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What are my chances for UPitt?

ctc123ctc123 4 replies6 postsRegistered User New Member
So I am currently going into senior year and I really want to get into UPitt for a political science major. Here is what my app will look like: (Do I have a good chance/any suggestions?)

White male
Top 30% at a pretty good public high school
3.65 GPA (UW)-All accel/AP with high grades in English/History/Spanish/AP Gov. (A's) and lower grades in Chem/Math (Mostly A's/B's with one C+)
4.05 GPA (W)-4.8 scale
1300 SAT
200 service hours
Spanish honor society
FBLA-Placed #1 in state for intro to public speaking/top 10 at nationals, board member, several awards for community service
TASC-A community service club to benefit the jewish community, board member
Habitat for Humanity-President
Model UN-Member
Class secretary
Counselor-For kids summer camp
Swim instructor-For kids at YMCA
Basketball-1 varsity letter
Football-2 varsity letters
Track-2 varsity letters
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Replies to: What are my chances for UPitt?

  • PurpleLlama066PurpleLlama066 14 replies5 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    App looks good! Good luck to you this fall, I am also applying to Pitt
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  • joecollege44joecollege44 58 replies3 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    no guarantee but a good shot. I think with Pitt the earlier you apply, the better (rolling). Won't get into honors I think with that SAT but that's ok. any chance you want to take SAT one more time and see if you can bring it up? that's really the main obstacle but I think your EC's and other stuff will carry you anyway.
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