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Average Room & Board/Meal Plan?

TheLiberalPandaTheLiberalPanda 12 replies4 threads New Member
edited May 2016 in University of Pittsburgh
So my scholarship says it pays for "an average room and board allowance based on double room occupancy" and "an average meal plan." How does that work? What is the "average" for these expenses and would Sutherland Hall (honors housing) cost more?
edited May 2016
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Replies to: Average Room & Board/Meal Plan?

  • theorigintheorigin 14 replies1 threads New Member
    I couldn't find any information on Pitt's website for this, but there is financial aid information which may help you. If you go to the financial aid page for the 2016-2017 school year in the Student Center, you should see all your expected financial aid. You should also a link that reads "Financial Aid Budget," which leads to a page which lists "estimates of items used to determine your cost." The estimated housing cost (which presumably also includes boarding) per semester is ≈$5800 per semester. While I'm not sure if this represents the average for scholarship purposes, it is a helpful guide.

    The cost for a double in Forbes is $3200, in Holland and Towers is $3150. Nordenberg is more expensive because it's new: $3650. Sutherland is more expensive because it's suite-style and you get a shared bath instead of communal: $3425-$3725. A Tier 1 meal plan, which probably represents the average, is $2325, but the prices for freshman meal plans range from $2025 to $2625.

    If you were assigned a $3425 suite in Sutherland and picked a Tier 1 meal plan ($2325) the cost would be $5750 per semester–slightly less than the estimate.

    I hope this was helpful! I recommend you call the OAFA if you still can't find what you need–they should be able to easily answer your question.
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  • missbwith2boysmissbwith2boys 583 replies22 threads Member
    We couldn't find a clear answer but @theorigin has a good approach. My son contacted Panther Central for the fee waiver - remember that if the scholarship covers all mandatory fees then you don't need to pay the housing deposit either but you need to get it waived because it isn't automatically done.

    He chose Sutherland and a tier 1 plan for this fall.
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  • mommdcmommdc 11912 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Also don't forget that scholarships and grants that exceed tuition, fees and books (those that cover room and board and other expenses), are taxable income to the student. Which might possibly mean that the student will owe federal and state taxes.

    And if you have been awarded additional outside scholarships you are required to report them to Pitt.
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  • hailtopitt1787hailtopitt1787 College Rep 2029 replies2 threads Senior Member

    Feel free to contact our office for clarification on any aspects of your scholarship: [email protected] or 412-624-7488.

    A Pitt Admissions Staffer
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  • TheLiberalPandaTheLiberalPanda 12 replies4 threads New Member
    So I just called and they said the amount allotted to me was $7,042 for room & board and $4,540 for meal plan. I also emailed Panther Central and am hoping to get that fee waiver!

    Thanks everyone!
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  • mommdcmommdc 11912 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Sounds like that should be plenty. Last year Sutherland double room with shared bath was $3,375 per semester and Tier 2 meal plan with 130 swipes and $625 dining dollars was $2,000 per semester.

    Rates have gone up a bit, you can find 2016-17 rates on Panther Central publications website.
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  • mommdcmommdc 11912 replies31 threads Senior Member
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