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What courses are you taking Fall 2005?

bonafide20bonafide20 330 replies104 threads Member
edited June 2005 in University of Pittsburgh
I thought I would start one of these since other schools have them....

I change my schedule a lot during add/drop but this is what I am registered for...18 credits at 3crs each:

1 Morphology
2 French Conversation
3 Intermediate Italian I
4 Comparative Euro History (may change this one)
5 Sensation and Perception
6 Creative Writing

A mixture of major/minor/certificat/gen ed reqs.

For what it's worth....this summer I am also taking 9 credits:

1. Hungarian (6 credits...intensive...linguistics' oddball additional language requirement...I love languages so it will e fun!)
2. British Isles (a history/W. European Studies req)

major: Linguistics
minor(s): French (probably) and Italian (maybe...not sure though)
certificates: W. European Studies

Expected graduation: spring 2007....originally 06....
edited June 2005
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Replies to: What courses are you taking Fall 2005?

  • lkf725lkf725 4596 replies184 threads Senior Member
    Do many kids take classes in the summer term? It seems like a nice way to fill out a second major or just to get a jump on fall classes.
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  • iheartny27iheartny27 164 replies34 threads Junior Member
    are you pretty fluent in French, then? I def. want to continue my French next year, and I've heard Pitt has a pretty good foreign language dept.
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  • bonafide20bonafide20 330 replies104 threads Member
    my French is OK. I never took a French course at Pitt so I dunno how it is. Nothing beats going to France though. You won't come out fluent but you will definitely learn a LOT if you spend a good while abroad.

    A lot of people take summer courses. If you can afford it, I would reccommend going in the summers....maybe try to catch up on any gen ed reqs so that during the school year you can take moslty what you actually WANT to take.
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  • lkf725lkf725 4596 replies184 threads Senior Member
    Do students go for the entire summer, or just for the spring session?
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  • bonafide20bonafide20 330 replies104 threads Member
    it varies. You have several options for summer sessions or you can go the whole summer. Going the whole summer offers more course variety as opposed to choosing a 6 week session.
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  • Charman20Charman20 61 replies10 threads Junior Member
    BioE 1085 Bioengineering Seminar
    Biosc 0150 Foundations of Biology I
    ChE 0300 Transport Phenomena
    ChE 0301 Transport Phenomena Lab
    ChE 1085 Chemical Engineering Seminar
    ChE 1530 Biochemical Engineering I
    Econ 1110 Intermediate Macroeconomics

    Total Credits: 16 (Transport is 6 credits all by itself!!!)

    Major: Chemical Engineering
    Minor: Bioengineering
    Expected Graduation: December 2006
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  • lkf725lkf725 4596 replies184 threads Senior Member
    Hey Charman,
    Any course or prof recommendations for an engineering freshman?
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  • Charman20Charman20 61 replies10 threads Junior Member
    You are pretty much stuck taking what they make you take as a freshman. You get one elective and that is it. I would suggest Intro to Macro (Econ 0110) or Intro to Psych (Psy 0010). These are pretty easy as long as you try. The rest of your classes will be gen chem 1 (Chem 0960), calc 1 (Math 0220), physics 1 (Phys 0174), and engineering analysis (Engr 0011) unless you have AP credit or something. The following semester will be the second parts of each of those classes...and you will get another elective.

    You get more freedom with courses when you become a junior and can choose various ChE, technical, and professional electives.
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