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National Merit?

billybobbykbillybobbyk 476 replies134 threads Member
edited April 2007 in University of Pittsburgh
So, I looked to see if Pitt had a college-sponsored National Merit Scholarship, and I found out that they did, but I can't find any information about it on the website--I need to know how much it is per year, and I can't find that information. I called the admissions office and the lady didn't seem to know what I was talking about.

Aren't college-sponsored National Merit Awards generally $750-2000/year for 4 years? I think I heard that somewhere.

Anyway, if someone can tell me or direct me where to go to find out, that'd be great.
edited April 2007
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Replies to: National Merit?

  • stowmomstowmom 215 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Pitt is on the list for college sponsored National Merit Scholarships, but I have never been able to find any info about it on their website. My daughter put Pitt as her first choice school and hasn't heard anything from them about it. I think that if you get a bigger scholarship (which she did) that they don't give you the additional money. From reading past posts on this website I've never seen anyone talk about getting a NMF Pitt sponsored scholarship. They've always received $10,000 or more instead. If anyone else knows anything about it let us know.
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  • mercymommercymom 1220 replies29 threads Senior Member
    Last year I finally found someone in the scholarship office who knew they had a NMF award, but said it was a "recent" development, so that's why most employees didn't know it existed. My D put Pitt first choice but did not get the award, altho' she had already gotten a much higher scholarship.

    The Pitt NMF award is a one time $1,000 award. They only give about 4 of these awards. My guess (and it is only my guess) is that they go to NMFs who have not gotten any other scholarship. For instance, I was told over the phone that my D "did not qualify" for the award. Other than being a NMF, I wasn't told what else would consitute being "qualified". So I'm guessing it's like maybe not getting anythng else. They don't have it written down anywhere and don't seem inclined to give out details over the phone.

    This really isn't as unusual as it seems. Although $2,000/yr is relatively normal for a college award, we saw other schools in our search last year that either gave lesser amounts or one time awards. Sometimes it's based on financial need (no need you get $750, one time). Usually tho' a NMF will get a much larger academic scholarship not reserved just for NMF, but that type of kid usually meets other academic markers or is just sought out to beef up the stats.
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  • LurkNessMonsterLurkNessMonster 1932 replies83 threads Senior Member
    I'm wondering if my daughter even has to officially choose Pitt as her No. 1 college as far as National Merit is concerned? I guess it wouldn't hurt!
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