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PITT BioEngg with PreMed...Any current students? ~ Need Advice

bsmd2020bsmd2020 10 replies1 threads New Member
edited May 2016 in University of Pittsburgh
I was accepted to the PITT Engg program and I planned to do Bio Engg with PreMed...

During my two visits to PITT I learnt that it is tough to maintain a good GPA (which is a red flag for Med school apps, I hear) and the program is really tough/intense and we hardly get time to do Med school oriented research/shadowing etc...

I am getting worried now. Should I switch to a 'safer' Major??? (Just to give some idea about me I am an above average Senior 4.65 GPA and 35 ACT...really strong in Math and Science at the high school level..:))

Do a lot of students do BIOENGG Premed combo at PITT?
Is it easier to maintain a good GPA while being a well-rounded student (Shadowing+Research+Volunteering+Clubs+Others etc)?

I know everyone's favorite line is "major does not matter for Med school"...If not BIO Engg what else I can major at PITT without losing touch with the Sciences..with an eye for Med school...

Any advice from current students will be of immense help...

Thanks in advance...

edited May 2016
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Replies to: PITT BioEngg with PreMed...Any current students? ~ Need Advice

  • amandakayakamandakayak 2396 replies57 threads Senior Member
    BioE is tough - my dds stats were similar to yours, she's worked hard to have a 3.75 qpa at Pitt - but whoever told you shadowing/research is difficult to balance in engineering - not true for her and her group of bioEs who are ALL involved in research, clubs. I think you know you can probably maintain a higher qpa if you majored in arts&sciences - taking the requisite premed coursework. You should probably speak to someone in the premed advising group?
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  • mommdcmommdc 11912 replies31 threads Senior Member
    I assume you have a merit scholarship with those stats? Is it contingent on staying in engineering?
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  • bsmd2020bsmd2020 10 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you both...My full ride is transferable across schools Deit and Swan..
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  • mommdcmommdc 11912 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Good, then you are free to decide which major to pursue.
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