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Acceptance chances?

DaisyMae4DaisyMae4 0 replies2 threads New Member
I applied for the honors college and submitted my application around November 12th. I have a 32 on the ACT and a 3.80 unweighted GPA and a 4.4 something weighted GPA. I am not sure how they calculate GPAs but since the start of my junior year I have taken 80% of my classes through dual enrollment with a few classes at home (I am homeschooled). I have mostly A's in all my courses with a few B's. By the time I graduate this May, I will have approximately 76 college credits. I am planning on majoring in Biochemistry. I know my scores are right on the edge of honors college midrange so I worked very hard on the essays. Do you think I have a shot at the honors college? When do you think I would receive a general acceptance letter? I know that about half have been sent out already but would I receive mine later because I submitted the application so close to the deadline? Do they wait until the week of Dec. 15th to send out the rest or will I receive it before then? (Assuming I get in… :/ ) Do you think I have a shot at scholarships and in state tuition? Will the amount of college credits I have help or hinder me? Sorry about all the questions… USC is my top choice and I am sooo nervous about getting in! Thank you!!
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Replies to: Acceptance chances?

  • scmom12scmom12 3280 replies21 threads Senior Member
    You should definitely get in USC. Look at money matters in admissions to see list of scholarships and what you (in general) need to get reduced/waived tuition. Your essays may make a difference in honors acceptance. Don't panic if you don't hear until week of Dec. 15 for admittance. I suspect - but don't know for sure- that the ones that have rolled out are pretty straight forward based on scores/stats. As a homeschooler, your more unique transcript may be read more closely (just a guess - really don't worry until December).
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