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Pitt Social Life

Yocco1Yocco1 172 replies12 threads Junior Member
D was accepted to Pitt for fall 2020. Our first impression during the Blue and Gold Day was great, and over the past few years, heard nothing but great things about Pitt. In addition, everyone we know who goes or has a kid who goes there seems really happy. I'm just curious what the social life is like - what the kids do for fun? D wants a larger school with a lot of school spirit, especially with the sports programs. I also know Pitt doesn't have much of a Greek system, so what exactly do the kids do to socialize - small house parties? My own college experience and that of D's brothers was at a smaller-mid-size private school (5000 undergraduates) with a strong Greek system, so it's a little hard to visualize something completely different. I want her to have the best of all worlds - great school academically with outstanding networking and career opportunities, but I also want her to have fun. Any insights would be appreciated.
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  • Yocco1Yocco1 172 replies12 threads Junior Member
    C'mon folks. Surely someone knows what the social life is really like? The tour guides are pretty close-mouthed about it, touting sports, arts, restaurants, etc. as per instructions from admin. I know college kids want to have fun, so I assume there are parties and drinking going on somewhere (and not in bars or dorms since most undergrads are underage), so where/how does it happen?
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  • itsgettingreal17itsgettingreal17 4110 replies28 threads Senior Member
  • privatebankerprivatebanker 5847 replies86 threads Senior Member
    There’s a small Greek system. There are so many on campus opportunities for fun. Schools and pro sports, world class museums and school sponsored clubs. Weekends walking about for food and laughs in the nearby areas. Especially fun later night. concerts too.

    Parties available on weekends in rooms.

    Fun isn’t an issue. The biggest part is the down to earth and pleasant atmosphere day in and day out.

    It’s a great city. And very manageable.
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  • carachel2carachel2 3020 replies25 threads Senior Member
    Hello! My daughter is a junior at Pitt. One of the reasons she chose Pitt is because she wanted a city with lots to do that was accessible from the campus. She is not Greek and didn't want to be Greek and she has no traditional school "rah rah" school spirit for football games and sports. She has not attended one football game. She has different groups of friends she has met through engineering, her dorms and through various on campus groups. Because the city is so accessible, they go to concerts, different neighborhoods for events and to museums. She and her friends went this weekend to a "Cookie Crawl" that was spread out all over Shadyside and Oakland among the different bakeries.

    On the other hand, she has friends who ARE active in the Greek system. They love it and they do a LOT with their frats or sorority. She has friends who have never missed a football game and do all the traditional school things. Parties can definitely be found if that's your scene as well.

    I think that's why she loves Pitt so much. Those who want to do all the school things can do them and they *do* do them, but those who aren't into that scene can also find plenty to do and people to do it with.

    Does that help? When we visited some other schools, she/we got the impression that if you were a kid who wasn't into the big school football scene it would be really hard to find other outlets. We didn't get that impression at all at Pitt! Plenty for everyone to do.
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  • me29034me29034 1800 replies92 threads Senior Member
    I have a daughter who is a senior. If your kid is looking for parties, they are there. Many upperclassmen live off campus in South Oakland and, from what I understand, the area is hopping on Fridays and Saturdays. Lots of people on the street and lots of house parties.
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  • chmcnmchmcnm 392 replies4 threads Member
    Pitt grad and currently live in Pittsburgh area. I don't think things have changed dramatically since my time there. Greek life isn't big or encouraged but it is available for kids that want to join.

    Most on-campus parties were in dorms or house parties in South Oakland. North Oakland is a little more quiet with a different vibe. We had many floor parties on the weekend. As long as nobody got out of hand it was OK. Sports are a big part of the social scene but nowhere near PSU or SEC schools.

    The nice thing is that the city is large enough to have a variety of activities but small enough to be accessible. Every kid should be able to find their niche. CMU and several small colleges are next door.
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  • mommdcmommdc 11784 replies31 threads Senior Member
    My D had friends in the Pitt band so they attended some football games and enjoyed them.

    Basketball games seem to be fun as well for someone who likes that, although tickets are harder to get than for football.

    She wasn't into the party scene but partying happened and some of the people oñ her dorm floor joined sororities.
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  • privatebankerprivatebanker 5847 replies86 threads Senior Member
    The most popular sport this year has been their incredible women’s volleyball team. Lots of fans out of the blue!

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  • allieandjoeallieandjoe 94 replies9 threads Junior Member
    My son is a freshman and is having a great time. He got the sports pass so he has tickets to all the football and basketball games. He tries to attend as many as possible. I know he's been to a couple of frat parties and house parties that he had to walk to like 15 mins from Towers. He plans to rush in the spring as well. He's friends with lots of guys on his floor and they're always in each other's rooms hanging out.

    There is tons of school spirit that we witness each time we're on campus. There is also all kinds of events happening on campus throughout the week. The campus itself has such a lively atmosphere and every student you see is wearing some sort of Pitt gear.
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  • Yocco2Yocco2 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for everyone's honest assessment... sounds like there is something for everyone, and no doubt my D will be happy there. If anyone has anything else to add, I'm sure other readers will be interested as well.

    Apologies for not replying sooner, but CC's new log-on procedures has so far not allowed me access to my original Yocco1 profile (no idea what the problem is), so in the meantime using my aliases Yocco2 and Yocco3 (long story). Quite aggravating.
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