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Chance an old non-traditional guy applying around June

megaphonomegaphono 0 replies5 threads New Member
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I still haven't fully grasped the concept of rolling admission, but since there is no deadline, I'm wondering if I'll have any chance to be considered for this year.

Age: Turning 22 in summer.
High school record: Dropped out. Freshman probably straight A. Sophomore probably unrecorded or F's since I had to drop out abruptly out of ordinary.
SAT reasoning: 2320
SAT subject: 3 with mid 700's and a 800. Taking 5 more this coming June. Hopefully 700's to close to 800 or 800.
AP: Want to take them, but it looks like I have to be a high school student in order to be eligible? Also, the deadlines might have passed already anyway. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Will I have any chance to be admitted to the REGULAR school IN JUNE since I suppose there are other schools like honors, engineering, business that are as difficult to get in as top 5-30 universities. I doubt there will be a spot 2-3 months before the beginning of the fall semester, but will I be able to turn their heads by good standardized test scores?

Any advice will be truly appreciated.

Thank you.
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  • oceangirloceangirl 90 replies5 threads Junior Member
    here's what Pitt has to say about admissions:

    We operate on a rolling admission policy. This means we will offer admission to qualified students on an ongoing basis until the class is full or until we are notified by the dean that admission is closed. As a result, it is to your advantage to plan ahead and apply early. Be advised that spaces can fill up early in the admission cycle for smaller University of Pittsburgh schools such as nursing, or programs such as the School of Pharmacy's conditional admission program.

    Also says that about 18,000 applications come in for some 3200 spots in the freshman class. I'm not sure what your odds of getting in are at this point, but I would say with those SAT scores it's definitely worth a shot. Perhaps put in a call to Dean Stewart with the Honors College and speak to him about your circumstances if they affected your completion of high school. Even if it doesn't work out for the fall, you could always apply again for Spring semester, which starts in early January. good luck!
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  • arachnophobia12arachnophobia12 2708 replies14 threads Senior Member
    I assume you'll be applying as a non-traditional student-you should check this out to get some insight into your situation. College of General Studies - University of Pittsburgh
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  • LurkNessMonsterLurkNessMonster 1932 replies83 threads Senior Member
    If your SAT score is that high, and you would be entering Pitt as a freshman, you should wait for the fall and apply as a scholarship student. You would be in the running for a full-tuition scholarship at Pitt. Of course, your h.s. grades count too, and from what you say, your GPA isn't that high. But it would be worth a call to Pitt to find out. You could always use your essay to describe the situations you were dealing with.

    Also, I'm assuming you have a high school equivalency?

    Pitt has a waiting list for this year, from what others have posted.
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