were not expecting it.

    We were lured up there by a very generous scholarship and the med school offer, and I must say it worked. D is ACT35/NMF and was admitted to Rice, UChicago, Tulane (scholarship), UMiami/Fla (scholarship, auto-admit grad school) and ASU (free ride - bio engineering), and right now it looks like Pitt is #1 choice. D wants northern urban environment and no student loan debt going into med school. H and myself want to retire w/o working 'til we die at our desks (no money to speak of from Rice and Chicago). Pitt is a really good deal, lots of facilities, good public transportation, on and on. I have read that Ga Tech is one of those places where you get taught by grad students who can't speak English and the profs could care less that you are there. H seems to think it is in a real bad part of town and he really liked Pitt's neighborhood over Ga Tech's. Maybe that is the father of a daughter talking. Anyway, that's my 2cents. Good luck with your decision!
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