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Chance Me for U Rochester (!!!)

QueerBoiiQueerBoii 0 replies2 threads New Member

· i’m an international student and doing a gap year;

· for the IBDP, my predicted was 38, but i achieved 34 (idk how to convert it to GPA if that’s even possible)

· i scored low mainly because i suffered from panic attacks and anxiety, especially before the exams;

· drastic changes and developments that happened during my last two years of high school — that being religion, mental state, LGBT, living on my own (boarding school), etc… it's been a lot. it shaped me to who i am now, so it’ll be part of my personal statement as it reflects a major twist of fate in my life;

· it was too much to handle, and if you’re in the same boat, please seek help before it’s too late. i only didn’t cause i didn’t know any better, and i regret that;

· because of the overwhelming amount of pressure i had to deal with, i couldn’t apply to unis with my “good” predicted IB score;

· i took the SAT right after graduation in june when things were clearer, and i scored 1510 which reflects my potential.

· thanks in advance!!
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