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Freshman Orientation

Mom4LifeMom4Life 49 replies8 threads Junior Member
edited September 2006 in University of South Carolina
My DS is interested in South Carolina for International Business/Sports Management. We visited last February and were impressed. I would love to hear from those of you who just dropped off your sons and daughters...

1. When did freshmen need to report to campus this year?
2. How was the overall experience of orientation?
3. How are your newly-minted freshmen enjoying USC so far?

Thanks in advance for your comment.

-- Kathy
edited September 2006
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Replies to: Freshman Orientation

  • cathymeecathymee 2350 replies34 threads Senior Member
    we just returned! S is a Sports Management Major,thinking of picking up a business minor as well. Move in was last saturday but we got his key a day early (no problem doing this by the way).Hes in the Honors College and living in Maxcy in a teeny room.Maxcys an old redone building and all the rooms are different sizes. We're from NY, and the staff and faculty and administrators couldnt have been more hospitable or helpful. Everyone helps on move in,even the President (Sorenson) and the Deans. It was hot and humid but they had plenty of free,ice cold water.
    Orientation is done over the month of June,kids can pick when they want to attend depending on their major.They do certain testing and get advised and registered then. the U is amazing at keeping in communication with the kids. S wound up on departmental and honors mailing lists,with any questions answered pronto.
    Classes started this past Thursday. They had "welcome week" activities,including "First Night Carolina" at the football stadium,with fireworks,dancing,free food and drinks,etc.All the freshman read the same book and had a lecture by the subject of the book (Mountains upon Mountains)and discussion groups with faculty.
    S so far is having a great time.Went to a USC/Clemson soccer game last night and then to Late Night at the Russell House,which is free activities on Friday nights.Hanging out in the dorm to get to kniow people,also went off campus to the movies.He didnt bring a car (yet!) but plenty of kids have them.
    S chose to go to USC for the Sports Management program. Lots of Honors kids are there for the Int'l Business major.There's Summer abroad opportunities specifically for business,which is a great feature. The Sp Mgmt dept will impress you,especialy Dr Regan (Chairman) and Mr McKenzie (manages the internships/practicums).
    If I can help you out with any other info,just let me know!
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  • Mom4LifeMom4Life 49 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Thanks, Cathy! And congrats to your son. Sounds like SC is a great choice. My S is especially interested in studying abroad as part of his college experience, and I didn't know about the summer abroad for business majors. I appreciate the info!
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  • PA MomPA Mom 936 replies39 threads Member
    My daughter is in Capstone and we were really impressed with the room. We brought a lot of "stuff" along and it all fit nicely. The closet space was impressive!
    So far so good - she has only had 2 days of classes but is making tons of friends and using the incredible fitness center. There are so many activities available that she is having trouble squeezing in everything she wants to do!
    I''ll second just about everything Cathy said - people are amazing, communication is good, campus is beautiful.
    My daughter is in the communications department but if she was so inclined I would have loved for her to study International Business at SC. You can't beat it .
    Feel free to ask any questions here as well.
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  • Mom4LifeMom4Life 49 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Thanks, PA Mom! (I was born and raised in Allentown, btw...). SC sounds more and more impressive. My brother is a grad of their archrival, Clemson, but he conceded that it'd be okay if his nephew attended :). We also were blown away by the SC fitness center. Living as we do in the snow belt, DS is looking for sunshine. We are primarily looking in the southeast and southwest. DS is enamored of LA, CA, so HE thinks the "other" USC is in the running, as well; I have several reservations, not the least of which is financial (!).

    Anyway, I appreciate all offers of real-life information. Perhaps down the road, as DS gets closer to decision-time, he might come up with some questions of his own to ask of your DD and Cathymee's DS. I know that his most pressing concerns during our campus visits appeared to be (1) a favorable female-to-male ratio; (2) food; and (3) campus concerts... pretty much in that order! Yikes. This is going to be a loooooong year :).

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  • cathymeecathymee 2350 replies34 threads Senior Member
    well, ratio from the male point of view is excellent..LOL
    S in Maxcy has mostly a female floor and likes it that way!
    Theres plenty of notherners too,especially in Honors and Capstone programs
    S likes the food so far...hes becoming a convert to "meat and three"LOL ask a local to explain.
    Theres nationally branded fast food in Russell House for those Taco Bell type needs,decent bagels at Einsteins.I suspect S will begin to miss NY pizza and pastas after awhile.
    Cant say much about concert schedules.The Colonial Center is newish and the biggest venue in SC so perhaps touring acts pass through there.There are some off campus "alternative" music venues in town. There was a comedian appearing on campus during welcome week who S knew from Comedy Central TV.
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  • eadadeadad 2637 replies122 threads Senior Member
    If that is his area of interest he can't go wrong at USC. International Business is number one and Sport Management is either one or two depending on the source.

    What makes that program so unique at USC is the fact that it is really about management of sports organizations and big time facilities not running a health club or being a coach as it is at most other schools. Dr. Regan made it very clear at orientation that this program is about the business of sports and if you wanted to be a coach or run a health club, go elsewhere. Many courses are taught in the business school, there are two required internships and they are very proud of the fact that over 50% of the students in the program are 3.5 and above. This is not a curriculum for jocks looking for a major as it is at many other places. DD is thinking about adding a public relations minor (also a top 15 program) to her Sport Management major

    As PA Mom and cathymee both have stated, we have been quite impressed with all level of contact/communication with USC. DD is in Capstone;her roommate is PA Mom's DD.

    We have been really impressed with Columbia. It is really a charming town that is going through a major renaissance with new construction and growth all around. The area immediately around the campus is full of historic homes and really feels safe and quaint. One side of campus (the north side) abuts the area of the state capitol and downtown business district but the other sides could be in any small town and feels far removed from a big city. I know that sounds like a contradiction but once inside the horseshoe it is hard to tell that you are in the middle of a city of 100,000.


    I'm sorry we haven't had a chance to meet; hopefully we'll get the chance down the road. I'm sure our kids are probably in many of the same classes. Interestingly, her floor in Capstone has many SM majors on it.
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  • cathymeecathymee 2350 replies34 threads Senior Member
    S made us leave on Sunday before the sport management drop-in and Convocation so I didnt get to meet anyone :(
    Hes taking the intro course (201?) morning session.Its his largest size class!
    Perhaps they'll meet at one of the dept functions.Dr Regan is his advisor/assigned McNair mentor as well.
    We're not sure about Parents Weekend ,I have an elderly sick mother to contend with.It will be a last minute decision.
    i tried to talk him into Capstone due to size of rooms,etc but he was set on Maxcy where he now resides in the teensiest of rooms with tempermental air conditioning,but seems sooo happy.Waited on line for his first football tics.
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  • A2Wolves6A2Wolves6 4039 replies193 threads Senior Member
    Glad to see that your S is off to a great start cathymee! SC is such a great value for anyone who is OOS and can get one of those scholarships, it's a perfect fit for your S with the SM major there.
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  • cathymeecathymee 2350 replies34 threads Senior Member
    Nice to see you pop up...let us know how you are doing in Indiana.Did you find the Tibetan restaurant in Bloomington yet?Or the Irish Lion Pub...our friends S used to work there.
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  • A2Wolves6A2Wolves6 4039 replies193 threads Senior Member
    Irish Lion! Yes! We ate there during orientation! lol, I have heard of the Tibetan restaurant, and others have ate there, I haven't yet.
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