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goodcollegesgoodcolleges 481 replies117 threads Member
edited July 2006 in University of Pittsburgh
I have a lot of reaches on my list but what wopuld be a match for me?

Probably a Biology Major

African American
3.7 uw GPA 4.2 w
Hardest Courseload


Maryland Resident

School doesnt rank

National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine....I was invited back as a leader
SPanish Club...Secretary
Multicultural Student Alliance..Secretary
Alpha Phi Alpha Leadership Conference
1 of 2 slected Members selected to be on School accrediation comittee
TracK and Field
100 hours of community service tutoring children
National Honor Society
Spanish Honors Society
Job at grocery store as Cashier 15 hours a week during school year for a year
Yearbook CLub
National Honor Role
Who's Who Amongst american high school students
De LaSalle Scholars Program -$6000 annually i get to go to my private school

some other stuff i cant remember right now
edited July 2006
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Replies to: chances

  • kinkosmomkinkosmom 134 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I think you have loads of opportunities. It is interesting that for African Americans and other under represented minorities, it is sometimes easier and better financially at a fancy to p tier private college than at a much lesser ranked state one. That is because state schools may have a large representation of urms and are not, therefore, super interested in recruiting them. An A-A friend of my daughters with a B average and good but not fabulous sats got into Dartmouth with lots of money but did not get any money at the state school and he also failed to get into some less competititve schools. I think, because the private fancy blue stocking schools are more eager to find diversity, you should (if you WANT such a school) apply to many of them. You may get into all of only one but I do think they are seeking and willing to "buy" excellent minority students. You clearly have great stats. and so you should be able to get into good places even if not a minority.

    Also, look into the best deals at all schools. For example, Pitt has full ride minority scholarships; look for these all over.

    Hope that helps. If I were you, I would apply to a lot of places (but only those I like) because I think you will be able to choose! More than non minority students, I would say for you it is good to shoot high because, as I said, higher might be easier to gain admission to than less prestigious schools.

    Good luck and post what you decide.
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  • weenieweenie 5444 replies349 threads Senior Member
    What are you looking for in a school? Big? Small? Urban? Rural? Try to give us your thoughts.
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  • goodcollegesgoodcolleges 481 replies117 threads Member
    a school that is not smack in the middle of the city but has not to rural as well...so urban and maybe has a good science program
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  • kinkosmomkinkosmom 134 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Pitt and Carnegie Mellon are both good in science and in the city but a pretty part of it. Hopkins is in a nice part of Baltimore, in the city, outside of the center city, next to an old funky neighborhood, on the fringe of a somewhat sketchy one, next to the fabulous Baltimore Museum of Art. Hopkins has a pretty competitive atmosphere.

    Tufts is in a nice area--suburban and a 15 minute subway stop from Boston. Boston College is a Catholic School also in the city but not in the very center. George Washington University (less difficult to get in than those mentioned above) is extremely expensive but they give lots of money as well and may well have good minority scholarships.

    In terms of liberal arts colleges, many are in rural areas but Haverford is near Philadephia and Macalaster is near Minneapolis; these two schools may well be the type that does not have as many minority students as they would like whereas the big city schools may be more competitive for minorities. Do you want to stay in a certain geographical area--east coast west coast, midwest???

    As I said before, I think with your excellent stats, you will have many choices but may be surprised at where you are able to get in and where you are not.
    It sounds like you need to visit a number of different types and sizes of schools, decide what type of school you want with what type of demographics, identify the location and then identify a range of schools meeting those criteria. Visiting different types of schools is crucial. Some kids think they want small rural and when they visit find it too small,etc.

    Give more criteria and we may be able to help more.
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  • goodcollegesgoodcolleges 481 replies117 threads Member
    Ok so right now my top schools are UNC, UVA and Cornell....but i figure all of those are big reaches, but im going to apply anyway....I was just looking for some schools in case those three don't work out
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  • kinkosmomkinkosmom 134 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Yes, you do need other schools and I would still say you should visit. GW and BU would be easier than those you listed as would Boston College and Tufts, so there are some theoretically easier bets. Pitt might offer you a totally free ride plus extra money. UNC is extremely hard to get in but in general you need some more schools just below Cornell and UNC and the ones listed would work as well as lots of others.
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