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Social Life

LBPLBP 400 replies13 threads Member
Could some of you out there, especially current students, comment on the social life at UPitt? For example, how social are the dorms? Do the RA's plan any events/get-togethers for the students? What do the kids do on weekends? How are roommate conflicts handled? Do the IS kids tend to hang together? Whatever you'd like to share would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Replies to: Social Life

  • Bender1012Bender1012 10 replies1 threads New Member
    Since this thread's been sitting here for a week without replies, I suppose I'll take a crack at it.

    Pitt is very social. Pittsburgh is a big city and UPitt is a big school, so there's always something to do. The RA's do plan activities pretty regularly, ranging from open mic night to a simple movie screening. I'm in Lothrop, which is mostly singles, so I've got no roommate, but there's almost always something happening in the lounge, which every floor has.

    As for weekends... well there's plenty. There are malls, clubs, parks, concert halls, and plenty more all within walking or bus. No Pitt student should ever have a lack of places to go.
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  • stowmomstowmom 215 replies7 threads Junior Member
    How do you like living in Lothrop? Are you in one of the health related majors? Do you feel segregated from the rest of the campus? My D is interested in living in Lothrop so any info you have would be great. Thanks.
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  • Pat2323Pat2323 612 replies23 threads Member
    To answer your questinos LBP-

    Pitt is a very social college. As far as the dorms- I graduated four years ago, and I still talk regularly with about half of the guys who were on my floor freshman year. As with any school, it depends on what RA you get when it comes to activities. There are some mandastory freshman activities, and msot RAs will do fun stuff like video game tournaments and pizza nights. On the weekends students do Pittsburgh. You can see a play or a movie, go to a museum, a party, a sporting event, a restaurant, a bar (when you're older,) just hang out in the dorm or a coffeehouse... there's a million things you can do in Pittsburgh, check out the topic on things to do.
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  • mercymommercymom 1220 replies29 threads Senior Member
    Just found out that UHC sponsors midnight ice skating in Schenley Park. I guess that replaces midnight football in the winter. There is also an ice skating rink built outside in PPG plaza downtown that they go to sometimes on the weekends in Dec., Jan., and Feb.
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  • NeonzeusNeonzeus 1142 replies92 threads Senior Member
    Pat2323: I read in the College P book (I don't know if we can use names here) that there's a popular web site that posts activities, rentals, parties, etc. as a bulletin board for Pitt students. I'd love to check it out to get a feel for the campus. Is the site only for Pitt students, or can you give us a hint how to find it?
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  • Pat2323Pat2323 612 replies23 threads Member
    Neonzeus, I beleive what you are referring to is available only through MyPitt, which is only for students. Here's a good website for you to check out, though:

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