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Official University of Pittsburgh Class of 2011 Acceptance

GinPAGinPA 728 replies75 threads Member
edited March 2007 in University of Pittsburgh
Just planning ahead. If you don't mind...post your basic stats too, for reference
edited March 2007
124 replies
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Replies to: Official University of Pittsburgh Class of 2011 Acceptance

  • mikenthemaddog66mikenthemaddog66 2550 replies130 threads Senior Member
    [size=+1]Decision: ACCEPTED Honors College CAS[/size]

    • SAT: M: 760 V: 670 W: 690 essay: 12
    • SAT IIs: Math II - 800; US History - 760; Physics - 740
    • GPA: 96.471238 UW
      103.3912 W
    • Rank: 3/759
    • Other Stats: AP Calc AB, Stat, Microecon, US Hitstory all 5s; Macroecon 4
    • Essays: long and boring
    • Teacher Recs: One good, One OK
    • Counselor Rec: none
    • Hook (if any): CTY 4 years, they sent me an app with a fee waiver
    • State or Country: New Jersey
    • School Type: Public
    • Ethnicity: White
    • Gender: Male

    General Comments: I'M GONNA GO TO A COLLEGE NEXT YEAR!!!! SAT scores got me in, now how much merit money will I get? Its always nice to have a safety acceptance. Only took 20 days from everything sent in to decision
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  • weenieweenie 5444 replies349 threads Senior Member
    Congrats mike! Nice going!
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  • GinPAGinPA 728 replies75 threads Member
    Got my acceptance today! I'm pumped. It took around 2 weeks from when I sent my stuff in, but It's pretty early in the admissions reviews.

    Some basic stats:
    SAT 1230
    GPA around 3.8
    good amount of ECs

    PM or ask for anything more indepth
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  • shann17288shann17288 10 replies5 threads New Member
    I received my acceptance a couple weeks ago, it didn't take long at all! :)

    SAT 620M/620V/630W = 1240 or 1870
    GPA 4.0
    Rank 1/241
    Good ECs

    My major will be nursing! I don't know if I'm definitely going but I'm really excited!
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  • SpringfieldMomSpringfieldMom 1027 replies39 threads Senior Member
    DD just received her acceptance today!

    SAT 560M/630V/680W 12 essay
    GPA 4.0
    Theatre, Choir, NHS, Swimming, Certified Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid
    Major: English Writing

    Weenie, any news?
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  • HeavenWoodHeavenWood 2016 replies46 threads Senior Member
    I got into the honors college (+ possible merit aid). Here's my stats. This should give hope to us all.

    Race - White
    Religion - Jewish
    State Residency - Pennsylvania

    9th Grade
    Non Western Cultures H - B
    Biology H - B
    English IH - A
    Geometry H - B
    Spanish IIH - B

    10th Grade
    Western Civilization H - B
    Chemistry H - B
    English IIH - A
    Algebra IIH - A
    Spanish IIIH - B

    11th Grade
    AP US History - B
    Physics H - C
    English IIIH - B
    Precalculus H - B
    Spanish IVH - A
    AP Statistics - B

    Unweighted GPA: 3.20
    Weighted GPA: 4.12


    Secretary of Philosophy Club

    1st Trombonist in concert band, jazz band, symphonic wind orchestra, brass quintet, + 3rd Trombone district XI band in 10th grade, 1st Trombone district XI band and 2nd Trombone District XI orchestra, and 2nd Trombone region VI band in 11th grade (my little music hook, I suppose).

    After-school tutoring to elementary school students.

    Varsity Golf Team

    2180 (680 Reading, 710 Math, 790 Writing - 12 Essay)

    Extra Information:
    My high school does not rank as it is highly competitive. Probably my test scores (and the fact that my school does not rank) got me in. I'm definitely not in the top 5%...top 20% probably.
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  • NihongoyoNihongoyo 1724 replies530 threads Senior Member

    GPA: UW = 3.83, W = 4.1
    rank = 32/330
    SAT = 1680
    ACT = 25

    Not that hard to get into, don't stress lol. I sent an essay too, but you don't technically need an activities resume or any of that stuff.
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  • SweettartSweettart 6 replies3 threads New Member
    That is great> Do u mind me asking when u applied? Are those scores for the new SAT's ? I applied about 3 weeks ago with around the same stats and have not heard anything yet. Thanks for any hel
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  • SpringfieldMomSpringfieldMom 1027 replies39 threads Senior Member
    Well done Jeremy! Congrats!

    Sweettart, have you checked the status of your app online at my.pitt.edu? You should have a Username and Password (supplied by OAFA--sent in the mail). If there's anything missing, it will tell you. (BTW it only took 4 days from the date the app status said "complete" to the date they issued the acceptance letter to my D.)
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  • youarenumber6youarenumber6 104 replies11 threads Junior Member
    How do you know if they are considering you for Merit-Based Aid?
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  • waterpoloplaya88waterpoloplaya88 26 replies0 threads New Member
    Pitt automatically considers every application for Merit Based aid... Check the financial aid website to see if there are any merit-scholarships that require an additional application
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  • stowmomstowmom 215 replies7 threads Junior Member
    D received her acceptance to Pitt today! She is eligible for Honors College.

    GPA: 4.0 UW 4.1 W
    Did not retake SAT or ACT as senior. These scores are from junior year.
    ACT 31
    SAT: M760 V800 W640
    Currently ranked 10/475
    National Merit semifinalist

    She applied on Oct 12th, but her application was not complete until Oct 23rd so it only took a week to get acceptance. We just went for visit at Pitt on the 28th and they said that they already have like 1500 more applications so far this year than this time last year, so if you want to go to Pitt get your app in ASAP.
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  • mikenthemaddog66mikenthemaddog66 2550 replies130 threads Senior Member
    Does anyone know when the merit money notifications are sent?
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  • stowmomstowmom 215 replies7 threads Junior Member
    When we visited Pitt this past weekend, they said that they were going to start reviewing everyones apps and sending out notification starting Nov 1.
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  • iloveagoodbrewiloveagoodbrew 1666 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Nov 1? Are you doing early decision or something? I got my admission and merit $$ notice sometime this January.
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  • stowmomstowmom 215 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Pitt doesn't have early decision. They have rolling admissions. Basically first in, first accepted. They want essays and letter of rec in by something like January at the latest, but they start looking at what they have starting in Nov. They are getting more apps this year than they did last year, so they could easily stop taking students before January, too especially in the smaller colleges like nursing.
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  • tofubamtofubam 54 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I got my acceptance letter today

    Asian, female, california
    SAT: 2190
    recs: one super, one hasn't been mailed yet -_-
    essay: i liked it alot, something i wrote junior year about curiosity/pursuit of learning
    courseload: fairly challenging. 10 APs cummulative, including this year
    rank: 62/580
    gpa: 3.6uw/3.9w
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  • maura423maura423 52 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Accepted-Nursing Major
    3.8 UW GPA at private school with tough curriculum in Pittsburgh area
    School doesn't rank
    1590/2400 SAT I
    Ten various extracurricular activities (with a few leadership positions)
    Eight volunteer activities (hundreds of hours) all in a medical setting
    Excellent essay
    Excellent rec's

    Still not completely sure if I'm attending, gonna wait for other acceptances. :)

    Congrats everyone!
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  • weenieweenie 5444 replies349 threads Senior Member
    If you all don't mind, can you list whether or not you got any scholarship notification with your acceptance letter?

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  • kschmidtkschmidt 103 replies19 threads Junior Member
    My D received her acceptance two weeks ago. It said she qualified for Honors College and that add'l info would be in the mail. She sent an additional essay and resume after the acceptance (for merit purposes) via email and received an email response that this new info would be included in her fin aid review. I think I have heard elsewhere that they begin those reviews Nov 1st. As far as I know, no scholarship info is included in the earlier acceptances.

    Weenie, did your S apply? And did he decide to apply at Case as well? My D has an interview with them next week.
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