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Length of Honors Essays?

coryindahousecoryindahouse 5 replies4 threads New Member
I'm just wondering what the length of the Honors essays should be for Pitt. The website says nothing about this, and I tried googling but nobody else seems to have asked this same question. So, how long do you think they should be? Currently mine are 300-400 words, and I'm wondering if they should be longer. Thanks in advance.
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Replies to: Length of Honors Essays?

  • buckybarnesxbuckybarnesx 119 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I submitted my application around a week ago, and I’m 80% sure that it says on the top of the essay page that they prefer around 200-300 words. Mine was a little longer than 300 though.
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  • coryindahousecoryindahouse 5 replies4 threads New Member
    That’s what it says for the normal college, not the honors college,
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  • vannevkavannevka 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I think H2P said that the Honor's essay should be a normal structured essay at 650 word length cap.
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  • hailtopitt1787hailtopitt1787 1991 replies2 threadsCollege Rep Senior Member
    @coryindahouse there is no length limit but use our tips while you're writing!

    Pitt Honors Essay Tips:
    -Use the essays to tell us something your application, grades, and test scores cannot.
    -Don’t summarize or restate your accolades, activities, and awards; use this opportunity to provoke thought and engage your reader.
    -Proceed as if these essays are the most important factor in the Pitt Honors admissions process.
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  • Sugaree20Sugaree20 7 replies1 threads New Member
    @hailtopitt1787 The honors college website indicates the average SAT is 1450 for honors students. May I ask whether you know if 1450 is the cutoff for honors. Should one with a lower SAT expect not to get in -- maybe shouldn't bother applying?
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  • hailtopitt1787hailtopitt1787 1991 replies2 threadsCollege Rep Senior Member
    @sugaree20 that is an average so some students could have scored lower. The essays are really the chance for you to stand out!
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  • EsselEssel 222 replies7 threads Junior Member
    @Sugaree20 Unless you have some other, incredible hook, you need an SAT score of at least 1450.
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  • PurpleLlama066PurpleLlama066 70 replies7 threads Junior Member
    little worried now because I thought the honors essays were supposed to be the same length as the other ones so mine were between 200 and 300 words.
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  • rickle1rickle1 2178 replies18 threads Senior Member
    Quality essays are about content not length. In fact, many believe it's much more difficult to write a compelling short essay (than a longer one). Editing is challenging.

    An outstanding writer I know views it as valuable real estate. Make every word count. Editing is more than correcting sentence structure. It's about discernment. Do the ideas matter? He judges every sentence with the "who cares" filter. Be brutually honest with yourself and don't get married to any word, sentence, or thought. The final product will be far shorter than the original.

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