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BrightSilverRainBrightSilverRain 11 replies7 threads New Member
edited November 2006 in University of Pittsburgh
Sorry, I know you guys get a zillionnn bajillion of these:

Just to be aware of, which I'll note on my application, I was diagnosed with crohn's disease when I was in 9th grade, and I came very close to having fatally low levels of iron and other nutrients. This affected my grades somewhat in 9th and 10th grade, because I was missing tons of school.

SATs: 2000/2400 (this was like, top 13% I think)
SAT II scores haven't come back yet
My school does not have a system of class ranking.
I hope to study biology.

Senior Year
Courseload: AP Biology (this one counts as two classes, it’s a two period thing with double credits), Government, Photo I, AP Calculus AB, AP English 12, Sociology
Fall Gonzaga College High School Play (tech crew): Front Page
National Honor Society
Young Democrats
Gay/Straight Alliance (co-president)
Habitat for Humanity (secretary)
Art Club (President)
Work Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe (16 hours/ week average)
Volunteering Hours (not yet complete)

Junior Year
GPA (cummulative): 3.95
Courseload: Art III, VA & US History, German III, Math Analysis/ Trig, AP psychology, Honors Physics, AP English 11
Winter Children’s Theater Play (tech crew): Sleeping Beauty
Fall Children’s Theater Play (cast): Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
National Honor Society
30 volunteering hours
Young Democrats
Gay/Straight Alliance
Art Club (co-president)
Habitat for Humanity
Schoolwide Science Fair 1st prize
Regional Science Fair 1st prize
Patent and Trademark Office Society Award for Superior Innovative Achievement

Sophomore Year
GPA (cummulative): 3.87
Courseload: Honors English 10, Newspaper Staff, Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, German II, Health and PE II, Art II
Acceptance into and 2nd place Award for Virginia Junior Academy of Science
Schoolwide Science Fair 2nd Prize
Regional Science Fair 2nd Prize
Graduate Women in Science Award for Outstanding Science Fair Project
Summer ACT III Play (cast): Seussical the Musical
Summer Children’s Theater Play (tech crew): Monster in the Closet
Spring Children’s Theater Play (tech crew): Robin Hood
Fall Children’s Theater Play (female lead, cast): I was a Teenage Zucchini
Tutoring (2 hours per week)
Babysitting (3 hours per week)

Freshman Year
GPA (cummulative): 3.88
Courseload: Honors English 9, Honors World History, Honors Geometry, Honors Biology, German I, Health/ PE I, Art I
Schoolwide Science Fair 1st prize
Regional Science Fair 3rd prize
Fall Children’s Theater Play (cast): Harriet the Spy
Winter Children’s Theater Play (tech crew): Velveteen Rabbit
Summer ACT III Play (cast): Oklahoma!

Eighth Grade
GPA (cummulative): 4.0
World Geography
Honors Algebra I

Thaaaaaaanks! =]
edited November 2006
7 replies
Post edited by BrightSilverRain on
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Replies to: Chances?

  • SpringfieldMomSpringfieldMom 1027 replies39 threads Senior Member
    I think you've got a good shot at the Honors Program. If you want to, you can explain your 9th & 10th year grades via your essay or an interview (Pitt suggests a personal interview if there's something in your record you feel you need to explain.) Personally, I think your grades and test scores terrific.
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  • waterpoloplaya88waterpoloplaya88 26 replies0 threads New Member
    lol.....and you're worried about your chances? let them know the situation due to how it might affect academic merit aid
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  • BrightSilverRainBrightSilverRain 11 replies7 threads New Member
    Haha, thanks guys. Yeah, I was just checking =] As the oldest child, I have pressure on me and no older sibling to tell me how competitive it really is these days. Thanks for your help! And yes, I'm definitely requesting a personal interview. Thanks again!
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  • lkf725lkf725 4596 replies184 threads Senior Member
    You certainly will get into the honors college and be invited to apply for the chancellors scholarship. Depending on what major you apply for, you may very well get some scholarship money from the school as well as the university in general. Good Luck!

    Also, if you have a chronic illness, Pittsburgh is a good place to be!
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  • trente-quatretrente-quatre 20 replies1 threads New Member
    Your GPA is unweighted right? I believe that Pittsburgh will be impressed with your courseload. The rep that came to our school said they don't take into account the writing section as much as math or cr on the SAT. They'll like your scores. I wouldn't worry about being accepted -- make sure you send in a resume though because you'll definitely get merit $$. Good luck!
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  • BrightSilverRainBrightSilverRain 11 replies7 threads New Member
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's unweighted. And that's good, because my writing was my lowest score, with a 620. Math 700, and reading 680. =]
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  • neeleshneelesh 1153 replies132 threads Senior Member
    i really dont understand why you posted this on this site....it is obvious that you will get in, and you will get into the honors college as well..you have excellent scores.......
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