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Is there a sliver if chance that i can get in?

hey guys, so im a junior in high school and would absolutely love to attend USC!! my first two years of high school i didnt do so hot. but im trying to make a change now. Ive already started out with honar roll this first marking period, have been in clubs throughout high school, and volunteer all the time at chartities. Planning on hopefully doing well on on my SATS & ACT, and planning on writting my heart out in the essay. if i was to get average test scores and not a too bad of a GPA, with a killer essay...could this get me in? If not please let me know what i can do to raise my chances! Any feedback is more than appriciated!! THANK YOU!
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Replies to: Is there a sliver if chance that i can get in?

  • scmom12scmom12 3280 replies21 threads Senior Member
    Best advice is to do your research. Look at admission page to see what the mid-range SAT/ACT scores and GPAs the usual freshman class has. If you are at the high end (or above) the range, you'll be in good shape. The benefit of high stats is that you might qualify to have OOS tuition reduced or waived it you do really well.
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  • GCBMIBGCBMIB 281 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I know you are writing online and perhaps trying to convey a friendly tone -- but it still is bothersome that there are so many misspellings and grammar errors as well as punctuation and capitalization mistakes in your post. Sloppy writing will not be acceptable in your admissions packet and essay or in college papers. I don't mean to sound harsh, but practice does make correct writing come more easily and automatically!
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  • jackh129jackh129 16 replies7 threads New Member
    I am a student at USC and I must admit that it is not that difficult to get in, especially if you are instate. Since you are honor roll, that sounds like you're on the right track. Keep working hard! I think you should need about a 3.0 GPA in state and around a 3.3 for out of state (on a 4.0 scale)
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