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International Business

wildandyoungwildandyoung Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
edited December 2013 in University of South Carolina
So, I was admitted to USC a month ago and about a week or two later I was admitted into the Honors College and the letter said that I was guaranteed to get into the International Business program. This also means I apparently have a pretty decent shot at getting an in-state tuition scholarship, which would be really nice.

I know that USC supposedly has a really good IB program and it has been ranked #1 for a while at the undergraduate level and grad level.

But I'm having a hard time finding more information about how good the program is, or how much better it is than my other options.

If I go to USC, I will major in IB and Finance. I got into Ohio State and I'm in state there, so that is helpful. From what I can gather online, OSU's finance program is better than USC's and ranked a little higher, and honestly if I could only pick one major, I'd pick finance. But it's not amazing at finance, I think USNews has it at #12, whereas for IB, USC is #1.

So, if I get the in-state scholarship to USC, cost should be about the same between OSU and USC, and quite frankly I'd have a hard decision to make. OSU is more highly regarded for finance, which is what I am more interested in, but USC has a phenomenal IB program. And quite frankly, I wouldn't mind leaving Ohio. I don't hate it, but I've moved around a lot as a kid when I was younger but my dad took a different job in Ohio that wouldn't require use to move anymore...and now I miss moving and seeing different parts of the country. So, that part of the reason why I applied to a lot of out of state schools, USC included.

However, I visited OSU and I really liked it and I'd be fine living in Columbus. It's a little too close to home for me, but oh well. That's the biggest drawback to OSU for me.
I have not visited USC yet. I will probably try to go down in March for spring break.

Now back to my original question, how good is the USC undergrad IB program?
I think it was Business Week, I'm not sure, but they had starting salaries from both Moore and OSU Fisher and OSU's was slightly higher, sitting at $50k and USC was at around $44k.
But I couldn't really find any info about what IB kids do after graduation or what starting salary was like for them.

Someone in another thread mentioned there was a 5 year MBA program. However, when I searched the Moore website, I could really find any info on it. Anyone know much about it? I wouldn't want to do a traditional MBA program without work experience, but the IMBA USC has sounds really cool.

IB program looks really cool, but does anyone else have any info or experience with the undergrad program? What are job prospects like after graduation? I'm assuming grad schools (especially MBA) respect it, since it is ranked #1 in US News based off of Peer Assessment scores.

Any other information?

Thanks, I know this was really long and went all over the place.
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Replies to: International Business

  • AUGirlAUGirl Registered User Posts: 2,890 Senior Member
    I wouldn't compare starting salaries from SC to Ohio. SC has a LOT smaller cost of living than the rest of the US and you're fairly well off here with $40,000 a year, where as in most parts of the country, that's barely scraping by. I'm not completely sure about the difference of Ohio to SC though.

    But basically... If I were you, I wouldn't worry about rank of a program. You probably should figure out what's best for you without regard to rank of a program. Ranking often doesn't make a difference.

    Which school would you prefer? The warm weather of SC where school gets canceled for snow (like today and yesterday) or the cold weather of OH?

    If you want to do finance, then do finance. Don't do international business because it's ranked higher.
  • wildandyoungwildandyoung Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    Good points.

    I don't really like the idea of rankings, especially for undergrad schools, but...they seem to really matter for business.

    I'm interested in both finance and IB...though like I mentioned before if I could only pick one, I'd pick Finance.

    But, please no one take offense to this, neither Moore or Fisher are amazing undergrad B-schools. They are solid, but it's not like a degree from Wharton, Ross, Sloan, McIntire, econ at Harvard, Northwestern, etc...

    That's not exactly how I wanted to get my point across, but my point is, if you don't go to a top 15 business school, or school with a high Econ ranking, your chances of breaking into high finance/Wall Street are slim.

    But I was wondering if since, IMO and rankings back this up, Fisher is a little bit better than Moore overall, but Moore excels very well in one category. And that category is not my first choice, but 2nd and I could still double major with my first choice major.

    Not sure if I'm making sense here lol, it's getting late. I guess what I am trying to say is, neither OSU or USC are target schools for the big banks/high finance (according to the Investment Banking forum). But, I'm not really sure if I want to do i-banking anyway and I wouldn't mind a job dealing with businesses overseas or it sounds like Intl Business from USC will lead to a cool first job after college.
    But hell, in this economy, I just want a solid job after graduation, any job really.

    I saw that USC had a snow day, haha wish it was like that up here.

    Honestly there are pros and cons to both OSU and USC and as of right now...I'd say they are about even to me. But I have not seen USC's campus yet. OSU's campus isn't that bad, it's not immaculate, but I liked the campus and surrounding area. But I've heard USC has a really impressive campus.

    But campus aesthetics shouldn't really sway me like rankings shouldn't, but...
  • kmwjeskmwjes Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
    S is looking at IB USC versus other schools for many of the same reasons you are so we are very interested in responses. Wondered if you would have more responses by posting in the Business Major forum.
    S knows he wants to study business (either Finance, Accounting or Supply Chain/Logistics) coupled with International Business. He visited USC and other schools and very impressed with USC coupled with their new Business building scheduled to open. He is very hopeful to be accepted into the Honors Program because it is automatic for Intl Business program but he was not an auto admit (ACT 32) so we wait... What I can tell you is that I know two USC IB graduates and asked them of their experiences which were very positive. One graduated last year and interned with an International firm and now employed in Australia. Other USC graduate was offered a full ride to UVA and Duke law school (accepted Harvard but no scholarship).
  • wildandyoungwildandyoung Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    That is impressive kmw.

    A while back ago I searched "South Carolina" and "International Business" on the Business major forum and I was able to get some information, but not a whole lot.
    I'll try to dig up a few old threads from there and post them there.
    And you are right, maybe I should post this question again in the general Business major forum.

    Good luck to your son. I had a similar SAT equivalent (1390/2110, though your son's 32 is probably slightly higher than that) and honestly I was surprised to get in so early. I think he has a pretty good shot.





    Here are some of the threads I am talking about. I'll probably try to make another thread in the Business forum similar to this thread later.
  • wildandyoungwildandyoung Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    Here is a cool program I found when goolging.

    IBCE Track | The Moore School of Business | University of South Carolina

    University of South Carolina's Moore School of Business Launches New Programs to Address Global Economic Challenges. - Free Online Library

    Sounds really, really cool, but you'd also miss out a lot on the "typical" college experience by being in China for half of your undergraduate studies. I definitely want to study abroad, but for a semester or for a year, like sophomore or junior year. But not being in Columbia for your senor year.....hmmm.

    Sounds like the app deadline for that is soon or already passed, so it might not be an option. But it sounds incredible.
  • eadadeadad Registered User Posts: 2,759 Senior Member
    My D is a 2010 USC grad and is currently in her first year of Law school. She had a number of friends in the IB program who have all gotten VERY nice jobs in this current market with starting income FAR above (like double or more) the $40K mentioned above.

    For the OP....USC is much smaller and far more intimate than OSU....I grew up in Ohio and most of my family is still there and I know OSU very well.....being part of the Honors program will make a big difference in your USC experience as well and with the FA/Scholarships that I anticipate that you will also receive, you might find that USC is actually LESS expensive than OSU.....that was the case for my D vs the flagship Texas schools. Between her "name" scholarship, in state tuition and departmental scholarships her cost of attendance was far less than the private school she attended for HS.

    You really need to visit....my guess is that you will be invited to a Scholars day in the Spring which I HIGHLY recommend that you attend.

    FWIW....there is a fairly sizable group of Ohio students at USC, particularly from the Cincinnati area.
  • wildandyoungwildandyoung Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    That is great to hear eadad.

    USC's size is ideal, big and I like the fact that it is in the capital city. I am not really intimidated by OSU's size though, OSU has a smaller student:teacher ratio than Notre Dame. I was really surprised when I heard that.

    You bring up a good point about USC Honors. OSU Honors is just auto admit based on stats and the program is kind of big, whereas USC honors sounds(is, I think) pretty competitive to get into, and don't they cap it at about 250 students a year?

    Hard to compare costs between OSU and USC, since neither have awarded any scholarships yet. Obviously OSU is gonna have smaller sticker price because I'm in-state there, but hopefully I can get a scholarship from USC and get IS rates + a little more.

    Sounds like I will have a tough decision to make come April, haha. Definitely going to have to get down to Columbia and visit.

    But I'd say, if my choices came down to USC and OSU....USC would have the slight edge.
    But we'll have to wait and see.

    Thanks for the response.
  • jdb226jdb226 Registered User Posts: 108 Junior Member
    Wow, we have a similar story. I'm from Ohio too and I'm looking at OSU and USC and got into the HC at USC. Looking into IB too. Where in Ohio are you from? I'm from NE Ohio.

    I'm interested in the responses people give you. I was thinking about finance too, but now I'm leaning more towards Econ. Idk, have to wait and see.
  • Knights09Knights09 Registered User Posts: 1,739 Senior Member
    OSU has a smaller student:teacher ratio than Notre Dame. I was really surprised when I heard that.

    Means nothing if the teachers aren't actually teaching you, BTW.
  • wildandyoungwildandyoung Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    Means nothing if the teachers aren't actually teaching you, BTW.

    Very true and OSU is more research oriented that ND, so they would probably have a lot of faculty that don't really teach. Still found it interesting though.

    Haha jdb, I'm from the Cinci area. What part of Cleveland are you from? You can PM it to me if you don't want to post it here. Need more future '***** from Ohio!

    edit: I love how it blanks that out haha
  • AUGirlAUGirl Registered User Posts: 2,890 Senior Member
    Y'all are gonna be shocked with our weather.

    I just had a six day weekend (Monday-Thursday) off for six inches of snow that fell Monday morning. Everyone else in my county got the entire week off.

    And the local Wal-Mart only had four loaves of bread left. The local grocery store was out of hamburger meat. All of the local stores nearly ran out of canned food. People go crazy here when it snows. Everything was completely shut down on Monday and Tuesday. XD
  • jdb226jdb226 Registered User Posts: 108 Junior Member
    I got my scholarship info in the mail today; I'm excited. Definitely leaning towards to USC and doing IB now.
  • eadadeadad Registered User Posts: 2,759 Senior Member
    As an update, another of my D's friends who is a dual major (Chinese and International Business) was just offered a place in the three year US Secret Service training program...this is a very hard to get job and we are very excited for her.
  • wildandyoungwildandyoung Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    That is really cool eadad, program sounds more and more impressive the more I hear about it.

  • wildandyoungwildandyoung Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    Still trying to make my decision haha, but leaning towards USC now.
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