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Help Choosing Freshman Dorm

waiting11waiting11 10 replies3 threads New Member
I just got my housing packet and I'm trying to figure out which dorms I want to request. I think I've decided I would like to avoid the towers if at all possible, and so far I am leaning toward Sutherland because they're newer, the rooms are bigger, and I really like the idea of suite-living. But I've heard the location is really inconvienent. Anyone have any insight? Any other recommendations for other freshman dorms that might be good? Oh and one last question- how likely is it that if you send in your request now that you get the dorm you want? Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks: )!
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Replies to: Help Choosing Freshman Dorm

  • LBPLBP 400 replies13 threads Member
    I think we all have the same questions. Have you tried calling Panther Central? They might be able to answer a few of your inquiries.
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  • lkf725lkf725 4596 replies184 threads Senior Member
    Did you visit Pitt? While Sutherland and other upper campus dorms don't look very far away on a map, they are all up a pretty steep hill. Of course, there a shuttle bus if you don't want to walk. Those dorms are certainly bigger and nicer, but they are less convenient too. Also, most freshmen live in the Towers so you'd probably be closer to your friends there.
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  • mercymommercymom 1220 replies29 threads Senior Member
    Ok, I'm a parent, but here's my 2 cents. Personally, I think you'd be better off as a freshman down in either the Towers or else something closer to the "action" so that you either "can" or are "forced" to immerse yourself in university life and meet as many of the other freshman as is humanly possible. There will be all kinds of tables set up in the lobby of the Towers ( a lobby all three Towers share) manned by various reps of the various student organizations, all trying to get your attention. By spring you will feel like you're running a gauntlet just to get back in your room, but if there is anything on campus you'd even be remotely interested in doing, you will know about it.

    Similar activity abounds in the common areas of the Quad dorms, so any of those are good too. Plus the fact that food searches sometimes force you into the Union also exposes you to lots of extracurricular stuff. By the time you are completely acclimated to Pitt you will think all this activity is a royal pain, and then it's time to move up the hill for a little peace and quiet.

    My D's opinion is that the best food on campus is in Sutherland and at the Pete, so she and her friends are looking to move up the hill to either Sutherland or one of the other two newer dorms nearby. I figure if she has had a chance (by now) to experience trudging up there in 2 degree weather and still wants to live there, the food must really be something - or else she really wants to get away from the hubub down below.

    I don't think getting your housing app in now will affect anything one way or the other. D knows people who wound up in Lothrop in singles who requested roomates elsewhere in spite of an earlier app. One more little Pitt mystery.
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  • nurse123nurse123 147 replies2 threads Junior Member
    The majority of freshman are assigned to Towers housing. However, it seems that many women are placed in the women's dorms even though they requested coed dormitories. Yes, Sutherland has larger and newer rooms and is close to the Pete(better food options). Nevertheless, it is most advantageous socially to be in Towers as a freshman. Food choices are always available. The kids socialize in the lobby(Towers A.B.C). Activities and clubs often meet in the Towers. Security is tight. The library is close by. The location is convenient. However, many students opt to move to upper campus after freshman year. For the following reasons: better rooms, quieter environment, close to the Pete, change of scenery-
    It can't hurt to get your selection in quickly. However, there are no guarantees. If you have a real situation, contact housing directly.
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  • chrisdchrisd 474 replies23 threads Member
    My daughter is a freshman, living in Tower A. She's been very happy with the Towers, as it's packed with other freshmen, and is a great location. Everything is close, tho she does complain about the walk to the Peterson Event Center. The rooms are small,actually tiny in my opinion, but I've heard her talk about spending time in friends' rooms, with seven kids! It is a great way to meet people. And that's an important part of students' freshmen year.

    And, she tells me that the food service plan and set up is changing next year. She seems happy with the planned revisions. I haven't seen any paperwork about it yet, but she did tell me the cost will go up some. Should I be surprised? :)
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  • Pat2323Pat2323 612 replies23 threads Member
    Towers. 100%. You'll have three more years to live in "nice" housing, and from the many other college dorms I have seen, the towers really are near the top.
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  • tennisguy137tennisguy137 43 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Go with Towers. Everyone always wants Sutherland, but after about the 2nd day you'll realize that your jealous of all the kids in Towers. The walk to the top of the Hill is tedious and exhausting everyday. Towers, honestly is a lot better than most people think. Almost EVERY other college has the frpsh live on the outskirts of campus but if you live in Towers or Holland(for girls) you'll be a 5 minute walk max to all your classes. Plus Towers is getting new food next year and it will actually be good
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