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Choosing a Roommate at Scranton

kk1993kk1993 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
edited April 2011 in University of Scranton
Just wondering how most people have chosen their roomates in the past/will be choosing their roommates this year. Random selection/Facebook/Orientation/Other? How was your experience with the roommate you chose?
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Replies to: Choosing a Roommate at Scranton

  • tellch00tellch00 Registered User Posts: 185 Junior Member
    Sorry, can't answer your question but Scranton is one of the schools i'm looking at. Visiting next week.

    What made you decide? Did you visit? If you could list some of your stats that would be great! Teresa.
  • kk1993kk1993 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    I literally just decided TODAY to attend Scranton in the fall. I haven't even sent in my deposit yet haha. But it was a somewhat tough decision for me (I was choosing between Scranton and Fairfield University).

    The things that I like about Scranton: the food is excellent, the dorms are nice (the new junior/senior housing that is under construction looks incredible!), everyone is extremely friendly, small class sizes (I believe all classes are capped at 35), and the facilities seem very up to date and nice.

    The main thing that I don't like about Scranton is its location (including the weather most of the year). There isn't really anything going on in the city of Scranton and it seems like students rarely spend time in the city itself. It also isn't close to any other major city (as opposed to Fairfield which is close to NYC and Stanford), which I would have liked in order to take advantage of internship possibilities there. Despite this, the school has assured me that internships are definitely available to do during the school year and/or over the summer/breaks.

    Also many of the students are majoring in Health/Science related majors (Nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, biology), which isn't what I am interested it. However, it is a liberal arts school and offers a variety of majors/minors.

    When I applied I had a 3.35 GPA (Freshman Year: 3.1, Sophomore: 3.3, Junior: 3.7) My school does not rank.
    I received a 1940 on my SATs (1260 without writing).
    I got a 28 on my ACTs.

    However, my ACTs and SATs are a little higher than the average at Scranton (SATs: 1020-1210 ACTs: 22-25)

    I received $11,000 merit scholarship per year.

    I hope this answers your questions :)
  • tellch00tellch00 Registered User Posts: 185 Junior Member
    Thanks! very helpful. I'm also a little nervous about the city. Was there something you didn't like about Fairfield, which i'm also considering? Right now Providence is my 1st choice. Will be visiting Loyola this Sat.
  • sportsman29sportsman29 Registered User Posts: 86 Junior Member
    finding a roommate can be sticky. If you find one on FB and you live near one another, may want to try to get together first for "lunch" for the expressed purpose of feeling each other out. My son has 4 classmates going and has not mentioned rooming with them. I think he is looking to meet new people and is likely going to fill out the profile and go random, or find one at orientation.
    Yes, Scranton has a ton of projects underway and I believe a new athletic complex maybe in the works "soon". The U ownes 60+ acres 10-15 min. away and I heard that was next on the project list but is rumor at this point.
    As far Fairfield, we visited 2x but did not apply. S was looking for something different and he got that vibe at Scranton.
  • tellch00tellch00 Registered User Posts: 185 Junior Member
    sportsman, I know in another thread you mentioned that stonehill was a late comer to your son's list. I think you ruled it out prtty quickly? Visited last week with my daughter and she almost immediately did not like it LOL.

    REgarding scranton, it seems to have a pretty good rep for pre-health, science, etc. Any idea on how it's liberal arts programs are?
  • kk1993kk1993 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Things I didn't like about Fairfield: I didn't think that the facilities at Fairfield were as nice as Scranton's. I preferred Scranton's gym to Fairfield's, although neither were actually bad. Also Scranton's student union seemed to have more going on than Fairfield's.

    Although I've never visited one, I've read that the townhouses on campus that most of the juniors/some seniors live in are in pretty bad condition from being "abused" over the years. And if you are one of the 20% of seniors that are allowed to live off campus at the beach, i hear rent is around $25,000 (yikes).

    Also, the food at Fairfield seemed pretty good, but again, compared Scranton it wasn't as good.

    Another thing that I read constantly about Fairfield was that a lot of the students tended to be pretty stuck up. I've only ever visited for information sessions/tours and I never got the impression that anyone was stuck up or a jerk, however (compared to Scranton) no one was overtly friendly/helpful.

    Also the price is pretty high.

    Things I liked about Fairfield: The freshman and sophomore dorms are fairly spacious. The sophomore dorms have very nice lounge/common areas.

    The academics seem great and the school really focuses on the liberal arts in their core curriculum.

    It is close to NYC and Stanford for internship opportunities.
  • sportsman29sportsman29 Registered User Posts: 86 Junior Member
    tellch00- you are correct. Stonehill was on radar but too liitle too late. He did like but not enough to change from Scranton. Regarding liberal arts program. Don't know enough about Fairfield to compare the two but they are both Jesuit and the LA theme is strong at both. Therefore, you can add to your core at either school. As for health science/pre-med, I have to give the edge to Scranton as their rep is been very good compared to Fairfield. New science center likely to attract talented faculty as well over the next couple of years. Also, read that health science internships are plentiful.
  • fruttivendolofruttivendolo Registered User Posts: 48 Junior Member
    I'm going to Scranton next year, and I've spent a lot of time in the area. There's actually a decent amount going on, you just have to find it. Now, it's not going to have nearly as much as NYC or another big city, so if that's what you're looking for or expecting, you *will* be disappointed. But I can assure you that Scranton's got more going on than Steamtown and the little mall in its "downtown" area, which is what the propaganda always seems to focus on. There's a huge mall and shopping area in Dickson City (I think the school shuttle might go up there) and the shops at Montage. There are plenty of great, unique restaurants in Scranton and Old Forge, if you're into that, and of course there's the movie theater at Montage, skiing, and minor league sports. Even though I've been going up to Scranton every couple of months for pretty much my entire life, I've never been to a sports game or gone skiing. Granted, we always had car access, which I'm sure helped, but we always found other things to do in the city and the surrounding area that I'm sure could be accessed by the Colts buses if necessary.

    Just keep this in mind: as Michael Scott says, time does move a little slower in Scranton, PA. If that's your cup of tea or you would be able to deal with that, take a second look at Scranton. If you're more of a big city person and that would drive you insane, you might want to cross it off the list.

    Also, on the liberal arts front- I actually asked people at the school about that, because all I know about my future career is that it will NOT involve math or science. And, of course, that's what Scranton's known for. I emailed a professor who I know is pretty honest, and he said that English and writing are strong there, especially if you're in SJLA. I've heard from others on here that history is a strength as well. I'm not surprised, as the Jesuits are traditionally strong in those areas, but it was good to hear it all the same.

    Good luck! I only made my decision yesterday after several painful days of debating between Loyola and the U, and it's a tough process.
  • tellch00tellch00 Registered User Posts: 185 Junior Member
    ^ Visited Loyola today and Scranton next week. What were your impressions between loyola and scranton, and what made you choose US?
  • sportsman29sportsman29 Registered User Posts: 86 Junior Member
    There are many similarities between the 2 schools. However, locations and cost of attendance are a big factor for many.
    Which is better....edge to ....
    DORMS- Loyola
    ACADEMICS - Scranton -health sciences, Loyola business school. Rest is toss up.
    LOCATION- Loyola, Baltimore.
    COST - Scranton. cost of attendance (COA) less and if you a 90-93 gpa /1200-1230 SAT , you likely to get a decent scholarship. Loyola you need higher on both to get any money. The academic profile of accepted students are very close, with Loyola rated higher.
    DINING- Scranton. Flat rate cost and food is highly rated. Loyola is ala carte. Cost is very expensive !!!
    SOCIAL LIFE - subjective on student choices. Loyola no parties on campus strictly bar school and social life is very expensive. Scranton off campus parties much lower cost.
    SPORTS- Loyola, D1 and has a top mens lax team, great sports and rec facilities. Good funding for sport clubs. Scranton D3, limited on fields and limited funding on sport clubs. The U is opening new 14000sqft fitness center and understand they are giving sports new attention, working on new sports complex near school in next year or so.

    Again, we have visited both schools and both have many positive attributes. Loyola has prestige of high ranking but expect that Scranton will be on the rise over the next 2-4yrs with all that facility improvements being completed and be to done in the next 2 year.

    Once again, comes down to personal preference.
    If cost was no issue S preferred Loyola. He also really loved Scranton and we are very happy with that choice.
    That said, I know 2 kids who went to Loyola and transferred to Scranton after 1 yr and cost was not a factor. I asked both parents why transfer and got little on specifics of why left but happy at Scranton. Also know 4 people with kids at Loyola and there kids love it.
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