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Love the school, hate the city


Replies to: Love the school, hate the city

  • 3unitsIlove3unitsIlove Registered User Posts: 365 Member

    If you are refering to my reply please take the time to read it over as there is no attack. There is however guidance, insight, and feedback to help in your thought process.

    Reading into a response from another only carries the tone of your own perception which as I'm sure you know is your own reality & not what is being conveyed. I have read all the responses and there is no attack on you form anyone of them, just concern, shock, and suggested directions.

    As like most kids that attend college your are stepping into a new culture. A change in social construction is something we all have to accept no matter where we are in life. You can't expect Columbia to revolve around you!

    Think about these two questions:
    What is the differance between selfless and selfish?
    What is the differance between fair and equal?

    There is a reason for each question that will tell you a lot about you. Once you are done thinking and answering each question combine them and put yourself in a new social construction.

    Again I am a city street kid. You have to remember to allow the city to come to you...don't try to make the city to come to you. In other words that city was there long before you came it will be there long after you leave.

    You had valued you education up through high school and your now looking for the next step. Your right there; however, the key to success in college, the city and in your adult life will be to accept "all". Social construction will change as you journey.

    Southern Hope said it quite well...step out of your bubble. The world is a grand place for all of us when you can achieve that step.

    Again, good luck with your final thoughts. I'm confident the other posters wish the same for you.

    Please go back to your OP and give it some thought.

    Break it down and tey to think about what you posted:
    1. "I feel like Columbia is really ghetto and somewhat poor and trashy." To most if not all this is a very judgemental and insensitive statement. Not a very nice thing to say at all. Again, there is a lot of history in that city it will serve you well to look into that history.

    2. "I'm also not racist at all, honestly am not, but I didn't like that there were almost as many blacks as whites." This is clearly a racial statement, there is no other way to see it!

    3. "Typically that indicates high crime and lack of education (just stating facts, not prejudice)." Bigotry comes to mind reading this statement.
  • 3unitsIlove3unitsIlove Registered User Posts: 365 Member

    I failed to mention one last thought.

    I hope that you will find what is truly important and wish you the best in whatever journey to take. Try to find the value and positive in all that you do and accept whatever social construction you find yourself engaging. In the end if you step out of your controlled bubble; I am confident that you will find that USC, the city and "all people" have a value that you will respect and enjoy.

  • 3unitsIlove3unitsIlove Registered User Posts: 365 Member

    Your posting comments are conflicting.

    In your OP you made the three comments as noted above which got some attention. The three comments were based on how "YOU" felt.

    As the comments fell you once again posted; however, you then commented on how you were...."making observations when from the student reviews"....that you have read.

    Further you posted as a connection to reviews that..."USC is one of the most racist state universities in the nation with segregated greek life and student interactions. Read some student reviews sometime. I'm not just making blind observations."

    So tell us is it:
    (A) your self inflicted comments from the OP.
    (B) Yes, a blind observation you took from reviews.

    Clearly you are trying to flip this...it might be too late for that.

    Again, as a positive type, good luck in your journey I hope that you find where you will do well.
  • Transfer9514Transfer9514 Registered User Posts: 44 Junior Member
    You know what's really annoying? How people always equate statements on race to be racist. It's not racist. I don't know the crime rates in Columbia, but from my experience, blacker communities have more crime. It's a fact. Not an opinion. I started this thread not to attack the school or the respondents. I started this thread to see if my observations were accurate and everyone started attacking me.
  • Transfer9514Transfer9514 Registered User Posts: 44 Junior Member
    Columbia has some very nice areas. I gave it that. But it's poverty rate, unemployment rate, and crime rates are all above the national averages on the sits I visited. Yes, it's a city. However, not all cities are not well off. Columbia, I assume, gets a lot of tourists and was especially hit by the economic collapse because less people are taking vacations. That's understandable.

    I'm not sugar coating my replies because I'm being completely honest trying to find the right fit. If you lie about what you see and what you want, you end up at a school you don't like. Being 100% honest, this is what I observed. I thought people could appreciate my honesty without feeling attacked.

    Some people love a certain city. Others don't. It's up to the individual. Just because I wasn't impressed with Columbia doesn't mean someone else might love it. I came here not to attack the city but to see if those with more experience in it could offer insight I don't have.

    Next time I won't bother trying.
  • Transfer9514Transfer9514 Registered User Posts: 44 Junior Member
    For the record, I certainly could've reworded the initial post. It was late. I am extremely stressed about choosing where to transfer and the way I worded those statements was not appropriate. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I don't think Columbia is trashy, economically down, maybe, but not trashy. It was a classy city and the people were very friendly.

    Sorry if I offended anyone.
  • 3unitsIlove3unitsIlove Registered User Posts: 365 Member

    "I don't think Columbia is trashy, economically down, maybe, but not trashy. It was a classy city and the people were very friendly."

    More bees with honey...very nice!

    Your young and one can cleary see from your last post that you do indeed care. I am confident that you will get positive feedback from anybody that has read or replied to this. We all have failures in our lives that become our greatest accomplishments. The OP was as you know a bit brash, your success is understanding that failure and moving fwd. I'm sure your a good kid.

    Once again, I wish you the best in your journey. Dig into the history of the USC, the city and the culture I think you will find it more exciting than what you assume to see it for. Keep growing kid, you will be fine!

  • CockNotTrojanCockNotTrojan Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    I don't really know how to respond to your post. It really hurts that you bring color/race into this. Please ask constructive questions and don't say "I'm not racist, but there are too many black people." Why does color indicate "crime and lack of education." I am a white male in the honors college and I have never once described my university as undereducated due to the demographics of the students. Jesus, please get with the century before you bring racist comments into this discussion.
  • AUGirlAUGirl Registered User Posts: 2,890 Senior Member
    @coleman4 I wonder where the difference in data comes from, as they're both cited from USC. As a student, I would honestly doubt that only 10% of the students are black. That may be true, but from my own time at USC, I just can't see the numbers being that low.

    IMO, the city that a college is in isn't necessarily all that important. There are schools like Yale and Wake Forest, which I have been told by friends who go to those schools, are really, really incredibly sketchy areas... but the schools themselves are nice and the students like it there.

    Columbia, as a city, has some issues. Some of those issues spill over onto campus, but for the most part, USC is USC and Columbia is Columbia. When you're on USC's campus, you feel like you're on a college campus. When you're in the Vista, you feel like you're in Columbia.

    But what information are you exactly looking for? You say you're not trying to make racist statements, which is fine, but I still don't know exactly what information you're looking for. Obviously, if you post in the USC forum, students at USC have chosen to come here, so we're going to say how great it is and parents will be defensive of the choices their kids made. Ask specific questions, and we can maybe help you out better.
  • CurlSnoutCurlSnout Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    I looked through other threads you started on the site. l'll say, your thoughts do seem all over the place. Perhaps think more before posting, or edit more closely. Good luck finding a good fit somewhere as you transfer from your current school. It's a big world, so some introspection would seem worthwhile. Unless you like the drama.
  • Transfer9514Transfer9514 Registered User Posts: 44 Junior Member
    @CurlSnout Not accurate. I've looked at Clemson, South Carolina, Arkansas, Michigan State, Purdue, and Florida State. I'd hardly call that all over the board as most of them are southern big sports colleges. I think it's best to examine all your options.
  • CurlSnoutCurlSnout Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    I'm not talking about your schools list. Think harder.
  • GCBMIBGCBMIB Registered User Posts: 287 Junior Member
    edited June 2014
    It's South Carolina. Labor intensive cotton, rice and indigo were the economic mainstays in its formative years. One branch of my family tree moved to SC from the Barbados with their slaves. We've all been located here the same amount of time and are equal Americans. Can me move forward now? Transfer9512 you are correct in that actual racial makeup of the city of Columbia is just over 50% white -- thus there are "a lot of blacks" and, as with most cities, there are pockets of poverty. However do not confuse the city in general with the campus atmosphere of USC. From my time on campus, I've seen only typical college kids walking to and from class, dorms, rec center etc. and adults out & about with a sense of purpose. No homeless hanging on the library steps or seedy types checking out the coeds. Columbia is a city and USC students benefit from the diversity of activities and population any city offers. But they also benefit from a beautiful campus that can feel removed from that hustle & bustle.
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