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Another question for a current Pitt Student

NeonzeusNeonzeus 1142 replies92 threads Senior Member
Does the library have a coffee shop? If so, is the coffee shop open all night?
edited May 2007
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Replies to: Another question for a current Pitt Student

  • stowmomstowmom 215 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Don't have a current student , but I just looked at the Pitt website and it looks like they have a Starbucks on the main level of the library. It is open Mon-Thurs and Sun until 10 pm, Fri until 4 pm and Sat until 5 pm. It also looks like Pitt is revamping their meal plans for fall 2007. You may want to take a look at that, too.
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  • NeonzeusNeonzeus 1142 replies92 threads Senior Member
    Thank you! My kid is trying to decide between schools and we're down to really little nitty picky comparisons at this point.
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  • lkf725lkf725 4596 replies184 threads Senior Member
    There is a 24 hour convenience store (Seven-Eleven?) right across from the library, if that makes any difference.

    Here's the coffee shop locations and hours:
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  • neeleshneelesh 1153 replies132 threads Senior Member
    its not really a starbucks....its a fake starbucks, but you can get some decent stuff there. the coffee shop in the hillman library is on the ground level. But yes, there is a 7-11 right across the street, and its REALLY cheap. $1.20 for a 20oz cappechino (however you spell it). Then there is a "starbucks" in the cathedral, and towers lobby.
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  • Pat2323Pat2323 612 replies23 threads Member
    I don't know what the quotes around "starbucks" are for, neelesh. Al of those places in lfk725's link do brew Starbucks coffee. If you're looking for a true Starbuck coffeehouse, there is one on Fifth Avenue just a block from the Towers. But there are like seven places around campuis that brew Starbucks and have that coffeehouse atmosphere, so I don't know what you mean by "fake" Starbucks.
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  • tennisguy137tennisguy137 43 replies3 threads Junior Member
    They are changing the meal plan for 2007, and its supposed to be really good! And the new part is going to be in Towers (the main frosh dorm) so the frosh won't even have to go outside for it.
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  • Pat2323Pat2323 612 replies23 threads Member
    I just read about the new dining hall at Pitt. It sounds delicious!
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